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Abstract:6 -inch wireless handheld terminal machine Android. Is there a recommendation for the handheld logistics terminal?| Ruggtables

6 inch wireless PDASPC Android, is it recommended by holding the logistics terminal PC?

6 Inch Android wireless PDASPC (hereinafter referred to as as a handheld logistics terminal PC) , and consumption with consumption The main difference between PDA is that it can be used in the harsh industrial environment, such as high temperature, low temperature, dust, humidity, oil and pollution, etc. In terms of traditional basic functions, Wireless PDASPC both functional Module and performance settings tend to industrialization, so it has become an important implementor of industrial information management and intelligent hardware applications.

Handheld logistics terminal PC is specially applied to industrial fields or design and development of logistics work application scenarios. Functionally speaking, logistics PDA built -in Bluetooth, camera, call, GPS, multi -mode wireless network, data communication function, which is suitable for various harsh environments. Wireless PDA also has data collection functions such as barcode scanning, radio frequency recognition (divided into low -frequency LF, high -frequency HF, UHFUHF), fingerprint recognition, etc. These are not available in consumer PDA.

Based on the industrial characteristics and functions of logistics PDA, more and more enterprises cited industrial PDA to improve work efficiency. Logistics PDA has been widely used in logistics express, retail, manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing, and manufacturing Medical, public undertakings, finance and other fields.

Android wireless PDASPC Operation method in wireless wifi wifi Under the method, the brief operation steps of the inventory assistant and PDA terminal program are used as follows:

The first step, configuration

Configuration assistant terminal Parameter settings, import, export, display settings.

Step 2, PDA link wifi

ensure that the PDA is correctly connected to the WIFI network, and it is connected with the computer network where the assistant is located. Essence

The third step, PDA download parameters, set

PDA setting system wifi service main PC, port address. Then download the parameters and information.

The fourth step, PDA scan

After downloading, PDA scan collection.

The fifth step, upload

After the PDA scan is completed, you can upload the collection result to the upload of the assistant settings, upload the assistant settingsIn the directory.

The use of wireless logistics PDAS avoids tedious paper operations, simplifies the operation process, and helps enterprise information management

.PDAS has data acquisition functions, such as barcode scanning, RFID recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc., to meet the needs of data collection and application in different industries.In addition, PDAS uses industrial design and can be used in a complex industrial environment, such as cold chain warehouses, high -temperature workshops, outdoor rainy days, dust environment, industrial oil pollution and other harsh environments.

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