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Abstract:6 -inch Windows battery disassembly industrial -grade handheld tablet PDA, RuggedRugGGED sample proficient | Ruggtables

This 6 Inch industrial -grade handheld tablet computer feature characteristics:

  1. System Configuration: Industrial -grade handheld tablet Support Windows 10 operating system, equipped One -handed operation;

  2. Communication communication: Handheld tablet integrates a variety of communication methods such as 4G full Netcom, WIFI, Bluetooth, and powerful wireless communication functions;

  3. Battery battery life: Industrial -grade handheld tablet equipped with 5000mAh large -capacity removable battery, PC's battery life 6 ~ 8 hours, one optional piece can be optional. Disclosure battery is used as spare, and the needs of mobile work in various environments are excellent;

  4. Rugged features: dustproof and waterproof IP65 high protection level, industrial grade RUGGED quality Handheld PAD is in line with the US military standard MIL-STD-810G shockproof 1.22m anti-fall resistance impact, which can be applied to a variety of complex and harsh working environments;

  5. Positioning navigation : Tablet computer supports GPS positioning system, more accurate positioning;

  6. Camera photography: with 2 million fronts, rear 5 million pixel autofocus cameras, easily collect Dear images and video information;

Function Module: Code handheld PC supports 1D/2D, NFC and other functions, to meet the application needs of many industries in multiple industries, to meet the application needs of many industries Essence

Catalog of the article 1) 6 inch

Industrial -grade handheld tablet computers PDA

Specification parameters 2)

6 Inch industrial -grade handheld tablet PDA battery disassembly

3 3 ) 6 Inch The brand and offer of the industrial -grade handheld tablet PDA

4) 6 Inch Industrial -grade handheld tablet PDA source manufacturer should be What are the aspects

5) 6 Inch Precautions for industrial -grade handheld tablet PDA

1) 6 Inch Industry Grade handheld tablet PDA specification parameters

i62H Product form 6 inch
Windows industrial -grade handheld tablet The appearance ruler inch


Win 10


Z8350, 4Core, 1.44GHz-1.92GHz
32g//32g// 64G



touch screen

5 o'clock capacitor screen, G+FF, Corning Gorilla glass hardness above 7h, scraper Differential Rate
720*1280, 720p, IPS screen battery
3.7V/5000mAh, the battery can be removed , about 6 hours (in the video state) camera
First 2MP, Later 8MP ip level
IP 65

2) 6 Inch industrial -grade handheld tablet PDA battery disassembly

This 6 Inch industrial -grade handheld packet rear shell is made of a battery buckle design. When the buckle is pulled, you can pull the 5000mAh large -capacity battery Remove it from the PC and replace the new battery prepared in time. It is very convenient to operate. One can be tested in a video status of 1080P. Hours, this is very convenient for many industrial scenarios. In addition, after removing the battery, you can install the SIM card and TF card in the back cover.

3) 6 inch

Industrial -grade handheld tablet PDA


6 Inch industrial -grade handheld tablet , if the hardware Configuration is exactly the same, it does not mean Where is the value of Windows handheld tablet? 1. Shipping For reference ProductIt will be more stable and more in line with the user's usage scenario. The experience will be better

A industrial -grade handheld value is not only reflected in price, but also in terms of subsequent services and technical support. After -sales is very important for customers, because who dares to guarantee them Will there be any problems with the product?

3. Brand

brand benefits. Based on the big brand, if some small brands and companies can almost ignore it, it cannot be said that the better the big brand's products must be, because they also have a possibility to find someone else to do it.

4. Cost

The cost mainly includes molds, material costs and research and development handheld PCs. Fees

4) 6 Inch Industrial -grade handheld tablet The source manufacturer should pay attention to

When buying 6 inch

industrial -grade handheld tablet , you will pay more attention to price issues, may It is also related to the budget on the project. Today I talk to everyone about this issue. I also want to remind customers that in addition to the issue of price, we should pay more attention to other issues to ensure that the project will not occur in the process of subsequent progress. question.

Price is a reflection of various factors, such as material cost, product positioning, supply chain capacity, brand premium, warehousing assembly cost, and so on.

1. Shipping

It can be said that the larger the shipment, the greater the shipment volume, Industrial -grade handheld tablet


The function and stability of the industrial -grade handheld is stronger. There is no doubt that this product is verified and tortured by the market. Look at the two aspects, one is the company's shipments throughout the year, the other is a single model of shipments, and the two are complementary relationships. Generally, these two points are difficult to from the mouth of sales.Get real data, even if they give the corresponding data, it may be unreal. What should I think? Look at the size of the company and the model launched. 2. After -sales service

No matter which company's industrial handheld, it is all, all of which There may be problems. At this time, after -sales service has undoubtedly played a very important role. It is mainly divided into technical support (FAE) professionalism, the cycle of after -sales maintenance, and the warranty period. I saw some customers who bought a PDASPC problem and the seller could not solve it. How should I avoid this? Finding a research and development company to buy industrial handheld PCs. This R u0026 D company must be made by software, hardware, structure and projects, instead of finding out outsourcing companies, or buying Mianboard with other homes to do it to do it to do it of.

3, complete testing and quality control

Handheld tablet is industrial products In the industry, there is a complete set of tests and quality control. Reliability experiments include high and low temperature work testing, high and low temperature storage test, steel ball drop test, whole PC drop test, drum testing, waterproof test, salt fog testing, etc. Wait, the quality control includes materials testing, sample testing, semi -finished product testing, aging testing, finished product testing, packaging before and after packaging, and so on.

4. The mature product certification system

For the sake To ensure the quality of Rugged, the industry handheld, you need to certify the PC. The certification of a Robustos handheld in the industry is the U.S. military standard 810G test, IP certification and 3C certification. The reliability of the terminal PC, if there is a business that exports abroad, will also do CE authentication, GMS certification, etc. Compared with manufacturers who only do domestic markets, domestic and foreign manufacturers, whether they are service from service, whether they are service from service, whether they are service from service, whether they are service from service, whether they are service from service, whether they are service from service, whether they are service from service, whether they are service from service, they will from the service. In terms of market competitiveness, foreign manufacturers are better. For Rugged's entire market, foreign countries are still relatively large.

5. Related large customer cases

Why why why I advocate you to pay attention to this? It is because I have a large customer case and connect with the company's company to dock the PDASPC project.Provide relevant information. Each layer of review is very troublesome, and the cooperation cycle is long. After such a long time of review and contact, any company is touched through, and the project managers who do not know about this In the industry, companies that can cooperate with big customers have been recognized to some extent, and they will be more assured of cooperation with such companies.

In summary, in the purchase of industrial -grade handheld tablets, in addition to paying attention to the price, it should also pay attention to shipments, large customer cases, after -sales service, test quality handles Control and product certification system.


6 inch industrial handheld tablet PDA

Note 1. Industrial -grade handheld initialization.

Why does the industrial -grade handheld PC just buy it, many people cannot understand this problem. In fact, the initial chemical industry's handheld is mainly to release memory space to PC subdder, and ensure the safety of equipment and high probability to reduce errors in the use of PC. No matter how new the device will have the factory equipment, the initialization can make the memory space of the handheld tablet greater. And each handheld PC has the default password of the device itself. Only after initialization can the password be changed, making the device more secure and excluding all unnecessary errors.

2. Download all kinds of operations.

After the handheld tablet is initialized, the handheld tablet is in a relatively safe and blank state. If you want to let it operate normally and enter the working state, you need to download various operations, such as Many functions such as parameter download, practical inspection, incremental list, scanning management, etc. Only after downloading all these can enter a relatively complete working environment.

3. Standardize equipment operation.

For a new handheld tablet, the operation must be properly standardized. For example, the handheld tablet needs to be checked regularly and performs daily maintenance. When charging, you must use the power charger standard with the handheld tablet. Do not use other sockets with the same voltage but different chargers at will. Otherwise When the data collection software is not collected, the USB data cable cannot be removed at will, so as not to cause damage to the collection data.

The above is the first use of the handheld tablet.Pay attention to a few items. In order to use the equipment's safety and efficiency, we must keep in mind. In addition, even if Rugged holds a high protection level, it cannot be used to use the slight environment in Ji to avoid the internal damage of the Robustos hardware equipment. Only by paying attention to the equipment and more attention can the service life of the Robustos handheld device be extended.

Dear customers:

1. All products are original direct sales, rich industry experience, free consultation and help Selected type, promise to give you a preferential price and fast and good support.

2. About product: You can customize according to customer needs, we do not make a brand, we can provide a neutral PC, appearance: radium sculpture silk printing logo, color matching, front shell and rear shell customization customization ; MODULE: Passenger for Module Integration and Standard Standards fast; Ports: Industry exclusive Ports; Software customization: customized system, power -on -power PC power -off control PC, key function combination key, etc.

3. Regarding delivery: We all have preparation, inventory sales, standard products on the day, all order uses 5 Working Days to ship

4. About the ruler: Rugged PC covers 4 INCH, 5 Inch, 6 Inch, 7 Inch, 8 Inch, 10 Inch, 12 Inch, 13.3 Inch, 14 Inch, and 15 Inch. -In the-Huaization project, it has been launched-chemical tablets and laptops,-chip equipped with-chemical system.

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