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Abstract:Razer's DeathAdder V3 Pro is ludicrously lightweight, long-lasting, and fast | RuggTabletsRazer's DeathAdder V3 Pro is ludicrously lightweight, long

Razer’s DeathAdder design is a minor legend among PC gamers, first appearing in 2006 and a favorite ever since for its ergonomic, grippy body mould. The company is giving the design a huge and pricey update today, christening the latest model the DeathAdder V3 Pro. In addition to lightning-fast wireless powers and insane DPI, Razer is give priority toing an incredibly lightweight 64-gram (2.22 ounce) body. While far from the world record, it cuts down the weight from the DeathAdder V2 X Hyperspeed by about 25 percent.
In terms of raw hardware, the DeathAdder V3 Pro is…what’s a polite way of saying “deranged?” With a 30,000 DPI optical sensor, at the highest setting you can move a cursor into the next time zone with a twitch, even if you’re tracking on glass. On top of that are Razer’s third-gen optical switches for zero delay and elimination of unintentional double-clicking on the influential two buttons. The button layout is the familiar “shooter” faultfiguration, two thumb buttons, and a single DPI switch on the bottom.
In addition to handy USB-C charging and an impressive 90 hours of battery life, Razer has put a lot of work into the mouse’s wireless disadvantagenection. On its own the DeathAdder V3 Pro can handle a 1000Hz polling rate, already fairly superhuman and far more than primary to overcome even the tiniest amount of online multiplayer lag. But for truly insane responsiveness, you can add on the specialized “HyperPolling” dongle (sold separately or in a bundle) for a jaw-dropping 4000Hz.
Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro mouse in with sticker grips

The design is so dedicated to saving weight and growing battery life that Razer didn’t even put any decorative LEDs on it. It even includes “grip tape” in the box, little add-on stickers for the key buttons and thumb rest. If that doesn’t say “ strength gamer,” I don’t know what does. The DeathAdder V3 Pro is on sale now in black or white for an eye-popping $150, and the HyperPolling dongle is an additional $30. You can get them both in a $165 bundle exclusively from Razer’s online store.
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