Which of the new 5 -inch Android RUGGED handheld terminal is strong in 2021?The new appearance is further upgraded!| Ruggtables

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Abstract:Which of the new 5 -inch Android RUGGED handheld terminal is strong in 2021?The new appearance is further upgraded!| Ruggtables

5 inchAndroidRobustosPDAspcfunctionfeatures:


4G, dual -card dual standby, data transmission, calling is not wrong. Dual -frequency 2.4GHz+5.0GHzwifi, industrial handheld PC with signal amplification technology, can meet industry applications with higher requirements for retail and logistics for WIFI.

2, Android 11 operating system, optimizing security, stability and easy usefulness

For actual applications, it can be rugged on RuggGED Customized the Android system holding PCs to enhance the security PC system, avoiding file leakage and reducing the attack risk of malware; increasing the preferred function of WIFI, which can automatically memorize Wi-Fi that cannot be connected or the network speed is very slow. Jia's network; optimize power applications, more power saving; equipped with MediaTek's MT6771 processor, Octa-Core frequency 2.0GHz

3, 5 British Inchfhd screen, clear and delicate visual effects


5.0英inch、1080P FHD全屏无键盘设计,screen通透明亮,强光下可视,画面逼真,1300万Set the camera, 16 million rear cameras, you can get high -quality pictures, standard 4+64G, which can be upgraded to 6+128G hardware Configuration

Requirements to run under a variety of complicated and harsh working environments

Robustospdaspc can reach the dustproof level of IP65. 810G's 1.22mi drop standard, rich function options, standard for 2D scan heads, super battery life, support battery disassembly, allowing you to easily cope with a variety of harsh working environments

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1) 5 Inch Android Robustospdaspc Specification Parameters

2) 5 inch The precautions of Android RobustospDaspc

3) 5 Inch Android R Obustospdaspc's brand and quotation

4) 5 INCH Android Robustospdaspc source manufacturers should pay attention to what aspects should be paid attention to

5) 5 Inch Android RobustOSPDASPC application scenarios and industry

1) 5 Inch Android Robustospdaspc Specification Parameters

2) 5 Inch Android Robustospdaspc's precautions

1. Handheld PC initialization.

Why did it be initialized after holding the PC, many people could not understand this problem. In fact, the initialized handheld PC is mainly to release the memory space for PCs, ensure the safety of the equipment, and reduce the error in the use of PC. No matter how new the device will have the factory equipment, the initialization can make the memory space of holding PCs greater. And each handheld PC has the default password of the device itself. Only after initialization can the password be changed, making the device more secure and excluding all unnecessary errors.

2. Download all kinds of operations.

After the PC system is initialized, the PC is in a relatively safe and blank state. If you want to let it operate normally and enter the working state, you need to download Many functions such as practical inspection, incremental list, scanning management, etc. Only after downloading all of these, the handheld PC will enter a relatively complete working environment.

3. Standardize equipment operation.

For a new handheld PC, the operation must be properly standardized. For example, PDAS needs to be checked regularly and performs daily maintenance. When charging, you must use the power charger standard with the PC. Do not use other sockets with the same voltage but different chargers at will. Otherwise When collecting software, the USB data cable cannot be removed at will without collecting, so as not to cause damage to the collection data.

The above is the first time that PDAS needs to pay attention to. In order to use the equipment's safety and efficiency, we must keep in mind. In addition, even if PDAS has a high protection level, it must not be used to use it in Ji for a slight environment to avoid internal damage to hardware equipment. Only by paying attention to the equipment and more attention can the service life of the handheld device be extended.

3) 5 inThe brand and quotation of CH Android RobustospDaspc

A 5 Inch Android RobustOSPDASPC. If the hardware Configuration is exactly the same, it does not mean The price will also be different. Where is the value of an Android handheld PC?

1. Shipping

It can be referred In line with the user's use scenario, the experience will be better

2. Service

The value of a handheld PC is by no means reflected in price It is more reflected in subsequent services and technical support. After -sales is very important for customers, because who dares to guarantee that their products will not have any problems?

3. Brand

Brand benefits This must be based on big brands. If it is some small brands and companies, it can almost ignore No, but it is not possible to say that the better the big brand's products must be, because they have a possibility to find someone else to do it.

4. Cost

The cost mainly includes various costs incurred in the process of mold, material cost and research and development handheld PC

4) 5 Inch Android RobustospdaspC source manufacturers should pay attention

Many customers will pay more attention to price issues when buying 5 Inch Android RobustospDaspc. It may also have something to do with the budget on the project. Today I talk to everyone about this problem. In addition to the issue of price, we should also pay more attention to other issues to ensure that the project will not have problems in the process of subsequent advancement.

Price is a reflection of various factors, such as material cost, product positioning, supply chain capacity, brand premium, warehousing assembly cost, and so on.

1. Shipping

It can be said that the larger the PDASPC, PDASPC function and stability of PDASPC, the The stronger, there is no doubt that such a product is verified and tortured by the market. The shipment depends on two aspects. One is the company's shipments throughout the year, the other is a single model. ComplementIn general, these two points are difficult to get real data from the mouth of sales. Even if they give the corresponding data, it may be unreal. What should I think? Look at the size of the company and the model launched.

2. After -sales service

No matter which company's PDASPC, there may be problems. A very important role, mainly divided into technical support (referred to as FAE), professionalism, the cycle of after -sales maintenance, and warranty period. In the final analysis, whether it has the ability to help customers solve problems. The situation where it cannot be solved and the scorching head, how should you avoid this? Looking for the R u0026 D company to buy PDASPC, this R u0026 D company must be made by software, hardware, structure, and projects, rather than a certain outsourcing company, or buying Mianboard with other homes to do it.

3, complete testing and quality control

PDASPC is industrial products, there is a complete set of complete tests and quality handles in the industry, in the industry Controlled, reliability experiments include high and low temperature work test, high and low temperature storage test, steel ball drop test, whole PC drop test, drum testing, waterproof test, salt fog test, etc. Half -finished product testing, aging testing, finished product test, packaging before and after packaging, etc.

4. The mature product authentication system

In order to ensure the quality of the PDA industry, the opponent needs to hold the PC for certification , The industry's generally -held PC certification is the US military standard 810G test, IP authentication and 3C certification. These certifications can largely ensure the reliability of the terminal PC. It will also do CE certification, GMS certification, etc. Compared with manufacturers who only do domestic markets, manufacturers of domestic and foreign manufacturers, both in terms of service and market competitiveness, foreign manufacturers are better. For the entire market of PDASPC, foreign countries are still relatively large.

5. Cases related to the relevant big customer

Why do I advocate this? It is because I have a large customer case to connect with the big customers' companies to dock the PDASPC project. They have very strict control of the supplier. From the preliminary qualification review, the factory to the ZUI, the relevant information is provided. The review is very troublesome, and the cooperation cycle is long. After such a long time of review and contact, any company is touched through, and the project manager who connects to them knows this industry, soCompanies that can cooperate with big customers have been recognized to some extent, and they will be more assured of cooperation with such companies.

In summary, in the purchase of PDASPC, in addition to paying attention to the price, it should also pay attention to shipments, large customer cases, after -sales service, test quality control and product certification system, etc. Essence

5) 5 Inch Android Robustospdaspc's application scenario and industry

1. Logistics

RobustOSPDASPC can be used for warehouse management, transportation management, and real -time tracking of items. The express delivery field is mainly used for working links such as receiving, sorting, distribution, distribution, and delivery, as well as courier real -name certification.

2, meter copy

In the foreseeable future, this is a large market. The integrated expansion function is mainly power infrared, barcode scanning and data communication, etc.

When technology is strong After just a slogan, the technology content of the equipment is getting higher and higher, especially the mobile government affairs has also begun to equip mobile data devices. Among them, the PDAS equipment provides more powerful tools for execution. At present, many administrative departments are currently in charge. It also began to try to use PDASPC to standardize administrative business while improving administrative efficiency. The functions of PDAS used by the Mobile Government mainly include GPRS/CDMA data, voice communication, IC card Read-WRITE. Wait.

4. Mobile transactions

Suggesting payment methods at busy transactions or trading venues, only mobile transactions, such as KFC, McDonald's , Tickets on the train, ticket sales of sports venues, parking factories charges, etc. The mobile transactions are not the same according to different occasions. The various extensions described in Section 1 may be used.

5. Shoes and clothing

Robustospdaspc can realize the inventory and entry and exit management of shoe clothing stores, warehouses Wireless transmission to the server for data summary and processing, which improves work efficiency.

6. Retail

The supermarket store uses RobustOSPDASPC to realize the functions of store management, warehouse distribution, and inventory of goods. If you add a 2DREAD-WRITE leadThe engine can achieve faster reading speed and larger throughput, and improve work efficiency. Retail stores can use PDAS to conduct price inquiry, modification, inventory, shopping guide, etc., helping the stores improve work efficiency and improve customer experience.

7. Card management

It is used to manage various IC cards and non -contact IC cards, so the main expansion of PDAS used it uses The function is contact/non-contact IC card read-write.

8. Manufacturing

Robustos handheld PC as mobile information processing Tools carry the collection and real -time check -up queries of accessories such as accessories, goods and other information. It can be used in the factory for production and production of warehouses; it can also be used to read DPM code in the fields of automobile manufacturing.

Dear customers:

1. All products are original direct sales, rich industry experience, free consultation and help Selected type, promise to give you a preferential price and fast and good support.

2. About product: You can customize according to customer needs, we do not make a brand, we can provide a neutral PC, appearance: radium sculpture silk printing logo, color matching, front shell and rear shell customization customization ; MODULE: Passenger for Module Integration and Standard Standards fast; Ports: Industry exclusive Ports; Software customization: customized system, power -on -power PC power -off control PC, key function combination key, etc.

3. Regarding delivery: We all have preparation, inventory sales, standard products on the day, all order uses 5 Working Days to ship

4. About the ruler: Rugged PC covers 4 INCH, 5 Inch, 6 Inch, 7 Inch, 8 Inch, 10 Inch, 12 Inch, 13.3 Inch, 14 Inch, and 15 Inch. -In the-Huaization project, it has been launched-chemical tablets and laptops,-chip equipped with-chemical system.

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