Published in 2021 released 5.7 -inch handheld terminal PDA | RUGGED industrial -grade handheld (source price), one two -dimensional code scan code logistics storage | Ruggtables

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Abstract:Published in 2021 released 5.7 -inch handheld terminal PDA | RUGGED industrial -grade handheld (source price), one two -dimensional code scan code logistics storage | Ruggtables

这个5.7 inchPDAspcPDA(ruggedIndustriallevelPDAs)作用特性:

System settings: Industrial handheld PC supports the Android10 system. The performance of MTK is excellent CPU, operating faster, stable characteristics, and convenient actual operation. Regulating delivery version number 4 64G equipment can ensure the top matching of 6 128G;

Communication function: Handheld PC Integrated 4G Full Netcom PC, supporting mobile, Unicom Telecom three major operators, single -frequency WIFI seamless stitching speed linkage, hand PC Bluetooth and other diverse communication Methods, wireless communication functions;

Strong battery life of the rechargeable battery: PDACONFIGUTION5000MAH large -capacity lithium battery, unpacking of rechargeable batteries, 7 hours of equipment battery life, excellent integration into various natural nature Requirements in the movement of the environment;

Industrial level: IP67 high waterproof level, Robustospada can soak in the water for 30 minutes, there is no problem, the quality of industrial RUGGED, which is in the United States in the United States Mil-STD-810G seismic and anti-shock impact, 1.22m six-faced four-corner drop test, can be used in a variety of complicated and rigorous office environments;

Positioning system: Support GPS , GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo positioning system, accurate positioning and accurate more accurate positioning;

Super clear shooting: Rugged handheld PC has a front of 130 million in front, 16 million clarity focusing camera at the rear camera , Easily collect the content of the image and video information;

Read the control Module: standard Configuration1D/2D, NFC and other programming, to achieve the use of PDAS devices for PDAS devices in various fields Require.

The foothold of the Robustospdas Device Design Scheme is based on the comprehensive adoption of the design scheme and the processing process The purpose. Among them, moisture -proof and pollution -proof are mainly based on sealing solutions and the selection of materials to block water and dust from outside the goods, so that it will not endanger the characteristics of the product. The anti -fall anti -falling is mainly based on the adoption of the design scheme and raw materials to improve the pressure resistance of the product and the ability to resist falling.

What aspects should be noticed when applying 5.7 INCHPDASPCPDA?

Do not soak the USB electric JI connection cable and PDAS device tail;

  1. Do not occupy the handheld PC memory, otherwise it will cause system errors;

  2. The scanner is not needed, please turn off the PDA scanner Do not open for a long time;

  3. When scanning 2D code handheld PC scanner, do not look at the laser scanner head to prevent injury;

  4. Please connect the USB cable (or base) with the device first, and then go to the USB port on the computer connection

  5. When disassembling the TF card and SIM card, you must restart the RUGGED handheld PC.

  6. PDAS equipment has the effect of moisture -proof and pollution -proof level, but it should still prevent the actual situation of ji high temperature, ji ultra -low

    warm or humid natural environment. operate.

  7. It is likely to destroy the display screen with a strong press PDA display. Do not apply a resistor -type touch screen touch pen point to prevent scratching or destroying the display.

  8. To clean up the display, please sprinkle the small -scale commercial display cleansing solution to the thin cloth. Prevent the cleaning solution on the handheld PC display immediately.

  9. If the Robustos handheld PC is not applied for a long time, please try to load the data to the electronic computing PC storage and remove the rechargeable battery.

  10. The first application or storage is repaired. The handheld -holding battery needs to be charged for a long time.

  11. If you find a common failure of the PDAS device, please record the situation and contact the maintenance personnel after generating the content of the information.

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