5G rugged pc for the medical usage

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5G rugged pc for the medical usage is known as Mobile Data Terminal,

The industrial features of the rugged tablets are tough, durable, and portable which can be used in harsh environments, such as high-temperature workshops and cold areas in the north.

The tablets should also have a higher level of industrial protection which need to be certificated by MIL-STD-810G/H and IP65/IP67/IP68, such as Drop-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, oil-proof etc.

The RuggedPC supports barcode scanning, with data acquisition and data processing capabilities. As a mobile information processing tool, mobile phones are widely used in Archaeological excavation, Exploration, Agriculture, Production, Construction and other fields to improve efficiency.


¡¤MediaTek Octa-core CPU with two Arm 'Big¡¯ Cores
¡¤Android 11 OS and 4GB RAM£«64GB storage
(optional 6GB£«128GB)
¡¤8 inch IPS screen with 10-point touch


Operating systems for Rugged Handhelds

Most vertical market handheld computers run one of Microsoft's compact operating systems, either Windows CE or Windows Mobile (essentially a friendlier user interface on top of Windows CE). This is interesting as in the 1990s the market was initially slow to switch from DOS or proprietary operating systems to Windows CE (some early industrial handhelds ran the Palm OS), but now that the traditional PDA/Pocket PC has largely been replaced by smartphones running Apple's iOS or Google's Android operating system, virtually all vertical market handhelds still run Windows CE.
This presents some uncertainty as the projected capacitive touch screens used in smartphones have fundamentally changed user interface expectations, and also because Microsoft itself split Windows CE into the mutually incompatible consumer-only Windows Phone side and the vertical/embedded market Windows Embedded Compact side.

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