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Abstract:4-inch code handheld terminal | RuggedRugGEDPDA-battery disassembly, support multi-code system, industrial-grade protection | Ruggtablets


Product form

4 inchIndustrialPDAspc The appearance ruler inch

155.8*72*25mm platform platform
Android 8.1

MT8735 (4Core) )





touch screen
5 o'clock capacitor screen, G+FF, Corning Gorilla's glass hardness above 7h, scratching
480*800,, IPS screen
3.8V/4400mAh , about 7 hours

front 2.0MP, rear 8.0MP

ip level

IP 65
01 Newwork connection


2.4G+5G dual -frequency wifi, dual -frequency WiFi supports 802.11 (A/B/G/N/AC) communication standards.


Bluetooth protocol: 4.2


  • 3GMODULE: Guanghe Tong H350, the frequency band supports Europe, Asia Pacific and domestic 3G Unicom.
    4GMODULE: move far away EC25-E (Europe -AU (South America), EC-20 (domestic)
  • GPS
    u-blox neo-7, U-Blox NEO-7,, Support QZSS/GPS/GLONASS, support Beidou
  • 02 module
  • Standard Module optional
    1) 2D BarCode Scanner/NFCREAD-WRITEMODULE

Standard Ports

Earphone Jack/HDMI/DC/POGO PIN*2/USB 3.0 /Sim card/tf card/type c

04 The working environment
  • Work temperature

    -20 ~ 60 ℃

Storage temperature

-30 ~ 70 ℃

humidity 95% Non-condens

Falling height

  • 120cm
  • IP65, CE-NB, MIL-STD-810G, battery (UN38.3, MSDS, aviation, shipping report, IEC62133), CCC, FCC, RoHS

  • Customize
  • screen

High -bright screen, high score screen


Special demand


    Industry exclusivePorts

  • Key

    Key function control

  • The key combination function

  • Ports functional control

  • Exclusive module

  • Appearance

  • Appearance color matching and silk print logo

  • Customized front shell and rear case

    New mold and product structure


    System information/interface information/pre -installed app, etc.

  • 4 inch scan code PDASPC, also known as it PDAS, PDA, Data Collector

  • is a PC that collects information by scanning 1D/2D barcodes. It has operating systems, CPUs, with data storage capabilities. It has communication methods such as WIFI, Bluetooth, and 4G. It can support secondary development. It has a certain protective level. It can be used to use. It has the characteristics of portability and stability. In the energy industry, 4 INCHPDAS is also called handheld inspection terminal. It is mainly used in power inspections, water supply pipeline inspections, gas pipeline inspections, and forest protection inspections. It not only improves the quality and efficiency of inspection, but also regulates the behavior and standards of inspections, and greatly simplifies the complex inspection process in the past.

    4 inch scan code PDAS 2D code scanning advantage:

  • 1. Advanced scanning technology, Ji -speed bar code collection, on -site scanning more efficient

    Pour barcode, bubble bag code, long distance distance Barcodes, color barcodes, barcodes on hand PC screens, and even bending and cutting barcodes can be scanned quickly, fully meet the data collection requirements in various application scenarios.

    2. The scanning range is wide to improve the efficiency of batch scan

By the innovation of decoding technology, the scanning range can be effectively improved.At the same distance, the PDA with excellent performance of the PDA with excellent performance is wider, thereby achieving a larger "effective scanning point", reducing the time of the user's aimedies, and rapidly improving the efficiency of batch scanning barcodes.

3. Applicable a variety of harsh field application environment, the applicable life is more than 3 years

Outdoor low temperature or high temperature environment, rainy days, or long -term strong light radiation environment operations can be better cope.

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