12-inch Windows7 system RuggeDRUGGED tablet i5-8250U (ultra-low price) | Ruggtables

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Abstract:12-inch Windows7 system RuggeDRUGGED tablet i5-8250U (ultra-low price) | Ruggtables

12 inchWindows7systemruggedRobustostableti5-8250U(超低PRICE)介绍

Rugged tablets and industrial tablets are basically the same in nature. Whether it is the field of use, the field of use, and the protection level, it can be customized by customer needs. Robustos tablets are mostly used for harsh outdoor environmental operations.

The ruler of the tablet computer generally refers to the diagonal length of the device, which means that the diagonal length of the 12 Inch rugged tablet is 12 British INCH. 1 British INCH u003d 2.54 cm, so the diagonal length of this 12 Inch tablet is about 12*2.54 u003d 30.48 cm.

12 INCHWINDOWSRUGGEDROBUSTOS tablet markets are generally low -end processors, such as the Z8350 processor of the Lingyong series , Z8550 processor, etc., the high performance is a processor like 6Y30 and 7Y30, and our 12 Inch ruggedRobustos tablet computers adapted to high-performance I5-8250U and i7-8550U processors.

This 12 InchrugGEDROBUSTOS tablet computer can adapt to the operation of the Windows7 flagship version System

, Windows 7 is an operating system developed by Microsoft. The kernel version number is Windows NT 6.1. Windows 7 for family and business environment: laptop, Rugged tablet, etc. Windows Vista, who is also a member of the NT6, is inherited. Windows 7 inherits a number of functions including AERO style, and adds some functions based on this.

12 inchruggedRobustostableti5-8250uSpec是4core八线程

, The benchmark frequency 1.6g Hz, dynamic acceleration frequency 3.4GHz, 14nm process manufacturing, 6M three -level cache, 15W (TDP) heat power consumptioncount.Compared with the previous generation, the specifications of Core i5-7200 are dual-core four threads, with a benchmark frequency of 2.5GHz, dynamic acceleration frequency 3.1GHz, 14nm process manufacturing, 3M three-level cache, 15W (TDP) thermal power consumption design.The specifications of the i5-8250U have changed a lot, and increased to 4CORE eight threads. Although the benchmark frequency is reduced, the dynamic acceleration is higher. More importantly, it only has 15W thermal power consumption.This means that high -performance Rugged tablet obtains stronger computing performance, while the power consumption remains unchanged.

12 INCHWINDOWS7RUGGGEDROBUSTOS tablet Detailed specifications:

above above.It is the introduction of the 12 INCHWINDOWS7 system Ruggedrobustos tablet i5-8250U (ultra-low price).

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