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Abstract:10-inch I5-8250urugged tablet Windows 10 system (source manufacturer) | Ruggtables

10 inchi5-8250UruggedtabletWindows10system(源头厂家)介绍

The current Rugged tablet Rugged is often referred to as waterproof, dustproof, and falling. Rugged tablets are generally used as Rugged. The role is also the same as the literal meaning, but the level is different. Applying Baidu Encyclopedia: "Rugged" is three prevention and protection. In the electronics industry, "Rugged" generally refers to the "anti -mold, humidity and salt fog" of electronic products.

10 Inch's RUGGED tablet -diagonal length of 24.6 cm × length 19.7 cm × width 14.8 cm width, screen length and width ratio ratio 16:10. The measurement method of the screen ruler of the hand PC or the tablet is the same as the measurement method of the TV screen. It is determined by the diagonal ruler of the screen. Essence

10 INCHWINDOWSRUGGED tablets are commonly used in low -end processors, such as the Z8350 processor, Z8550 processor of the Lingyong series, etc. 6y30 and 7Y30 processors, and our 10 Inch rugged tablet computers adapted to high-performance i5-8250U and i7-8550U processors.

10 inchrugged tablet i5-8250U The specifications are 4CORE eight threads, the benchmark frequency is 1.6GHz, the dynamic acceleration frequency is 3.4GHz, 14nm process manufacturing

, 6M three -level cache, 15W (TDP) thermal power consumption design. Compared with the previous generation, the specifications of Core i5-7200 are dual-core four threads, with a benchmark frequency of 2.5GHz, dynamic acceleration frequency 3.1 GHz, 14nm process manufacturing, 3M three-level cache, 15W (TDP) thermal power consumption design. The specifications of the i5-8250U have changed a lot, and increased to 4CORE eight threads. Although the benchmark frequency is reduced, the dynamic acceleration is higher. More importantly, it only has 15W thermal power consumption. This means that the ultra -thin fashion book obtains stronger computing performance, while the power consumption remains unchanged.

In addition, This 10 Inch rugged tablet can adapt to the operating system of Windows10

, Windows 10 generally refers to Windows 10.Windows 10 is an operating system developed by Microsoft, which is applied to computing PC and tablets and other devices.Windows 10 has greatly improved in terms of ease of use and security. New technologies such as cloud services, smart mobile devices, and natural person PC interaction have been integrated.

The above is the introduction of the 10 Inchi5-8250urugged tablet Windows 10 system (source manufacturer).

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