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Abstract:4 -inch handheld terminal purchase, handheld terminal price ranking | Ruggtablets

4 ICHPDAS, also known as inventory PC, barcode data collector, integrates RFID reading devices and data terminals to operate offline. It is characterized by high performance, small volume, light weight, integration, PC motion, and suitable for handheld. It has the functions of real -time collection, automatic storage, instant display, instant feedback, automatic processing, automatic transmission, etc., ensuring the real -time, effectiveness, authenticity and availability of on -site data.

pdaspc RFID identification (RFID) is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification. The principle is non -contact data communication between the reader and the label to achieve the purpose of identifying the goal. RFID is very widely used. Typical applications include animal chips, car chip anti -theft, access control, parking lot control, production line automation, and material management.

The application needs of RFIDPDASPC. One of the more attention is how to choose RFIDPDASPC, buy 4 inchrfidpdaspc, you can consider considering The following aspects.

  • Scan head: Select 1D code or 2D Barcode Scanner according to the requirements of the project;

  • Screen: higher resolution can well support software operation, and it also has a protective effect on the vision of the operator;

  • Operating system: Android can carry out secondary development, Windows runs relatively stable, choose according to needs;

  • RFID function: According to the specific needs of the project, you need to read the card from the card reading. Consider distance and signal strength;

  • Power Configur

    ATION: large battery capacity, small consumption, long battery life of industrial PDA;

  • Protection level: The higher protection level can ensure running in a harsh industrial environment. For example fall.

  • In addition, the choice of industrial PDA should also take into account the price and use environment. For example, in the mall store environment, the industrial PDA is required to be thin and large. In the logistics storage of the industrial environment, the industrial PD is requiredA waterproof, drop -proof, dustproof, and wireless transmission performance.In the medical and health industry, the industrial PDA must be light, easy to operate, and easy to disinfect.

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