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Abstract:12 -inch Ruggedrugged tablet laptop, keyboard disassembly two -in -one (source manufacturer) | Ruggtables

12 inch Android Ruggedrobustos laptop, keyboard disassembly two -in -one (source manufacturer)

12 Inch ruggedrobustos tablet laptop, refers to the distance between the laptop screen to the 12th British INCH (1 British INCH u003d 2.54 cm), the screen is divided into general screens and wide screens , and the wide screen is again There are different ratios such as 4: 3 and 16: 9. In addition, even if you know screen types and proportions, calculate the screen ruler inch, and the screen width of different models of the notebooks is also different, so you want to take this 12 12 12 INCH's screen -to -face lines are not available to find the ruler of the entire notebook.

Rugged tablet Notebook compute The laptop is performed by Ruggedrobustos, which is a calculation PC for the dangerous and special industry field , such as military, industrial use, etc., which can meet some of the more harsh application environment needs, such as anti -drop falling falls , Anti -collision, waterproof, dustproof, impact resistance and other characteristics.

12 inchruggedrobustos tablet laptop computers rarely have this ruler inch. Equipped with the Android operating system, our tablet laptop two uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon's solution

, the performance of the Snapdragon 625 can be said to be between MediaTek Helio P10 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 650, performance positioning mid -end Mainstream, Octa-Core's main frequency 2.0GHz. The reason why this CPU can be popular is the 14nm LPC process manufacturing, ultra-low function, special power saving, performance can meet most mainstream users' needs.

In terms of operating system, This 12 InchrugGEDROBUSTOS tablet laptop is equipped with Android 10.0 operating system. Android generally refers to Android Android Essence

Android (Android) is a free and open source code -based operating system based on the Linux kernel (excluding GNU component). Mainly used on mobile devices, such as Hiechs, led by the US Google Company and the Open Hand PC Alliance.

【】 The above is the introduction of the 12 Inc 'Android Ruggedrobustos tablet laptop, the keyboard can remove the two -in -one (source manufacturer).

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