15.6-inch i5-8250U/i7-8550U strong notebook computer (source price) | Rugged industrial laptop outdoor sunlight visual | Ruggtables

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Abstract:15.6-inch i5-8250U/i7-8550U strong notebook computer (source price) | Rugged industrial laptop outdoor sunlight visual | Ruggtables

This 15.6 INCHIN It is a full Ruggedrobustos laptop computer product dedicated to special industry design schemes. It can achieve application regulations in mobile work in the harsh natural environment of the suburbs. Various computing requirements; 15.6 INCH Industrial RUGGED laptop computers The entire PC use of a two -color injection molding mold is composed of two -color injection molding PC shells, which can be resistant to the corrosion of PC compounds and alkali. Therefore, 15.6 Inch rugged strong laptop computers have the characteristics of wide temperature, impact resistance, anti -vibration, anti -electronic interference, and moisture -proof and other characteristics. Even the natural environments such as cold, heat, precipitation, sand temperature and vehicles, ships, and carrier -based on the suburbs can operate smoothly in the natural environment of JIs such as cars, ships, and carrier -based ones.

Why buy 15.6 Inch full strong Rugged laptop?

1, from the perspective of the sealing characteristics, the strong RUGGED laptop is gas -dens Most of the computers contain heat dissipation fans.

2, from the above raw materials, the general strong RUGGED laptop is the general is aluminum alloy profile, titanium magnesium aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy and other metal composite materials , HalfGGEDROBUSTOS laptop is part of rubber products or metal materials, and is part of rubber products.

3, from the perspective of price, the price of all Robustosrugged notebooks is relatively high, half Ruggedrobustos laptop is basically manipulated in new projects with less expensive budgets.

4, from the perspective of the waterproof level, the waterproof level of the full Ruggedrobustos laptop is IP65, 360 anti -pollution and moisture, and half Ruggedrobustos laptop computers because of heat dissipation because of heat dissipation The reasons for the fan are difficult to achieve such an IP level, most of the IP53.

5. At the level of expansion, the full Ruggedrobustos laptop can give a variety of expansion, such as PCI, PCIE, CPCI, and other system bus sockets. Half Ruggedrobustos laptop does not have this effect

15.6 INCH Industrial strong RUGGED laptop is generally used to the following industries:

Survey and mapping project

in the Rare mountainous areas, Gobi Beach, Plateau, North Ji, Sea Plane. In the work under the standard of high temperature and cold gas pressure, the staff must ensure that the laptop can be carried out normally under the harsh environmental standards, especially in the natural environment of wet and cold and corrosion in the field of oil and gas fields. High and low temperature test safety protection and the adaptability of the plateau are particularly critical, providing reasonable maintenance for the natural environment of the harsh air.

Mobile Public Security

Public security personnel can use mobile public security products to use the list Wait for viewing. It can be applied to the content of the information content of the public security PC business process anytime, anywhere. You can also collect information on the spot and immediately return to the internal network information center of Public Security PC, especially photos and related photos.

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