15.6-inch domestic industrial RUGGED laptop | Rugged hand laptop (original price) -Fear new quad-core FT2000, localized operating system | Ruggtables

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Abstract:15.6-inch domestic industrial RUGGED laptop | Rugged hand laptop (original price) -Fear new quad-core FT2000, localized operating system | Ruggtables

15.6 inch-化IndustrialRobustos笔记本电脑(rugged手提笔记本)functionfeatures:

  • Born for solid performance

Use Feiteng新4core处理器FT2000/4

  • 阳光下可视显示器

  • Rugged laptop was designed for military, on -site services, transportation, public safety and public institutional departments. 15.6 INCH in the sun's visual LED screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, and its smooth drawing ability is amazing.

  • Strong durable and safe protection

    Two -color injection molding molded shell, with smaller density and high strength. The impact load capacity exceeds aluminum alloy, and at the same time, it is resistant to PCs and alkali corrosion. It meets the US military standard MIL-STD 810G test standards and is sturdy and durable. Through the 120cm fall test, IP65 dustproof waterproof, earthquake resistance and impact, wide temperature work.

Dust -proof waterproof and anti -fall

  • It will not be suspended because the sudden rain and snow is too difficult or the sand is invasion. The importance of maintenance during wartime is not necessary. This requires that the laptop has a good seal and can be well -welter. The entire PCPORTS uses a second protection to avoid dust from dust and water vapor, not afraid of dust and dust. -The chemical industry RobustOS laptop has a solid and reliable structure. It adopts a strong structure and has a high -intensity shock resistance. Internal use of air shock absorption technology is used to effectively enhance the product's impact vibration capacity.

-10 ℃ -50 ℃ Wide temperature run

  • The temperature difference between the day and night of the outdoor working environment is very large, the summer heat is soluble, the sun is inflamed, the heat is steaming, and the ground temperature can generally reach 50 ° C. In the winter solar terms, the outdoor temperature in the north may drop sharply to the actual degree of degrees Celsius to dozens of degrees Celsius. In this way, you need to port it with strong widthWimble.

Large -capacity battery, continuous work

  • dual battery dual battery The heat insertion can be replaced, and the outdoor use is lasting and convenient. 6300mAh/7.4V Large -capacity high -temperature life lithium ion battery.

Support the expansion of the dock

  • PC device supports expansion The dock expansion realizes the perfect combination of the desktop computing PC expansion capabilities with the Ruggedrobustos laptop to facilitate portable characteristics to meet the needs of more applications.

  • -化ruggedRobustos笔记本电脑优缺点


PC has a security chip with a security chip to transfer data security

  • High Brightness display, even in strong sunlight, the screen on the screen can be clearly visible

  • 坚固pc壳设计,整pc具备防尘防水防摔etc.,rugged特性

  • pc器密封Ports

  • Ruggedrobustos laptop disadvantages:

  • relatively bulky. Because the PC shell is designed with a solid shell and the entire PC has the Rugged characteristics, it will increase the weight of the PC

  • The price is more expensive than ordinary laptops.

    About-chemical industry Robustos laptop:

  • -Huan Rugged notebook, as the name suggests From design to electronic meta-accessories, to chip integration, the system after ZUI is all-to-turn. -A people are concerned about two, one is a chip, and the other is the system. These two are the key to-the key to the pen.

  • In the notebook and desktop computer terminal, KirinIn recent years, the system has attracted much attention, especially the newly released Kirin V10 system. Through Kydroid technology, it can natively support massive Android applications. It has successfully moved more than 3 million Android with soft hardware to -Platform.Solved the ecological problems that have troubled the Kirin system for a long time.Galaxy Kirin operating system V10 fully adapts to the needs of the 5G era. It is through PC, tablet, PC, etc. to achieve multi -end fusion.Most of the current-Industrial Robustos notebooks adopt Kirin system.

Robustos Notebook is also the Rugged notebook often referred to as people in people. Unlike ordinary notebooks, the Rugged notebook often has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, and falling.-The RobustOS notebook uses-chemical systems and chips, and the FT-2000/4 processor of Feiteng is selected. With the Milky Way Kirin system, the -caposos notebook can be used.Essence

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