10 -inch memory Android RUGGGGGGED tablets 128G storage, high performance (original low price) | Ruggtables

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Abstract:10 -inch memory Android RUGGGGGGED tablets 128G storage, high performance (original low price) | Ruggtables

10 inch6G内存AndroidruggedRobustostablet128G存储,高performance(原厂低价)

1, 10 Inch Android Ruggedrobustos tablet computer features:

  • Support the Android 11 system, fast running speed, stable performance, convenient operation; ;

  • Integrated 3G/4G full Netcom, WIFI, Bluetooth and other communication methods. Wireless communication functions are powerful;

  • Ruggedrobustos tablet computers built -in 8000mAh polymer lithium -ion battery, PC's battery life 8 hours, excellent adaptation to mobile work needs in various environments;

  • IP65 high protection grade, industrial grade Rugged quality, Android Ruggedrobustos tablet is in line with the US military standard MIL-SD-810G shock-resistant shock, which can be applied to a variety of complicated and harsh working environments;

  • 支持GPS,Glonass,Beidoulocationsystem,location更准确; rear置1300万像素自动对焦camera,轻松collection各位picture像&视frequency信息;

  • Support 1D/2D, NFC and other functions of Module free selection to meet the application needs of many industries.

2, 10 inch Android RU

GGEDROBUSTOS tablet high -end 6G memory 128G storage: Most of the Android Ruggedrobustos tablets on the market are all 2+32G Configuration. The high point is 4+64G Configuration, and this 10 Inch Android RuggedRoBustoStos Tablet computers can achieve 6+128G Configuration. The CONFIGUTION stored in this 6G memory 128G is very high in the entire industry, which is almost comparable to consumer tablet computers.

3, 10 inch Android RThe reasons for cheap UGGEDROBUSTOS tablet computers:

There will always be low budget customers.price.This RuggedRobustos tablet is the guarantee of the guarantee quality. Based on the high Configuration stored in 6G memory 128G storage, the price can still be cheap because we comprehensively reduce the cost of this 10 Inch ruggedrobustos tablet.For example, the dual -color injection molding mold is changed to monochrome injection molding mold, but this Ruggedrobustos tablet computer still reaches the level of dustproof and waterproof IP65.

The above is the 10 Inch6G memory Android Ruggedrobustos tablet 128G storage, high performance (original low price).

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