Which models of the 10 -inch RUGGED tablet are worth buying?| Ruggtables

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Abstract:Which models of the 10 -inch RUGGED tablet are worth buying?| Ruggtables

Which PC types are worth buying?

1. What is the rugged tablet?

Rugged tablet, the same meaning as the Robustos tablet, English is Rugged Tablet. The "Rugged" refers The RUGGED level standard is measured at IPXX, and the "XX" dual digits in IPXX represent the dustproof and waterproof level. The higher the higher.

2, 10 inchruggied tablet

10 INCHRUGGED tablet, which is larger than 8 inchruggically. It is suitable for users who like large screens. It is just right to use the hand tie. 10 INCHRUGGED tablet computer system can be divided into operating systems such as Windows, Android and-Chemical Galaxy Kirin. The processors are low-end, middle and high-end, because there are many PC types, so I recommend which 10 INCHRUGGED tablet computers PC type is relatively easy to use and worth buying.

  • 3, 10 inchrugged tablet computers worth starting

10 Inch high cost-effectiveness Android Rugged tablet compute Instrument, the main frequency of 2.0GHz, the key to such a high -profile Android Rugged tablet, the price is also very cheap. Guess how much it costs to sell?

10 Inch high-performance WindowsRugged tablet

  • i5-8250UU /i7-8550UHigh -performance Core processor, suitable for Windows7/10 operating system, run fast, standard 8+128G, can be upgraded to 16+1TB of configuration

10 inch multi -moduleOptional RUGGED tablet computers

This series of Android and Windows are all available. It supports the optional UHFUHF, identity card Module, fingerprint collection module, etc.Supporting the industries of the embedded customers, it can be said that the expansion is quite good.

The above is the introduction of 10 INCHRUGGED tablets. Which PC type do you like?

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