14-inch localized strong laptop | Ruggedrugged notebook (source price) -Tianjin Feiteng FT2000, Galaxy Kirin customization system | Ruggtables

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Abstract:14-inch localized strong laptop | Ruggedrugged notebook (source price) -Tianjin Feiteng FT2000, Galaxy Kirin customization system | Ruggtables

This 14 Inch domestic manufacturing strong notebook computers (Robustosrugged notebook) feature:

The strong notebook computer series products support the winning bidding Kirin, new fulcrum and uniform UOS system software; CPU main frequency 2.6 ~ 3.0GHz; rich and diverse sockets, support docks; dual -frequency WIFI (2.4 2.4 GHZ+5.0GHz), Bluetooth 4.2; support 3G/4G, Ublox GPS positioning navigation, select Beidou positioning system; dual -wide temperature charging battery design scheme, typical sexual functional loss of 10W; RUGGED IP65 waterproof level; support for embedded safety system system ;

1. Strong adaptability, high stability, and high scalability;

2. strong parallel processing capabilities;

3. Experiment, standardization and module design;

4. Unique development software is important

In any region to use this 14 Inch domestic Ruggedrobustos notebook?

1) Regional natural environment differences

Equipment is challenged by a large regional natural environment here. For example, the long -term ultra -low temperature natural environment in North China, the high -altitude plateau, the low natural environment of the air pressure, the high temperature and sandy natural environment of the desert areas, the high and low temperature, corrosion and corrosion of coastal cities. This stipulates that the RUGGED strong notebook that is manufactured in China must get rid of the above natural environment differences and have a wide natural environment adaptability.

winter outdoor temperature in North China is generally at minus tens of ° C. The room temperature of the communication base station in simple work will not be very high, in such a natural environment The average laptop lithium has long lacked vitality, and there is no way to turn on PC to run, and because the temperature is too low, even if it runs the temperature according to the baking computer Mianboard, the display screen cannot be displayed normally. There are two levels of the harm of the natural environment of the desert and Gobi Beach. First, the temperature difference between the night and night during the day and night, and the electronic components have been replaced by long -term hot and cold, which will lead to the dangers of non -. Second, domestic production and manufacturing The universal notebook is very closed, the wind and sand are advancingWhen you enter the human body, long -term accumulation is stacked, and it consumes great damage. The coastal cities have been at a high and low temperature natural environment for a long time, and the corrosive particles are very strong in corrosion of electronic components. Generally, if the general notebook works in high and low temperature and highly corrosion -resistant natural environment, it will basically be damaged in one year.

2) The climate natural environment is complicated

The dangers of environmental elements will suffer difficult climate, regional, and small categories that are difficult to predict and analyze. Such as the small categories of precipitation in coastal cities and mountain areas, small -scale taxpayers in the desert and Gobi beach areas have their own opinions. This type of sudden climate is likely to temporarily erode work on the spot. Under such standards, universal notebooks are likely to be abnormally treated with PC because they have no sealing moisture -proof and anti -pollution -proof design scheme. It is likely to lose precious survey materials.

3) The office environment is complex and busy

Work responsibilities involve wide coverage, including many types, and different technical types, various contents, and multiple batches of staff to carry out work. Anxiety and anxiety are inevitable in order to occur in an orderly manner, such as unexpected falls, collisions, and oil stains of Rugged strong notebooks. This stipulates that high -precision electronic products must have high reliability while ensuring their outstanding performance, that is, the notebook must have a very good anti -fall and impact resistance.

4) Portable practical and convenient migration

The notebook must go through a unique RobustOS design scheme. The Rugged strong notebook will be heavier than the average notebook, but the total weight of the industrial production notebook cannot be increased too much, and it still has very good portable type to facilitate migration. When going out to work, the survey staff must bring a lot of technical professional survey PC equipment, and most of the regions cannot reach the car because of the terrain. The net weight will cause a lot of pressure on the staff. In addition, because of work responsibilities or daily tasks must be changed, the team is likely to migrate anytime, anywhere. How many PC device devices are installed in an orderly manner. Whether in terms of volume or net weight Provisions.

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