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Abstract:What are the aspects of the 6 -inch PDA mobile handheld terminal equipment?| Ruggtables

Many customers are buying 6 Inch Android PDAS device, often pay attention to specification parameters, often ignore the handheld handheld PC Many details, I rarely pay attention to the manufacturers, quality control and value. Today, Barbara specializes in writing an article to talk to customers. We should focus on the purchase of Android PDASPCPDA . What are the aspects of attention?

Catalog of the article

1) 6 Inch Android PDA mobile PDAS device specification parameters and parameters and parameters and parameters and Accessories

2) 6 Inch Android PDA Mobile PDAS Device Function Module

6 inch Android PDAmobilePDAsequipmentfeatures


6 inchAndroidPDAmobilePDAsequipmentManufacturerchoose 5)

6 Inch Android PDA mobile PDAS device

control system 6) 6 inch Android PDAS device

Brand and Price

1) 6 Inch Android PDASPCPDA specification parameters and accessories

1. Specification parameters


Product form

6 inch mobile PDAS device PDA

Appearance ruler inch

Platform Qualcomm
system Android 9.0
MSM8953, Octa-core , 2.0GHz





touch screen

5 o'clock capacitive screen, G+FF, Corning Gorilla glass hardness of more than 7h, scratching

720*1280, 720p, IPS screen

3.7V/5000mAh, the battery can be removed

, about 6 hours (in the video state of PC)

First 5MP, Later 13MP
Newwork Connection

Bluetooth/WiFi/GPS, support support support, support supports support support, support supports support, supports support support supports support Beidou/4G


One 2d/nfc

IP level IP 65
2, accessories


6 Inch Android PDA mobile PDAS device

Function Module

1. RFID identification

RFID recognition similar to barcode scanning, but RFID uses dedicated use The RFID handheld PC and the RFID tags that are specially attached to the target, using the frequency signal to transmit the information from the RFID tag to the RFidream-Write.

2, barcode scanning Strip scanning is one of the important functions of PDASPCZUI, it will have already already already The encoded barcode is attached to the target and uses a dedicated scanned read-write to use the light signal to transmit the information from the strip magnetic to the read-write. There are currently two technologies, laser and CCD, laser scanning can only read 1D barcode, CCD technology can identify 1D and 2D barcodes.

3, fingerprint collection, comparison

Equipped with fingerprint collection Module, which can collect biological fingerprint information and compare, it is mainly used in areas with high security requirements for public security, banking, and social insurance.

4, GPS positioning

Systems that use GPS positioning satellites to carry out a system of positioning and navigation in real time in real time, called global satellite positioning system, referred to as GPS, industry applications are mainly used for public security, and larger in the civilian market, for driving People provide electronic maps and positioning services.

5. Image acquisition In order to meet the application needs of the present stage, the current PDAS basically has a camera, which is used for image collection, and is mostly used for on -site law enforcement and on -site information collection.

6, GSM/GPRS/CDMA wireless data communication

Real -time data exchange with databases through wireless data communication methods Essence Used in applications with high -time requirements for data.

This 6 Inch Android PDASPC only supports the above barcode recognition, GPS positioning, wireless data communication and image acquisition. right.


6 Inch Android PDAs mobile PDAS devices

The shape is neat and beautiful, the structure is compact, the three -dimensional sense, and the strong durability. Its surface treatment will not be too smooth, but a sense of roughness in the flat, which can increase its surface friction, make it comfortable, not easy to fall off, and easy to use. In terms of human PC interaction, the user interface design of this 6 INCHRUGGEDPDAS is in line with ergonomics, the layout is reasonable, the logo is clear, the keys are comfortable, the user is easy to operate, the information is easy to read, and the work efficiency is improved. At the same time, 6 INCHPDAS devices are strictly conducted in accordance with industry standards. Common waterproof, dustproof, whole PC falls, high and low temperature, shockproof testing, etc., make PDASPC excellent performance in waterproof, dustproof, and falling.

4) Android PDA Mobile Mobile How to choose PDAS equipment manufacturers For many people, hidden thinking feels that for high -precision smart hardware devices such as this data collector It is a reliable design and development of foreign companies, but it is not. With the development of the economic level, my country's scientific and technological level has improved significantly, especially in the Internet of Things. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, many PDAS manufacturers and agents have appeared at home and abroad. The quality of the product is uneven, which brings troubles for consumers during the choice. In the face of a variety of PDAPDAS products in the market, how should consumers choose? For this issue, Barbara brings the following suggestions to buy satisfactory products.

1. The reputation and strength of the manufacturer

The selection of large manufacturers: The size of the manufacturer is based on the productQuality and service. Factory strength: When choosing a manufacturer, you need to fully understand the manufacturer's productivity, innovation, after -sales service and product quality

2. Select PDAS products according to project needs

Operating system: PDAS operating system is divided into Android And Windows. The two systems can be selected according to the needs of specific projects. AndroidPlatform is known for its openness and freedom, and customers can develop secondary development on PDAS. Windows is more stable in operation.

Screen resolution: higher resolution can well support the software, display the operating interface in the state of ZUI, improve the user experience. Suitable Brightness and contrast also play a protective role in the vision of the operator.

  • Scanning head: 1D code and 2D code to make a choice according to the needs of the project. You need to use a dedicated scanning head, just install 2D code scanning software and the camera to use it.

  • Power Configuration: The smaller the battery consumption, the better, and the ZUI uses a high -voltage and large -capacity battery.

Protection level: The higher protection level can ensure that the product runs stably in the harsh industry environment without affecting work efficiency.

  • Data transmission function: dual-frequency five-mode Wi-Fi, with unique signal amplification technology to meet retail, medical treatment, etc. FI requires high industry applications.

  • 5) Android PDA mobile PDAS equipment quality control system

  • 1. Quality control process

    6 inchpdaspcpda control process generally includes

    Material inspection, first inspection, semi -finished product inspection, aging testing, finished product inspection, and packaging before and after packaging,

  • 2, reliability experiment

  • The reliability experiments of PDA generally include the entire PC falling experiment, the steel ball falling experiment, the high and low temperature test, the salt fog test, the vibration experiment, the drum test, etc. Essence

3. The complete certification system

In order to ensure the guarantee The quality of PDASPC's industrial -grade requires certification of PDA. The certification of a PDASPC in the industry is the US military standard 810G test, IP certification and 3C certification. These certifications can largely guarantee the reliability of PDA. If There are business to export abroad, and they will also do CE certification, GMS certification, etc. Compared with manufacturers who only do domestic markets, domestic and foreign manufacturers, whether they are service or market competitive Foreign manufacturers are better. For the entire market of industrial -grade tablets, foreign countries are still relatively large.

6) 6 inch The brand and price of Android PDA mobile PDAS device

A 6 Inch mobile PDAS. If the hardware Configuration is exactly the same, it does not mean that the value of the two PDA is equal, and the corresponding price will be different. Where is the value of value?

1. Brand

brand benefits This must be based on the big brand. If it is some small small brands The brand and the company can almost ignore it, but it cannot be said that the better the big brand's products must be, because they also have a possibility to find someone else to do it.

2, service

A PC value is not only reflected in price, but more of them, but more are still prices, but more of them are priced, but more of them are priced, but more of them are priced, but more of them are priced, but more of them are priced, but they are more on the price. It is reflected in subsequent services and technical support, after -sales is very important for customers, because who dares to guarantee that their products will not have any problems?

3. Cost

The cost mainly includes molds, material costs and research and development handheld PCs. Cost 4. Shipping

For reference, the larger the shipment PDA, the product, the product Often it will be more stable, and it is more in line with the user's usage scenarios. The experience will be better

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