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Abstract:8 -inch Light Portable RUGGED Tablet Terminal Manufacturer Which is better recommended (source price) | Ruggtables

8 inchrugg

The normal weight of the ED tablet terminal is 750g and the thickness is 22mm. The Rugged tablet terminal of this light and portable series has made breakthroughs in weight and thickness. , The thickness is only 15mm, the lightness and portability of the light is further upgraded, and the dustproof IP67 level is in line with the 26 drop standards of the US military 810G, but there are also their disadvantages. Because it does not bring Pogopin, it does not support the selection of vehicle brackets and bases. Accessories, customers can choose according to their own actual situation. From the perspective of portable and thin, the 8 Inch rugged tablet terminals of this series are still very fragrant.

1) 8 inchruggy 2) 8 inchrugged tablet terminal accessories

3) 8 inchrugged tablet terminal personalized customization

4) Rugged tablet terminal application application Scene and industry

5) The quality control of the Rugged tablet terminal

6) How to buy light thin 8 Inch rugged tablet terminal

1)8 inchruggedtabletterminalSpec



Product form

8 inchWindowsruggedtabletterminal

8 inch Android Rugged tablet terminal

Win 10 1

Android 9.0

z8350, 4Core ,frequency1.45Ghz-1.92Ghz







800*1280 IPS (1920** 1200)



touch screen
10 o'clock capacitor screen, G+G, hardness above 7h, scratching, supporting handwrit 7500 mAh,about7hours


The first 5MP, latter 13MP

Network communication
4G/wifi/Bluetooth/Bluetooth/ GPS IP level

ip 67

i88H/Q88 Six -sided PORTS diagram (click amplification view)

2) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) Inch rugged tablet terminal accessories

Improve portability: hand straps, leather cases, back straps and shoulder straps

Screen operation: passive pen, active capacitor pen

3) 8 inchrugged tablet terminal personalized custom


Customized appearance

Appearance color matching

  • Lao sculpture logo

  • silk print logo

System customization

The interface display (10 units)

Open PCLOGO (BMP format, 12 INCH below the PC type provides 1280*800 size, 12 INCHPC type and above provides 1920*1200 size, depending on the PC type resolution)

Open PC animation (JPG, PNG format format , Within 150 pieces, whether to play circularly, how many frames per second)

The default wallpaper (JPG,PNG format, 1920*1080 size)

  1. Desktop layout (desktop number, APP shortcut menu on the desktop)

    System Information

  2. Manufacturer's name, equipment name, default language, default time zone, Bluetooth name, SN format

  3. APP requirements

  4. Pre -installed APP

System custom app (APP that needs to be restructured in the system, please list detailed instructions)


  1. Windowssystem:

    The key combination function (such as: Power+Volume- as Ctrl+Alt+Del)

    Key functional control (for example, blocking volume addition and subtraction Key, home key, Power key, change the home to the return key)

    Android system:

  2. Block the Power key and volume key

  3. Remove the three virtual keys at the bottom

    Change the home to the return key

  4. The key opens the custom APK

Special function custom

Windows system:

Add mesh PXE function

  1. Plug the PC, pull DC Pass PC

  2. BIOS adds the default password

Block the functions of wifi, BT, LTE, NFC, Camera, GPS, MIC and other functions

  1. enterset upapkneedsinputpassword

  2. Android system:

  3. Add no dormant options

Plug the PC, pull out the DC level PC

Shielding the call, SMS function

Open the PC Self -Starting Customer APK

  1. Open the PC's default horizontal screen, the turnover button can be fixed to a horizontal screen

  2. Before entering the setting APK, you need to enter a password

  3. 4) Rugged tablet terminal application scenarios and industry

    1. Application scenario

  4. in the rugged tablet terminal terminal terminal "RUGGED" refers to waterproof, dustproof, shockproof (anti -drop). The common Rugged grade standards are measured at IPXX. The "XX" dual digits in IPXX represent dust and waterproof grades. Among them 6. The waterproof level is from 0 to 8. The larger the number of numerals after the IP, the higher the protection level. Common protection levels include IP53, IP54, IP65, IP67, IP68, etc. IP68 is also currently ZUI high RUGGED protection level.


Chengcheng Financial Payment tablet, attendance punch -in PC, other NFC readers, etc.

    Gao Liang screen

  1. Rugged tablet terminal Measures and other measures, realized in householdsUnder the condition of strong light, it is simply an intimate magic weapon for some outdoor application scenarios. Even some outdoor sports enthusiasts have begun to use the high -bright series Rugged tablet terminal

  2. Low temperature operation/high temperature operation

  3. In life, we occasionally discovered that the iPhone in the north cannot open the PC, and the iPad is frequently stuck in the hot summer. Replaced with some special scenarios, low temperature and high temperature are normal, such as ice stores, outdoor scenes in tropical areas, etc. This requires a high -low and low temperature component. The RUGGED tablet terminal requires high and low temperature every material from the inside to outside to ensure that the working temperature range of the PC is at least -20 ~ 60 ° C, and the storage temperature range is at least -30 ~ 70 ° C.

  4. Beidou Navigation/High -precision position Beidou navigation chip. On July 31, 2020, it was greatly announced that the Global Satellite System of Beidou III was officially opened! The accuracy of Beidou navigation is higher than the current civil GPS. I didn't choose before. Now we can use-navigation.

  5. 2. Application industry -Customs anti -drug management

Customer condition

With the increasing expansion of my country's expansion, the amount of import and export trade has increased rapidly. The case has also been rapidly improved. China Customs smuggling and control is a pse with a reconnaissance and smuggling goods. In order to maintain social and economic security and export trade discipline, it shoulders very complicated anti -smuggling daily tasks. As a technical professional Chinese customs anti -smuggling system software solution service provider, Fujian Putian Yitong, how to improve the high efficiency of case reconnaissance, improve the ability to solve the work of heavy emergency incidents, control the control of the work on the spot Prevention and control have become today's key subject research.

Copy the challenge

  • 1. Limited, low security, small application fields

2. You cannot conduct information content interaction with the command system on the spot. Real -time monitoring images on the spot cannot be returned and stored

3. Can't position. Difficult to manage

  • Use detailed introduction

For this key difficulty of Putian Yitong, Fujian, everyone strongly recommended Rugged tablet i88h, creating multiple sources for Chinese customs for Chinese customs. Video voice clusters, comprehensive video guidelines, accurate GPS positioning, data information interactive anti -smuggling service Platform shows that business terminal devices have been completed, and a variety of functions such as comprehensive PLATFORM, comprehensive communication, and comprehensive guidelines have been completed, which has enhanced the Chinese customs customs. Anti -smuggling work ability.

  • Use the actual effect

1. The GPS satellite navigation system on the tablet computers (GPS), 4G data transmission technical, audio and video editing technical methods for supervision and management of inspectors

  • 2. Immediately send the video on the spot and the surrounding area The system has mastered the specific situation on the spot, carried out scientific research scheduling, high precision guidance

    3. View, management methods and maintenance basis, including human resource management, material supply PC equipment resources, car ships, laws and regulations, classic cases, document materials, etc.

5) Rugged tablet terminal Control of the quality

Rugged means waterproof, dustproof, and falling. The dustproof level is usually ranging from the IP65-IP68. The anti-falling must meet the US military standard 810G standard. This requires the entire PC to have a good anti-external force structure. The well-done Rugged tablet can even withstand the car's crushing.

  • Then, the problem is, how do Rugged durable tablet terminals do it? Today, let me decrypt it:

1, Robustos structure design

Magnesium aluminum alloy Robustos structure is embedded internally, providing stress support , Protect Mianboard.

  • 2. Double -color mold injection process

The shell adopts a soft and hard -and -hard dual -color mold injection process, so that the soft structure of the easily stamina is It can buffer and ensure the toughness of the straight PC body. This design also improves the gas tightness of the entire PC and has good waterproof and dustproof performance.

3. Corning gorilla glass blessing

The sixth generation of CorningGorilla glass, hardness reaches more than 7h, can effectively resist and oppress. The reason why Corning Gorilla Glass is so strong is because the company's predecessor is specifically to be a U.S. -heated PC bulletproof glass, and its strength requirements can be imagined.

4. Waterproof plug design

  • Waterproof plug is installed at ports. Because the Rugged tablet terminal is widely used in the industrial field, it requires the Configuration rich Ports. This requires waterproof design at Ports. The waterproof gas tightness directly affects the waterproof performance of the entire PC.

In addition to the design, it is also necessary to verify the Rugged performance of the tablet in research and development and production. Among them, ZUI is important for the following two items.

  • 5. Qi -density test

    Qi -density testing is divided into two parts. The first is to touch the PC or soak the PC in the water to verify the waterproof performance; the first is to touch the powder in all directions of the PC in the sealing box, and then use the air -blow gun to test the confinement of the PC.

6. The drop test

The drop test simulation Mil-STD-810G Standard: Lift the PC device to lift the PC device 122cm high, let the PC's 6 noodles, 8 horns, and 12 edges, 26 times, fell to the wooden floor.

6) How to buy light thin 8 inchrugged tablet terminal

8 inchruggied tablet terminal is an important company's important item invest. They have a series of benefits, suitable for different industries and markets.

There is a series of benefits, all of which are suitable for different industries and markets.

8 Inchruggered tablet terminal provides a specific type of multifunctional characteristics that other devices cannot provide. With the improvement of mobility and practicability, these customized and durable devices have completely changed our working and daily lifestyle.

But how do you choose the appropriate industrial Rugged tablet for your company? This is a comprehensive guide for your company to choose the appropriate industrial Rugged tablet.


You need to consider the Ports type required by the company.

Consumer tablets are usually only equipped with less zui connectors -- This may be a USB connector.

However, the Rugged tablet terminal is usually customized to allow any type of connection -especially for specific applications.

This can include wireless, simulation, Ethernet and other connections. When you choose the device, be sure to consider your needs in connection.

Not to mention, many laptops and PCs do not have 3G and 4G functions, which is essential for companies traveling on the road or often traveling to different places.


When selecting the Rugged tablet terminal, you must consider using it. Does it have to complete the entire round of shift at one time, or is it mainly tied to the charging seat?

If the former is the answer, you need to pay close attention to the solid equipment with an impressive battery.

If the latter applies to you, the battery may not even be your consideration.

Most sturdy and durable devices have impressive batteries, and cannot even compare with consumer devices that can only be used for only one or two hours.


For some people, only the basic safety level may be required. For example, you may only have various designs and drawings for construction on the industrial RUGGED tablet.

But for most companies, security is very important. You want to ensure that the Rugged tablet terminal takes measures to reduce the risk of hacking to ZUI.

law enforcement departments, health departments and education departments must attach great importance to safety. For this reason, you have to ensure that your equipment comes from trusted manufacturers and has the possibility of reducing the hacking attack to ZUI low.

The technical world is a daunting world -but with certain walls and safety measures, you can restless.

As we mentioned, strong and durable equipment is usually designed for enterprises. This means that they are more concerned about security.


You need a device that can execute all the operations you want to execute, without any lag or freezing. risk.

Make sure your Rugged tablet terminal is compatible with all your applications, software and attachments.

Download various applications or add functions to the device should not affect its performance. Always ensure that it is compatible.

After warranty and customer support

ZUI, always ensure that you get a cost -effective transaction -at the level of human. Although the Rugged tablet terminal has proven to have a longer service life and a much less maintenance, the problem may still happen.

When these problems appear, you must make sure you have good warranty or customer support to help you complete the entire process.

Technology will not continue forever, you want to ensure that you can contact the manufacturer or brand without difficulty.

We recommend buying from a trusted supplier and always check the comments. The warranty should also be clearly explained.

Always prepare for the situation of ZUI bad, even if it is used to withstand equipment.

We hope that this guide can help you find the perfect Rugged tablet terminal suitable for your company.

This is an important investment because they have the ability to completely change your team and business. The above is everything you need to consider when you make this important decision for yourself and your team.

Always check the specifications carefully and read any small words, and ensure that they are seamlessly suitable for your company. This is an important thing in ZUI.

Dear customers:

The industry has rich experience, free consultation and help selection, promise to give you the preferential price and fast and good support.

2. About product: You can customize according to customer needs, we do not make a brand, we can provide a neutral PC, appearance: radium sculpture silk printing logo, color matching, front shell and rear shell customization customization ; MODULE: Passenger for Module Integration and Standard Standards fast; Ports: Industry exclusive Ports; Software customization: customized system, power -on -power PC power -off control PC, key function combination key, etc.

3. Regarding delivery: We all have preparation, inventory sales, standard products on the day, all order uses 5 Working Days to ship

4. About the ruler: RUGGED PC covers 4 INCH, 5 Inch, 6 Inch, 7 Inch, 8 Inch, 10INCH, 12 Inch, 13.3 Inch, 14 Inch, and 15 Inch, the form covers handheld, tablet, and notebooks, Platform has Intel, MTK, and Qualcomm, etc., -In the project, it has been launched-chemical tablet and notebooks,-chip installation-The system.

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