13 -inch RUGGED notebook computer processor evaluation, multi -angle running points comprehensively analyzed the Rugged notebook brand | Ruggtables

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Abstract:13 -inch RUGGED notebook computer processor evaluation, multi -angle running points comprehensively analyzed the Rugged notebook brand | Ruggtables

13 Inch rugged laptop processor evaluation, multi -angle running points comprehensively analyzed the Robustos notebook brand

13.3 Inch rugged laptop 's screen surface uses an original 13.3 Inch and 16: 9 industrial full screen

, full high -definition resolution, 400 Nit Brightness, and Configuration 10 points of capacitance touch screens for convenient operation and physical anti -peeping camera protection privacy, which is also a highlight. In addition, the keyboard surface of the laptop uses the full -scale INch backlight keyboard designed with the same color as the PC, the rebound is refreshing and crisp, and it is also equipped with a large -scale INCH touchpad accurate touch and pressing fingerprint Module flexible encryption. All the details are all details. Very colorful.

1) What is the rugged laptop

2)13.3 inchrugged笔记本电脑BRAND跑分测评

3)rugged笔记本电脑Application scenarios

What is the rugged laptop

Rugged laptop refers to Ruggedrobustos processing for conventional ordinary laptops. It is a computing PC for the field of dangerous special industries, such as military and industrial use. For example, the characteristics of anti -fall, collision, waterproof, dustproof, impact resistance and other characteristics.

2) 13.3 Inch rugged laptop brand running score evaluation

3, graphics card running points

Detail It is the new Intel Rui torch XE nuclear display

, ZUI high has 96 execution units(EU), the default frequency is 400MHz, and the acceleration frequency can reach 1300MHz. It provides strong image performance for RUGGED, and even compared to some mainstream independence, the advantage is also obvious.

In the nuclear display part, use 3DMark to test the graphics card test on the Rugged laptop , get Firestrike running points,, the score The score of 4000+ is quite amazing, and it has the strength to replace the entry-level independent display. It proves that EM-X33 can be achieved stably whether EM-X33 played ultra-clear videos or processing three-dimensional drawing work.

4, single and multi -core running points

This 13.3 Inch high -performance Rugged laptop is a Rugged book that stands out from the weighing of lightness and performance. It is thinner and thinner than the mainstream Rugged on the market. The performance is better. In order to verify, Here is a short -term base test using Cinebench R15 to perform short -term base tests on CPU single -core and CPU multi -core. You can see that the single -core running is divided into 198CB and the multi -core running is divided into 928CB. It is a good level. Performance can still pass the level in the Robustos.

5. Running points in the daily office meeting

After considering the performance of 13.3 INCHRUGGED The daily use of laptop computers, use PCMARK10 simulation video conference, web browsing, form processing, document writing A series of daily operations and productivity outputs such as pictures/video editing

, the test ZUI finally scored 2520 points, which can meet the smooth use of daily work, and it can also meet the rapid response of complex work.

4. The processor running points

Use CPU-Z to read this 13.3 Inch rugged laptop CPU data

, X33Configuration the 11th generation of Intel's 11th generation I5-11 of the Tigerlake series35G7, 4 core 8 threads, main frequency of 2.4GHz, single -core ZUI high -fricker frequency 4.2GHz, TDP is 28W, the process process is 10nm, with a three -level cache of 8MB. The more critical point is that the Tigerlake processor will not have a large impact on performance, whether the battery or power cord is powered, and the performance decreases when using the battery will not exceed 10%.

5. SSD running points

Use Crystaldiskinfo and AIDA64 to read Take the hard disk and memory information of the laptop of 13.3 Inchruggay

, it is equipped with PCIE3.0 × 4 NVMe 256GB M.2 SSD and the 8GB four -channel LPDDR4 4266MHz memory. It is a typical high -speed high -speed high -speed NVME solid -state hard disk and high -frequency memory have good performance.

The performance of the storage component is also the key to many users easily ignore. In fact, they also play an important role in the comprehensive performance of Rugged. , The continuous read speed of the solid-state hard disk is 1863.84MB/s, and the writing speed is 1206.06MB/s . It is manifested in the mainstream level and memory. NS.

3) The application scenario of the RUGGED laptop

What are the uses of the Rugged laptop computer? Which industries will use the Rugge notebook computer?

Answer: Aviation, aerospace, vehicle, police, education, exploration, fishing and animal husbandry, financial, national defense military workers, petroleum petrochemicals, tobacco, electricity, medical care , Security, railway, rail transit and industrial product manufacturing industries have the needs of Rugged laptops!

The above is the evaluation

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