In 2021, the 4 -inch RUGGED handheld terminal | Ruggedpda (original price), Android 10.0 system, 4+64G configuration | Ruggtablets

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Abstract:In 2021, the 4 -inch RUGGED handheld terminal | Ruggedpda (original price), Android 10.0 system, 4+64G configuration | Ruggtablets

4 inchruggedPDAspc(RobustosPDA)functionfeatures:

  1. Hardware Configuration: PDASPC supports Android 11 system, equipped with MT6771 processor, Octa-Core frequency 2.0GHz, fast operation speed, stable performance, convenient operation;

  2. Wirelesscommunication:PDAIntegrated4G、WiFi、bluetoothetc.,multiplecommunicationmethods,Wirelesscommunicationfunctionpowerful,connectspeedfast;

  3. Large -capacity battery: Handheld PC is equipped with 4000mAh large capacity replaceable battery, PC's battery life is 7 hours, and long battery life is highly adapted to mobile work needs in various environments;

  4. Industrial-grade RUGGED: dustproof IP65 high protection level is in line with the US military standard MIL-SD-810G shockproof shock, 1.22m open PC state anti-fall, handheld PCPDA can be applied to various complex complex Delivered working environment;

  5. Precise positioning: Support GPS (A-GPS), Beidou, Gloonas positioning system, Rugged handheld positioning is more accurate;

  6. Shooting camera: PDASPC has 5 million front, rear 13 -megapixel autofocus camera, easily collect image and video information;

Code scanning module: PDA supports Module free selection of 1D/2D, NFC and other functions to meet the application needs of many industries.

pdas With real -time data collection and processing function, it ensures the real -time, effectiveness and authenticity of on -site data collection. PDAS is also known as handheld PC, inventory PC, PDA, Payge gun and so on.

Handheld PC is a portable handheld device, which refers to data communication with other devices (communication methods such as Wi-Fi/GPRS/Bluetooth/operator 3/4G network, etc.) , A mobile smart terminals that can achieve information collection, processing, query, transmission and other functions.

Hand -holding PC is similar to hand -handed PCs, and also has the characteristics of operating systems, CPUs, batteries, human PC interaction interfaces, etc., but the PC is mainly used for industrial production scenarios for enterprises, and hand PCs are more consumers from consumers. There are obvious differences between the two.

4 inchPDAspcApplication scenarios:

1. Logistics Express

PDASPCPDA for logistics warehouse management, transportation management, and the implementation of items. In the express delivery link, it can be used for receiving and receiving and receiving and receiving and receiving and receiving. express delivery.

2. Manufacturing

PDASPCPDA can be used in production line management and warehouse management of production and manufacturing enterprises; automobile manufacturing, PC weapon and other fields are special The DPM code can also be read with industrial PDA.

3. Store retail

PDASPCPDA is suitable for chain stores, stores, and counters, which can realize the stores and stores in the store Collection and transmission of data such as withdrawal and membership management.

4. Medical care

PDASPCPDA can be applied to mobile nurses, mobile infusion, smart gauze management, and drug supervision and other medical scenarios. It helps the hospital to achieve resource integration and process optimization, thereby reducing operating costs and improving service quality and management level.

5, three tables of meter

three tables refer to water meters, meters, gas meters, mainly used PDASPCPDA has functions such as power infrared, data communication, and barcode scanning to achieve rapid metering without manual records.

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