12 -inch or i7 processor Industry RUGGED tablet | shock -proof RUGGED tablet PAD (ultra -low price), Windows7/10 system | Ruggtables

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Abstract:12 -inch or i7 processor Industry RUGGED tablet | shock -proof RUGGED tablet PAD (ultra -low price), Windows7/10 system | Ruggtables

12 Inch Industrial Rugged tablet Essence In terms of configuration, the new RUGGED tablet computer is equipped with 4Core's Intel Core Eighth Generation CPU, optional i5-8250U to i7-8550U, memory can be selected 16 GB LPDDR3, the screen is 12 English Inch1080PP Using the 22mm thick shell design with MIL-STD-810G certification, it can withstand high and low temperature (-20 ° C to 60 ° C), dust, sand, humidity, wind and rain, vibration and physical shock test test Essence This RobustOS tablet also passed the dustproof and waterproof certification of IP65.

MIL-SDD-810 certification made by shock-proofOSTOS tablet PAD , that is, "environmental engineering inspection and laboratory test", it is it is A U.S. military standard, emphasizing the means of environmental testing, found problems, and repeatedly modify the initial design of the equipment to improve the product to enable it to meet the requirements of the working environment throughout the life cycle. Environmental testing methods mainly refer to the factors of the factors of the device by simulating the real environment by the establishment of an indoor box test method, rather than fully replication (sometimes unable to completely copy) the real environment itself. All departments and PC structures of the US Department of Defense (DOD) agreed to adopt MIL-STD-810 testing services. Although ZUI was specially used for military applications at first, it was also widely used in commercial products.

Industrial Rugged tablet is very stable, whether it is system or reliability

Compared with ordinary tablets, the Rugged tablet has stronger stability, as much as possible to meet the user's aesthetic needs, and also has strong functions, meet various industrial -level scenarios, can realize the loss of loss, wetness, wetness, wet, wet, wet Water protection, high temperature or low temperature applications, etc., can be used normally even in various harsh environments outdoors. And compared to ordinary tablets applied to the consumer -level market, Rugged tablet computers are more inclined to meet the business functions of enterprise customers. In addition to supporting common functions such as ordinary tablets such as Internet access, Rugged tablet can also be based on different application scenarios. Different application functions, such as face recognition, license plate recognition, fingerprint recognition, professional positioning, voice intercom, recognition 2D code, etc.

Industrial RUGGED tablets need to meet the reliability requirements and stability in the industrial environment, because it is likely to cause major losses in the production line in case the computer device is killed.Therefore, the standard values required by the industrial RUGGED tablet must meet strict specifications and expansion.In enterprise production automation applications, Rugged tablets have many advantages. One of the advantages is the application in industrial automation control.RUGGED tablets are stable in performance and can be operated in harsh environments. The industrial site can be placed in a suitable position

, such as embedded in PCs, PC cabinets or placed on the operating table to achieve human PC interaction operations, waterproof waterproof, waterproof waterproof, Dust -proof, drop -proof, low temperature startup, high temperature operation, multi -slot and easy expansion.

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