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Abstract:6 -inch handheld terminal device Windows, is there any recommendation of smart terminal devices?| Ruggtables

6 Inch Beidou PDAS Device Windows is a handheld smart terminal device that can be used. It has operating systems (Android or Wince), memory, CPU, graphics card, screen and keyboard. Processing ability. With the development of the Internet of Things technology, PDAPDAS, as an information data collection processing tool, has been widely used in the fields of logistics express, manufacturing, retail, medical and health, and public undertakings. PDAPDAS is designed for industrial use, such as falling, waterproof, dustproof, large battery capacity, etc., which can be used in a low temperature or low -temperature environment, suitable for the harsh industrial environment.


  • Inventory pdas

In order to inventively inventory and in -depth warehouse management, the work intensity of the clerk has been alleviated and the efficiency of work is improved. Inventory of PCs equipped with professional laser scan engine, waterproof, dustproof, and falling, support WiFi wireless communication, strong signal receiving ability, anti -interference. It has functions such as commodity inventory, commodity review, price query, inventory inquiry, data analysis and other functions. Based on the selection of different tasks and different shelves, it can take inventory of multiple types of products at the same time to automatically generate inventory differences. It has the characteristics of one PC multi -purpose, saving time and efficient, convenient maintenance.

  • In the logistics industry, PDAS again It is called a Pakistani gun, which is mainly used in courier dispatch management, site management, car line management, and transfer stations. PDAS customized in the logistics express industry, equipped with a professional laser scan engine, IP67-level waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof standards, large-capacity lithium ion smart batteries, can be competent for the working temperature of -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ working temperature, rain, sand dust, etc. High -intensity movement in harsh environments. Support 1D/2D barcode scanning, RFID, UHF, NFC reading and other data collection methods. At the same time, it has functions such as Beidou GPS positioning, high -definition camera, 4G full Netcom, dual -frequency high -speed WiFi, which can be processed anytime, anywhere.


  • In the energy industry, PDAS is also known as handheld inspection terminal. It is mainly used in power inspections, water supply pipeline inspections, gas pipeline inspections,Forest protection inspection and other aspects. It not only improves the quality and efficiency of inspection, but also regulates the behavior and standards of inspections, and greatly simplifies the complex inspection process in the past. Patrol PDAS is a solid and durable industrial -grade mobile smart terminal that can achieve accurate and efficient data collection. It can scan 1D/2D barcode, 12 -hour battery life, IP67 industrial level can ensure that the equipment is dirt, dust, splash splash splash, splashing, splashing Working in water for a long time.

  • as a special industry with a low fault tolerance rate Ji, the medical industry is for the treatment The requirements of "efficiency" and "accurate" have been caused by Ji. Through Beidou Smart PDAS devices, clinical data will be concentrated, analyzed, shared, and inquired about the work efficiency of medical staff and the quality of patient care, reducing medical errors, helping smart medical information information Construction.

Application scenario of handheld smart terminal equipment


  • The use of smart PDAS can realize the needs of quality traceability, process prevention process prevention, production process transparency, performance data statistical analysis, production cost management in the production and manufacturing industry. PDAS supports the identification of DPM code, which is suitable for industries that need to use DPM code such as cars and PC equipment.


  • PDAsPDA整合收件、分拣分拨、配送、 Working business in various aspects such as factions, realize the intelligent work and management of logistics, collect data in real time, and gather unified information PLATFORM. Support management personnel and users to query logistics tracking information.

    It can achieve the collection and transmission of data such as invention management, inventory, scheduling, withdrawal, and membership management of stores.

  • Medical and Health

Hand -holding PC can be applied to mobile nurse stations, mobile infusion, Smart gauze management, and medical management such as drug management. It helps the hospital to achieve resource integration and process optimization, thereby reducing operating costs and improving service quality and management level.

Ticket inspection operations are performed through PDAS scanning, which is used in the collection and inspection of ticket collection and other tickets for movie theaters, tourist attractions, concerts, exhibitions.

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