IP67 rugged pc industrial level, quality ensure

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8-inch GMS rugged tablet PC is known as Mobile Data Terminal,

The industrial features of the rugged tablets are tough, durable, and portable which can be used in harsh environments, such as high-temperature workshops and cold areas in the north.

The tablets should also have a higher level of industrial protection which need to be certificated by MIL-STD-810G/H and IP65/IP67/IP68, such as Drop-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, oil-proof etc.

The RuggedPC supports barcode scanning, with data acquisition and data processing capabilities. As a mobile information processing tool, mobile phones are widely used in Archaeological excavation, Exploration, Agriculture, Production, Construction and other fields to improve efficiency.

IP67 rugged pc industrial level, quality ensure-Rugged tablet


? Support for Android 10 system
? Optional 3G/4G all network communication, WiFi, Bluetooth and other communication modes
? 8500mAh battery, 6-8 hours of machine endurance
? IP67 high protection level, in accordance with MIL-STD-810G
? Support GPS, more accurate positioning
? Rear 13 million pixel auto focus camera, easy to collect image and video information
? Support 1D/2D, NFC and other functional modules for free selection


Android updates¡­

Android¡¯s rapid-fire version update policy has long been a source of frustration. That¡¯s because unlike Apple or Microsoft OS software, Android OS updates may or may not be available for any given Android device. Have you ever wondered why so many rugged Android devices seem to run on old versions of Android? That¡¯s because they can¡¯t be upgraded. Customers often need to wait until a tech update of a device that comes with a newer version. The situation is so bad that vendor guarantees that a device will support the next two or three versions is considered an extra. It shouldn¡¯t be that way. Yes, each new rev of an operating system is usually bigger and bulkier than the prior one, and thus makes hardware obsolete after a while. But not being able to upgrade at all? Unacceptable.

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