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Abstract:6 -inch collection handheld terminal, Android PDA smart handheld terminal recommendation | Ruggtablets

6 Inch data collection PDASPC is a portable Android smart handheld device , which refers to data communication with other devices (communication methods such as Wi- FI/GPRS/Bluetooth/operator 3 /4G network), mobile smart terminals that can realize information collection, processing, query, transmission and other functions.

Hand -holding PC is similar to the hand PC, which also has the characteristics of operating systems, CPUs, batteries, human PC interaction interfaces, etc., but PDASPC is mainly for enterprise -side industrial production scenarios, number According to the basis Collecting PDASPC is also called Android PDA Smart PDASPC , and hand PCs are more of consumer personal function scenes. The two have obvious differences.

At present, the PCs on the market are mainly divided into different types of hardware devices such as barcodes, RFID, fingerprints, and explosion -proof. It can become more intelligent by selecting hardware or independent design. For example, the RFID PC optional laser scanning engine Configuration can also be scanned by 1D/2D barcode to become a smart PDAS that can scan RFID tags and barcodes.

Precautions for the use of Android PDA Smart PDASPC

PDAS has the function Operate in the environment of high temperature, ji low temperature or wetting.

Pressing the screen hard may damage the screen. Do not use the resistor screen to touch the screen to avoid abrasion or damage to the screen.

To clean the screen, please spray a small amount of commercial LCD screen cleaner on the soft cloth. Avoid spraying the cleaner directly on the screen.

If the product is not used for a long time, be sure to download the data to the calculated PC storage and remove the battery.

For the first time or restore after storage, the battery of the PC device must be found for a long time to find the PC failure. Essence

PDASPC's function:

  • 扫码能力

PDAs能够识别弯曲、screen、Frost, damage, high density, water vapor, damage and other barcodes should deal with different code scanning scenarios.

  • A variety of data collection methods

  • In additionSupport data collection functions such as fingerprint recognition, HF/UHF reading, NFC, DPM code, etc., which are suitable for logistics express, warehousing, animal husbandry, power inspection, parking management, fixed asset management and other fields.

Supporting data transmission functions such as WIFI, WWAN, Bluetooth, fast and stable data transmission, and improving the operation efficiency of the scene.

Industrial protection level

  • It has a high industrial protection level, can adapt to complex complexityThe use environment, such as high temperature, low temperature, dust and other harsh industrial environments.Anti -falling, adapting to the working environment of bumps in the logistics and express delivery industry.

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