8 -inch Tablet PCA

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Abstract:8 -inch Tablet PCA

8 InchrobustosRugged tablets

1) What is the Robustosrugged tablet?

The current Robustosrugged tablet refers Industrial automation, vehicle, automotive testing, finance, medical, energy, environmental protection, retail, supermarkets, warehouse management and logistics and other industries

2) 8 INCHROBUSTOSRUGGED Tablet Introduction

8 Inchrobustosrugged tablet ruler is just right. The type is adapted to the two operating systems of Android and Windows. The Windows system uses the Z8350 processor. The Android system is useful for MT6771 and Snapdragon 625 processors. In addition, our 8 Inch Android Robustosrugged tablet also supports 5G, which is still more advanced.

3) 8 Inchrobustosrugged tablet computers worth starting

1, 8 INCH5G Android Robustosrugged tablet

Android 5G new product, standard 4+64G, choose 5G on Chip Snapdragon 690, Octa-Core's main frequency 2.0GHz, high score highlighting screen

2, 8 inch high cost -effective Robustosrugged tablet

Windows and Android systems are available. Windows is a Z8350 processor, dustproof and waterproof IP67, standard 4+64

3, 8 inch light and thin Robustosrugged tablet

The feature is light and portable, with a thickness of only 14mm. It is particularly comfortable to operate. Android and Windows are available. The following is the Android system.

The above is the introduction of 8 INCHROBUSTOSRUGGED tablet. Which one do you like?

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