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Abstract:5 -inch 11.0 data collection handheld machine, which is strong PDA with strong performance?| Ruggtables

This 5 Inch data collection handheld PC is a new product we launched in 2021. As a primitive equipment manufacturer, we will test multiple times in the factory production line and reliability laboratory before each PC is issued to ensure the reliability of PDA and strive to allow customers to buy and use with confidence. This 5 English INCH data collection handheld PC has passed a number of certifications such as dustproof IP65, 3C, and MIL-STD-810G, which can ensure that customers use in a harsh working environment. We have made great efforts on the appearance, function and hardware Configuration, and are determined to create a high cost -effectiveness for customer application scenarios. This PC is suitable for Android 10 operating system, equipped with MTK 6771OCTA-CORE2.0GHz processor, which can be upgraded to 6+128G. For industry customers, 6+128G Configuration is already very good.

Catalog of the article

1) 5 inch data collection handheld PC specification parameters

2) 5 inch data collection handheld PC data collection Module

3) 5 Inch data collection handheld PC source manufacturers should pay attention to

4) 5 Inch data collection Handheld PC is there any characteristics?

5) 5 Inch data collection Handheld PC is applied to production management

1) 5 inch Data collection handheld PC specification parameters

1. Reliability

Falling height

122cm Falling, composite wood floor

Work temperature

-20 ° C ~ 55 ° C Storage temperature -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C


2. Performance parameters


MT6771,octa-coremainfrequency2.0Ghz OS

Android 10.0


4/6GB DDR4L (samsung) ) )


3, appearance parameter

The appearance ruler inch

157.4 x 74.6 x 24.2mm


Naked PC260G Color

Black (customized)


5 Inchips screen 16: 9, resolution 1280 × 720

touch screen 5 o'clock capacitor screen, G+F Camera front 5.0MP+rear 13.0MP, flashing light I/OPORTS Micro USB 2.0 x 1, SIM card, TF card ZUI support 128G (card seat support three choices 2) Power adapter accelerate 支持GPS、北斗、glonass 4、Newwork connection WIFI WIFI 802.11 (A/B/G/N/AC) frequency 2.4g+5.8G dual frequency bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0


gsm 2/3/5/8 WCDMA 1/2/4/5/8 TDD B38/B40/B41 FDD B1/B3/B4/B7/B7/B8/B13/B17/B19/B20/B28A /B28B/B18/B25/B26/B66

5. Battery battery life

Battery performance

4000mAh/3.8V Type

Disassembly polymer Lithium -ion battery

Endurance time

Approximate 7 hours (default 50%volume, default 200 lumtness, play 1080P high -definition video) 6. Optional Module nfc Support ISO/IEC 14443A/14443B/15693/18092/MiFare protocol, card reading distance: 4cm 2d 2d Code
Honeywell N6703, hard decomposition optical resolution: 5mil, scanning speed: 50 times/s

2) 5 inch data collection handheld handheld handheld handheld handheld handheld handheld handheld handheld handheld handheld handheld handheld handheld PC Data Collection Module

This data collection handheld PC supports 2D scan reading:

2D scanning head Honeywell n6707

The N6707 strip scan engine held by PCPDA is a decoding 2D 2D The imaginger uses Honeywell decoding and imaging technology in a compact design mode. Perfectly balanced ruler, performance and easy integration, and provide a better user experience.N6707 2D imaginger supports various code systems, including 1D and 2D.

  • Honeywell Honeywell Barcode scanning a compact 2D engine. It inherits the legendary Adaptus 6.0 decoding performance with a compact design. N3680 achieves a good balance between performance and easy integration -to ensure excellent final user experience.

    Handheld PC Due to its portability, practicality, real -time data collection, automatic storage, real -time display/feedback, etc., people have continuously changed people's working forms and workflows. Get widespread application and popularization.

3) 5 Inch data collection handheld PC should pay attention to

Many customers will pay more attention to price issues when buying 5 INCH data collection handheld PCs. It may also have something to do with the budget on the project. Today I talk to everyone about this problem. In addition to the issue of price, customers should also pay more attention to other issues to ensure that the project will not have problems in the process of subsequent progress.

Price is a reflection of various factors, such as material cost, product positioning, supply chain capacity, brand premium, warehousing assembly cost, and so on.

1. After -sales service

No matter which company's data collection handheld PC, there may be problems. At this time After -sales service has undoubtedly played a very important role. It is mainly divided into technical support (referred to as FAE) for professionalism, the cycle of after -sales maintenance, and the warranty period. In the final analysis, whether it has the ability to help customers solve problems. When there is a problem with PDASPC and the seller cannot solve it, it is scorched. So how should you avoid this? Looking for the R u0026 D company to buy PDASPC, this R u0026 D company must be made by software, hardware, structure, and projects, rather than a certain outsourcing company, or buying Mianboard with other homes to do it.

2, the shipment volume

It can be said that the greater the shipping code handheld PC, the function and stability of PDASPC, the function and stability of PDASPC The stronger, there is no doubt that such a product is verified and tortured by the market. The shipment depends on two aspects. One is the company's shipments throughout the year, the other is a single model. The complementary relationship, generally these two points are difficult to get real data from the mouth of the sales. Even if they give the corresponding data, it may be unreal.What do you think? Look at the size of the company and the model launched.

3. Complete test and quality control

Code handheld PC is industrial product, there is a complete set of complete tests in the industry With quality control, reliability experiments include high and low temperature work test, high and low temperature storage test, steel ball drop test, whole PC drop test, roller test, waterproof test, salt fog test, etc. Sample testing, semi -finished product test, aging test, finished product test, packaging before and after packaging and so on.

4. The mature product certification system

In order Code handheld PC for authentication. The certification of a handheld PC in the industry is the US military standard 810G test, IP certification and 3C certification. These certifications can largely ensure the reliability of the terminal PC. Exporting foreign business will also do CE authentication, GMS certification, etc. Compared with manufacturers who only do domestic markets, manufacturers of domestic and foreign countries, whether they are in terms of service or market competitiveness, foreign countries abroad. The manufacturers are better. For the entire PDASPC market, foreign countries are still relatively large.

5. Related large customer case

Why do I advocate that you pay attention to this point Woolen cloth? It is because I have a large customer case to connect with the big customers' companies to dock the PDASPC project. They have very strict control of the supplier. From the preliminary qualification review, the factory to the ZUI, the relevant information is provided. The review is very troublesome, and the cooperation cycle is long. After such a long time of review and contact, any company is touched through, and the project manager who connects to them knows this industry The company has been recognized to some extent, and it will be more assured of cooperation with such companies.

In summary, in addition to the purchase of the PC, in addition to paying attention to the price, it should also pay attention to shipments, large customer cases, after -sales service, test quality control and product product, product control and product product, product control and product product, product control and product products Certification system, etc.

Dear customers:

1. All products are original direct sales, industry experience, industry experience, Rich, free consultation and help selection, promise to give you a preferential price and fast and good support.

2. About product: You can customize according to customer needs. We do not make a brand, and we can provide a neutral PC, appearance: radium sculpture screen logo, color scheme, color matching color, color matching, Customize the front shell and rear shell; Module: Passengers for Module Integration and Standard Standards; PORTS: Exclusive Ports in the industry; Software Customization: Customized System, Power Power Power Powerout PC, button function combination key, etc.

3. Regarding delivery: We all have preparations, inventory sales, standard products on the day, all order uses 5 working days to ship

4. About the ruler: Rugged PC covers 4 INCH, 5 Inch, 6 Inch, 7 Inch, 8 Inch, 10 Inch, 12 Inch, 13.3 Inch, 14 Inch, and 15 Inch. Intel, MTK, and Qualcomm, etc.-in the -cian project, have been launched-chemical tablets and laptops,-chip equipped with -hua system.

4) 5 inch data collection handheld PC?

T50 is compared with the existing 5 Inchpdas. What are the characteristics?

  • High cost performance: In order to expand the handheld market, this 5 Inch handheld positioning is high -cost. Competitive. Compared with our old version of PDAS, prices and functions have greatly improved.

  • Hardcore Configuration: Standard Edition 4+64G, high -end version 6+128g. Now most of the PDAS industry is 2+32G, which is not conducive to the long -term use of customers and can further meet customer needs.

  • Rich accessories: In order A variety of accessories such as hand bands are available. Of course, 2D code is also a Module that customers can choose.

  • Reliable quality: A PDASPC that is easy to use can save customers a lot of things, which is very important in daily use and after -sales service. In addition, our 5 English Inch Android RUGGED handheld device has passed professional third -party certification and obtained IP65, 3C and 810G certification.

  • High -quality service: This 5 inchruggage holds you mayI have seen it, but we are a source manufacturer, and we can provide you with better prices, technical support and services.

  • 5) 5 inch data collection handheld PC how to apply it in production management

Via code PDAS, manager There is no need to keep an eye on the production equipment, and you can master the production and equipment operation status of each area through PDAS. All running parameters and status are procedural records. You can view anytime, anywhere. During the production process, the system will automatically prompt and warn, which greatly saves time and manpower.

Code PDAS runs through the production management, including detailed information management of warehousing project orders, information updates and links of production processes, and factory information records of ZUI final products. Scanning PDAS must not only have the function of data collection, but also the function of information interaction. Production managers should choose the appropriate PDAS according to the needs.

For factory managers, the use of PDAS to realize the informationization of enterprises is not to keep up with the trend, but urgent needs. The use of code PDAS to collect production data in real time, while transmitting data to the background to form a database, which is of great significance for factories to improve product quality, improve raw material utilization, shorten production cycle, and traceability of product quality.

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