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Abstract:13 -inch mobile police RUGGED notebook computer running sharing evaluation, Windows 10/7 high -performance laptop | Ruggtables

13 InCh mobile police Rugged laptop running sharing evaluation, Windows 10/7 high -performance notebook

13.3 INCHRUGGED laptop computer In the actual experience section, the lock connection and rotation damping of the Rugged laptop are just right, which can achieve one -handed screen opening and closing of the screen. The screen 180 degrees greatly flipped to make the AB surface and the CD surface in parallel. The simple touch method is to control the computer to the screen to control the computer, which can complete some PCs that cannot be completed. It is very suitable for mobile police. The backlight keyboard inputs soft and smooth, and the one -click is automatically lit. It can better adapt to the environmental environment. , Touch the fingerprint module with the fingerprint of the fingerprint, it will automatically bright the screen to the login interface and automatically enter the system.

1) What is the rugged laptop

2) Rugged notebook computer is moving on mobile Application of Police

3) 13 Inchruggage laptop computer brand running score evaluation

1) What is the RUGGED notebook computer

Rugged laptop

is designed for professional industries such as public safety and public utilities. For Rugged, it interprets a new definition, which has passed a 3 -foot high drop test and IP level protection. After the ruler and weight of the balance display, it provides excellent computing power, powerful graphics performance, various wireless connections, and long battery life.

2) The application of the Rugged laptop in the mobile police

The application of the mobile police Rugged laptop

Police personnel can use mobile Police Rugged notebook computers to inquire about resident information, temporary personnel information, vehicle information driver information, etc. You can get the support of public security business information at any time and achieve comparison. You can also collect information on the spot to return to the public security internal information center, especially the transmission application of photos and related pictures.

3) 13.3 Inchruggage laptop computer brand running score evaluation

1. Graphics card running points

Details of the graphics card, 13.3 Inchruggay laptop is equipped with a new Intel Rui Torch XE nuclear display. The ZUI high has 96 execution units (EU), the default frequency is 400MHz, the acceleration frequency can Reaching 1300MHz provides strong image performance for Robustos, and even compared to some mainstream independence, the advantage is also obvious.

In the core display part, use 3DMark to test the graphics card test on the Rugged laptop to get Firestrike running points. Instead of the power of the entry -level independent display, it proves that X33 can achieve stable implementation whether it is playing ultra -clear videos or processing three -dimensional drawing work.

3, single -core and multi -core running points

This 13.3 Inch rugged laptop is a one The ROBUSTOS book that stood out from the weighing of lightness and performance is thinner than the mainstream Rugged on the market. Testing, you can see that the single -core running is divided into 198cb, and the multi -core running is divided into 928CB, which is a good level. It can be seen that although the PC is light, it can still pass the level in the Robustos book.

1. SSD running points

Use Crystaldiskinfo and AIDA64 to read Take the hard disk and memory information of the 13.3 Inch rugged laptop. It is equipped with PCIE3.0 × 4 NVME 256GB M.2 SSD and the 8GB four -channel LPDDR4 4266MHz memory. It is a typical high -speed NVME solid -state hard drive and high -frequency memory. Good performance.

The performance of the storage component is also the key to many users easily ignore. In fact The continuous read speed is 1863.84MB/s, and the writing speed is 1206.06MB/s. It is manifested in mainstream levels and memory. The actual measurement of Read-Write is good. Among them, the delay time is also controlled at 87.2ns.

4. Running points in the daily office conference

ZUI In order to consider the performance of the daily use of the 13 Invch police RUGGED laptop, use the PCMARK10 simulation video conference, web browsing, form processing, documentation, picture/video editing, etc. A series of daily operations and productive forces output testing, testing ZUI is finally divided into 2520 points, which can meet the smooth use of daily work, and it can also meet the rapid response of complex work.

5. Data, X33Configuration the i5-1135G7, 4 core 8 threads of Intel's 11th-generation Tigerlake series, the main frequency of 2.4GHz, single-core ZUI high-Rine frequency 4.2GHz, TDP is 28W, the process process is 10nm, with a three-level cache of 8MB. Under the existing RobustOS sexual standards. There is a more critical point here, that is, the Tigerlake processor will not have a large impact on performance. 10%.

The above is the 13 Inch mobile police Rugged laptop running sub -evaluation, Windows 10/7 high -performance notebook introduction.

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