8-inch shock-resistant RUGGED tablets | Rugged flat waterproof and dustproof-dual system Windows and Android, dustproof waterproof IP67 | Ruggtables

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Abstract:8-inch shock-resistant RUGGED tablets | Rugged flat waterproof and dustproof-dual system Windows and Android, dustproof waterproof IP67 | Ruggtables

This 8 Inch anti -earthquake Rugged tablet computer uses Z3735F processor , Intel Ling moves Z3735F is suitable for tablets for tablets Computer (mainly Android) high -efficiency 4Coresoc, so it can adapt to two operating systems: Windows and Android. Its frequency is 1.33-1.83 GHz, a member of the Bay Trail-TPLATFORM. Thanks to the special optimized 22NM low power design process (P1271) and the trianga Ji crystal tube, the performance and energy efficiency have been significantly improved compared with their previous generation products. Compared with Z3735D, Z3735F uses different BGA packaging.

According to the running score test, Z3735F can compete with AMD's TEMASH and Kabini APUs, such as A6-1450 and A4-5000. For daily tasks such as Internet or Office, the performance is sufficient, but it is not suitable for very complex software or modern games. Compared with the ARM SOC for the Android system, the Z3735F is located at the mid -to -high end.

This 8 Inch anti -shock Rugged tablet computer can also be suitable for Android 5.1

, Android 5.1 now seems that the version is relatively low. Now most of the Android Rugged tablets are Android 9.0. If you insist on choosing a dual -system RUGGED tablet computer, you can also consider this one.

In the early personal computer PC era, "dual systems" used to have a certain degree of use, mainly for compatible work needs. Previously, Tablet computers such as Taipower and ASUS also launched similar "dual systems" models. In fact, if the hardware Configuration is feasible, it is not too difficult to install dual systems for tablet computers. Obviously, this is the characteristics of tablet computers in order to take into account the features of Windows 10 office, and it also has considerations to adapt to Android system entertainment. But in any case, the "dual system" is always not completely compatible after all, it is also troublesome to switch back and forth. The dual system of Ruggedrobustos tablet is really "gain and losses". How to balance the customer's own wishes.


Product form 8 inchShockproofruggedtablet The appearance ruler inch



Win 10/Android 5.1

z3735F , 4core, 1.33GHz-1.83GHz





touch screen
10 o'clock capacitor screen, G+G, hardness above 7hh or more , Scratch -proof, TP thickness: 1.1mm, COF
battery 3.7V

/7800or8500mAh(according toOptional3/4Gmodule),about8hours

(When playing video) camera The first 2MP, the last 5MP IP level ip 67


Newwork Connection


Dual frequency 2.4GHz+5GHz, supports 802.11 (A/B/G/N/AC) communication standard


Agreement 4.2


Full Netcom, supporting mobile, telecommunications and Unicom



  • 02


  • Standard Module optional option

One 2D scan/NFC/login fingerprint

03 ports

Standard Ports

  • HDMI/USB 3.0/USB2.0/Typec/Ear PCPORTS/SIM card slot/TF card slot



  • -20~60℃

Storage temperature

-30 ~ 70 ° C

The fall height

The fall of the fall

On the composite hard floor, 1.22M opens PC status and falls


IP certification, 3C certification, US military standard 810G certification, etc.

05 accessories

  • 06

The screen

Highlight, high score screen


Special Ports Requirements


Various industries exclusive Ports


button function control

The key button Various types of built -in industry exclusive Module


  • Appearance color scheme and silk printed laser carving logo

    Customized front shell and rear shell

New ID/md and structure

  • Show

    System information/interface information/opening PC animation/opening PCLOGO/desktop layout and wallpaper, etc.

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