Android GMS rugged PDA from original manufacturer

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Android GMS rugged PDA from original manufacturer is known as Mobile Data Terminal,

The industrial features of the rugged PDA are tough, durable, and portable which can be used in harsh environments, such as high-temperature workshops and cold areas in the north.

The handheld should also have a higher level of industrial protection which need to be certificated by MIL-STD-810G/H and IP65/IP67/IP68, such as Drop-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, oil-proof etc.

The Rugged handheld supports barcode scanning and RFID reading, with data acquisition and data processing capabilities.
As a mobile information processing tool, mobile phones are widely used in logistics, express delivery, manufacturing, retail, medical treatment, public utilities and other fields to improve efficiency.

Android GMS rugged PDA from original manufacturer-Rugged tablet


? Support for Android 10 system
? Optional 3G/4G all network communication, WiFi, Bluetooth and other communication modes
? Equipped with 5000mAh large capacity battery, the machine has a endurance of 5 hours
? IP65 high protection level, in accordance with MIL-STD-810G
? Support GPS, GLONASS, more accurate positioning
? Equipped with rear 13 million pixel auto focus camera
? Support 2D, NFC and other functional modules to meet the application needs of multiple industries


Rugged Handhelds and PDAs

Not too long ago it was unthinkable to expect computing power away from the desk, and then a time when it was unthinkable to have it where you need it most: out in the field and on the job. As a result, field force workers had to make do with pen and paper that often resulted in errors, delays, and an inability to access and forward data when it was needed most.
About two decades ago, some companies began using pen computers for such field work, and some of those applications were quite successful. But full-fledged pen computers cost a lot, and thus computer penetration in field force applications remained low. That is now changing with the emergence of tablet computers and relatively low cost handhelds that benefit from the great advances in consumer market smartphone technology.

Most of the devices you see in this section use the same electronic components you find in a conventional Pocket PC or PDA, but they are packaged in tough, rugged shells and designed for the job at hand. They come in several form factors. Some look just like slightly larger PDAs. Others carry on the convenient "flashlight" style of earlier generations of data terminals. Some have pistol grips for easy handling. Others are small-size tablets. Many have integrated bar code scanners or lasers. And they may use anything from minimal technology to state-of-the-art CPUs and displays.

There are also those that were designed from the ground up for use as rugged devices, with all of their components carefully selected to hold up in much more demanding environments in terms of sealing, vibration, shock, resistance to heat and cold, and other criteria.

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