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Abstract:6 -inch handheld terminal machine, handheld machine is equipped with Windows system like a small computer | Ruggtablets

At present, most 6 INCHRUGGEDPDASPCs are Android operating systems. This is more special. , like a small computer, you can operate on one hand. Our WindowsPdaspc, The systems equipped with the Windows operating system of the desktop version. It is the same as the Windows system used by ordinary laptops and desktop PCs in terms of interface and functions. Therefore, Windows handheld PC supports download and install EXE computer program. At the same time, it is the same as the computer Win10 system. It supports downloading Metro applications that have been optimized for touch screens in the application store. In Windows handheld and ordinary computer login in the same Microsoft account, it also supports the synchronization of desktop themes, system settings, applications, etc.

1) 6 inchwindowspdaspc specification parameters

2) 6 Inch How to use WindowsPdaspc

3) 6 inch Windowspdaspc Source manufacturers should pay attention to

4) 6 inch Windowspdaspc brand and quotation

5) 6 inch Windowspdaspc Application scenarios&industries


6 inchWindowsPDAspc


2) 6

InchwindowSPDASPC How to use

First used

Put the battery, close the battery cover, and press the power button to open the PC. In the system working state, short press the power key, the device will enter the dormant state; in the dormant state, the short press power key system will wake up and light up the screen.

  • Open PC

long press the power supply The key until the PC is vibrated and the screen lit up. In the deep dormant mode, press the power button to wake up the system. If the battery is powered, the battery caps must be ensured.

  • Pass PC

  • After the PC is opened, the PC is opened, and the PC is turned on, and the PC is opened, and the PC is opened, and the PC is opened, and the PC device is opened, and the PC is opened, and the PC is opened. In non -dormant state, long press the power button 2s, open the option menu, select the PC, click to confirm that the PC is normal.

  • Restart

  • Dangdang After the PC is turned on, in the non -dormant state, long press the power button 2s, turn on the option menu, select restart, and click to confirm that the PC restarts normally.


  • Due The battery only has a small amount of electricity for testing when leaving the factory. It must be charged when receiving the PC device. After loading the battery, connect the PC directly to the suitable forces for charging. At the same time, the i62H can also be charged. The first charging time of the battery takes 3.5 hours. When charging, the LED light is bright and red, and the LED light is bright and green when it is full.

NFC function

  • NFC function, turn on this feature , Allow the hand PC to exchange data when contacting other devices. As long as your device is reached with another device that supports NFC, you can simultaneously share the application content on your device to the other party. Install a third-party NFC software at the same time, you can perform the read-write radio frequency card operation.

  • Scanning tool

Find the scanning icon, open the scanning ApplyThe entry interface can be scanned normally according to scanning. Select "Barcode Settings" to enter the barcode type settings interface and set the required barcode type. Open the "Basic Settings", you can set the duration, angle, timeout time, and continuous light mode.

  • 3) 6 inch

  • Windowspdaspc

source manufacturers should pay attention to

  • When buying 6 inch Windowspdaspc , he will pay more attention The budget is related. Today I talk to everyone about this issue. I also want to remind customers that in addition to the price of price, we should pay more attention to other issues to ensure that the project will not have problems in the process of subsequent progress.

Price is a reflection of various factors, such as material cost, product positioning, supply chain capacity, brand premium, warehousing assembly cost, and so on.

1. Shipping

It can be said that the larger the shipment, the greater the shipment volume, The more PDASPC, the stronger the function and stability of PDASPC. There is no doubt that this product is verified and tortured by market. The type of shipment is a complementary relationship. Generally, these two points are difficult to get real data from the mouth of the sales. Even if they give the corresponding data, it may be unreal. What should I think? Look at the size of the company and the model launched.

2. After -sales service

No matter which company's PDASPC, there may be problems. At this time After -sales service has undoubtedly played a very important role. It is mainly divided into technical support (referred to as FAE) for professionalism, the cycle of after -sales maintenance, and the warranty period. In the final analysis, whether it has the ability to help customers solve problems. When there is a problem with PDASPC and the seller cannot solve it, it is scorched. So how should you avoid this? Looking for the R u0026 D company to buy PDASPC, this R u0026 D company must be made by software, hardware, structure, and projects, rather than a certain outsourcing company, or buying Mianboard with other homes to do it.

3, complete testing and quality control PDAspc是Industrial品,在industries内是有一整套完整测试&qualitycontrol,可靠性实验包含高低温工作测试、高低温存储测试、钢球跌落测试、整pc跌落测试、滚筒测试、防水测试、 Salt and fog testing, etc., quality control includes ingredients testing, sample testing, semi -finished product testing, aging testing, finished product testing, packaging before and after packaging, and so on.

4. The mature product certification system

For the sake To ensure the quality of the PDA industry, it is necessary to certify the PC. The certification of a handheld PC in the industry is the U.S. military standard 810G test, IP certification and 3C certification. The reliability, if there is business to export abroad, will also do CE authentication, GMS certification, etc. Compared with manufacturers who only do domestic markets, manufacturers of domestic and foreign manufacturers, whether they are services or markets, are markets or markets. In terms of competitiveness, foreign manufacturers are better. For the entire market of PDASPC, foreign countries are still relatively large.

5. Related large customer cases

Why why why I advocate you to pay attention to this? It is because I have a large customer case to connect with the big customers' companies to dock the PDASPC project. They have very strict control of the supplier. From the preliminary qualification review, the factory to the ZUI, the relevant information is provided. The review is very troublesome, and the cooperation cycle is long. After such a long time of review and contact, any company is touched through, and the project manager who connects to them knows this industry The company has been recognized to some extent, and it will be more assured of cooperation with such companies.

In summary, in addition to the purchase of PDASPC, in addition to paying attention to the price, it should also pay attention to shipments, large customer cases, after -sales service, test quality control and product product control and product products Certification system, etc.

4) 6 inch Windowspdaspc

Brand and quotation

A 6 Inch Windowspdaspc

, if the hardware Configuration is exactly the same, it does not mean that the value of the two PDA is right. Wait, the corresponding price will be different. Where is the value of an Android hand -held PC?

1. Shipping

For reference, the larger the PDA of the shipping volume, the product will often be the product. More stable and more in line with the user's use scenario, the experience will be better

One The value of the handheld PC is not only reflected in the price, but it is more reflected in subsequent services and technical support. After -sales is very important for customers, because who dares to guarantee that their products will not have any problems?

3. Brand brand benefits. Based on the big brand, if some small brands and companies can almost ignore it, it cannot be said that the better the big brand's products must be, because they also have a possibility to find someone else to do it.

4. Cost

The cost mainly includes molds, material costs and research and development handheld PCs. Fees

6 inch


Scenes and industry


Typical tobacco distribution, warehouse inventory, postal distribution, worthy of development of terminal distribution, drug distribution, large factory in -large factory logistics, logistics company warehouse to warehouse transportation. Logistics system. According to different systems, the PDAS expansion function used is different. The main functions are barcode scanning, contact/non-contact IC card Read-WRITE and 802.11b, Bluetooth data communication, etc.

2. Packing

In the foreseeable future, this is a large market. The integrated expansion function is mainly power infrared, barcode scanning and data communication, etc.

3. Mobile government affairs When the powerful technology is not just a slogan, the technology content of equipment is getting higher and higher, especially mobile government affairs.Start equipped with mobile data devices, where the PDAS equipment provides more powerful tools for execution. At present, multiple administrative departments have also started trying to use PDASPC to regulate administrative business while improving administrative efficiency. Mainly there are GPRS/CDMA data, voice communication, IC card read-write, and may need fingerprint collection, comparison, etc. in the future.

4, mobile transaction

Recommended payment methods at busy transactions or trading venues, only to choose mobile transactions, such as KFC, McDonald's, train on the train, ticket sales, parking factories, etc. mobile transactions. Mobile transactions. The functions required by different occasions are not the same. Various extensions described in the first section may be used.

5. Insurance For example, the mobile insurance system, pension insurance premiums are issued at the door. The function required by the mobile insurance system handheld PC is GPRS/CDMA data or SMS communication, etc. Mainly functions such as fingerprint collection, comparison.

6. Wireless order

Wirelessly used in the wireless wireless The expansion functions of WindowsPdas used by ordering system wireless ordering system are 802.11b, Bluetooth data communication, etc.

7. Card management

It is used to manage various IC cards and non-contact IC cards, so the main expansion function of the PDAS used in it is contact/non-contact IC card read-write.

8. Patrol Management

It is mainly used for the standard route of the community security execution of patrol tasks. Nice.

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