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Abstract:12-inch i7-8550urugged tablet Windows 10 system (original manufacturer) | Ruggtables

12 INCHI7-8550UROBUSTOS tablet Windows 10 system (original manufacturer) Introduction

Robustos Tablet computers are usually a high -performance touch integrated PC in the field of industrial control. Unlike general commercial computers, industrial computer series products may have solid, shockproof, moisture -proof, dustproof, high temperature -resistant multi -slot and easy expansion, etc. Features.

The ruler of the tablet computer generally refers to the diagonal length of the device, which means 12 British INCH. 1 British INCH u003d 2.54 cm, so the diagonal length of this 12 Inch tablet is about 12*2.54 u003d 30.48 cm.

12 INCHWINDOWSROBUSTOS tablets are generally low -end processors, such , Z8550 processor, etc., the high performance is a processor like 6Y30 and 7Y30,

and our 12 Inchrobustos tablet computers adapted to high-performance i5-8250U and i7-8550U processors.

Intel i7-8550U is the eighth-generation mobile processor, comprehensive performance and desktop PC The i5-7500 is almost the same, between i5-7400 and i5-8400; the 4Core eight-thread design is used, and the Core i7-8550U performance in the CPU-Z theoretical test of the 12 Inchrobustos tablet is surpassed. 7300HQ standard pressure version processor.

In addition, This 12 Inchrobustos tablet computer can adapt to the operating system of Windows 10

, Windows 10 10 There are six versions of the family version, professional version, enterprise version, education version, professional workstation, the core version of the Internet of Things.

12 inchi7-8550URobustostablet详细Spec:

The above is 12 Inchi7-8550urobustos tablet Windows 10 system (formerly the originalManufacturer) All introduces.

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