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Abstract:4 -inch Beidou handheld terminal, smart handheld terminal device recommendation ranking | Ruggtablets

4 Inch Beidou PDASPC, also known as the handheld data terminal or inventory PC, which is equivalent to the end of the mobile computer . The industrial characteristics of the handheld PC are solid, durable, lightweight and portable, and can be used in harsh environments. For example, it is a high -temperature workshop and a cold northern outdoor. Holding PC also has a high level of industrial protection, such as anti -drop, dust, rainproof, oil -proof, oil -proof and other properties. Handheld PC can support barcode scanning and RFIDREAD-WRITE functions, with data collection and data processing capabilities. Handheld PC, as a mobile information processing tool, is widely used in the fields of logistics express, manufacturing, retail, medical care, and public undertakings to improve on -site work efficiency.

4 inchpdaspc The Chinese Beidou Satellite Navigation System (English name: Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) is a global satellite navigation system developed by China, and it is also the third mature satellite navigation system after GPS and Glonass. Beidou Satellite Navigation System (BDS) and the United States GPS, Russia Glonass, and EU Galileo are the suppliers of the United Nations Satellite Navigation Commission.

Beidou satellite navigation system consists of three parts: space, ground section, and user section. Users provide high -precision, high reliability positioning, navigation, and timing services, and have the ability to communicate with short newspapers. They have initially possessed regional navigation, positioning and timing capabilities. The positioning accuracy is divided into meters and centimeters. The accuracy is 10 nan seconds.

4 inch智能PDAsequipment已在多个领域有十分广泛应用,发展景广阔, So what are the functions of PDASPC?

Simply introduce here:

  • Barcode code Scan

Barcode scanning is one of the important functions of PDASPCZUI. It is to attach the coded barcode to the target and use dedicated scanned read-Read- Write uses light signals to transfer information from strip magnetic toScan the read-write. There are currently two technologies, laser and CCD, laser scanning can only read 1D barcode, CCD technology can identify 1D and 2D barcodes.

  • RFID recognition similar to barcode scanning similar to barcode scanning , But RFID uses a dedicated RFIDREAD-WRITE and specialized RFID tags that can be attached to the target, using the frequency signal to transmit the information from the RFID tag to the RFIDREAD-WRITE device.

  • fingerprint collection, comparison

    equipped with fingerprint collection Module, which can collect biological fingerprint information and compare, is mainly used in areas such as public security, banking, and social insurance.

GPS Beidou positioning

  • Use GPS Beidou positioning satellite The system of positioning and navigation in real time in the world is called the global satellite positioning system. It is referred to as GPS. Industry applications are mainly used for public security, more large amounts of civilian markets, and providing electronic maps and positioning services for drivers.

GSM/GPRS/CDMA wireless data communication

  • Real -time data exchange with databases through wireless data communication. Used in applications with high -time requirements for data.

  • to meet the application of the current stage Demand, the current PDAS basically has a camera for image collection, which is mostly used for on -site law enforcement, on -site information collection and other applications.

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