Launched the 5.7 -inch industrial handheld terminal in 2021 | RuggeDRuggedpda (original price), IP67 dustproof and waterproof, Android 10.0 system | Ruggtables

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Abstract:Launched the 5.7 -inch industrial handheld terminal in 2021 | RuggeDRuggedpda (original price), IP67 dustproof and waterproof, Android 10.0 system | Ruggtables

5.7 inchIndustrialPDAspc(ruggedRobustosPDA)functionfeatures:

  1. System Configuration: Industrial handheld PC supports Android10 system, equipped with MTK high -performance processor, runs fast, stable performance, convenient operation, standard shipment version 4+64GConfiguration, you can achieve 6+128G of 6+128G High -end;

  2. communication function: Handheld PC integrated 4G full Netcom, supporting mobile, Unicom and Telecom operators, dual -frequency WIFI seamless Speed, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Waiting for a variety of communication methods, the wireless communication function is powerful;

  3. Battery battery life strong: PDA is equipped with 5000mAh large -capacity battery, the battery is not demolished , PC's battery life for 7 hours, excellent adaptation to mobile work needs in various environments;

  4. Industrial level: IP67 high protection level, Robustospda can be in the water in the water There is no problem with soaking for 30 minutes. The quality of the industrial Rugged is in line with the US military standard MIL-SD-810G shock-resistant shock. 1.22m six-sided four corners fall tests, which can be applied to a variety of complex and harsh working environments;

  5. Positioning system: Support GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo Positioning Department

  6. , accurate positioning;

  7. HD camera: RUGGED handheld PC with 13 million fronts, rear 16 million pixel autofocus cameras, easily collect image and video information;

  8. Industry MODULE: standard MODULE such as 1D/2D, NFC and other functions to meet the application needs of PDAS customers in many industry customers.

The starting point of the design The purpose of dust -proof and falling anti -falling.

Among them, waterproof and dustproof are mainly used by sealing and special materials to block water and dust from the product, so that it does not affect the performance of the product. The anti -fall anti -falling is mainly through the selection of design and materials to increase the strength of the productDegree, anti -falling ability.

What are the aspects of 5.7 Inch ruggedrobustospdaspc?

Please do not put the USB connection cable and PDAS tail partially immersed;

  1. Please do not take up the PC memory with full PC, otherwise it will cause systemic abnormalities;

  2. When the scanning function is not used, please close the PDA Scan the head, please do not turn on for a long time;

  3. When scanning the code handheld PC scan, please do not look directly at the laser scanning head to avoid accidental injuries;

  4. Please connect the USB cable (or base) and PC first, and then connect the USB port on the computer;

  5. When replacing TF cards and SIM cards, you need to restart the Rugged handheld PC.

  6. PDAS has the function of waterproof and dustproofing, but it should still be avoided in the environment of high temperature, ji low temperature or wetting environment.

  7. Press the PDA screen hard may damage the screen. Do not use the resistor screen to touch the screen to avoid abrasion or damage to the screen.

  8. To clean the screen, please spray a small amount of commercial LCD screen cleaner on the soft cloth. Avoid spraying the cleaner directly on the handheld PC screen.

  9. If you do not use Robustos hand -held PC for a long time, please download the data to the calculation of PC storage and remove the battery.

  10. For the first time or resume after storage, the battery holding a PC takes a long time to complete the charging.

  11. If the PDASPC failure is found, please write down the condition and contact the maintenance personnel after the occurrence.

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