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Abstract:Which portable recommendation of 8 -inch solid tablet computers (source manufacturer) | Ruggtables

8 inch solid tablet computer The normal weight is 750g and the thickness is 22mm. This light and portable solid tablet computer has a breakthrough in weight and thickness. Under the premise of ensuring the reliability of solid tablets For 15mm, the light and portable degree is further upgraded, and the dustproof IP67 level is in line with the 26 drop standards of the US military 810G, but there are also their disadvantages. Because it does not bring Pogopin, it does not support optional vehicle brackets and base accessories. Customers You can choose according to your actual situation. From the perspective of portable and lightness, the 8 Inch solid tablet of this series is still very fragrant.

Catalog of the article

1) 8 inch solid tablet computer specification

2) 8 Inch solid tablet computer accessories

3) 8 inch solid tablet computer personalized customization

4) firm The application scenario and industry of solid tablet computers

5) The quality of the solid tablet computer

6) How to judge portable 8 incha The value of a solid tablet

1) 8 Inch solid tablet computer specifications

I88H Q88
Product form 8 inchWindows坚固tablet 8 inchAndroid坚固tablet


Win 10
Android 9.0


Z8350, 4Core, frequency 1.45GHz-1.92GHz

MSM8953, Octa-Core, 2.0GHz


800*1280 IPS (1920*1200)
Appearance ruler inch

Touch screen

10 o'clock capacitive screen, G+G, hardness of more than 7h, scratching, supporting handwriting
3.7V/7500 mAh,about7hours

The first 2MP, the last 5MP The first 5MP
Network communication

IP level

IP 67

I88H/Q88 six -sided Ports diagram (click amplification and view)

2) 8 inch solid tablet computer accessories

Improve portability: handbu belt, leather case, strap and shoulder strap

Screen operation: passive pen, active capacitor pen

  • 3) 8 Inch solid tablet computer personalized customization

01 01

01 01 01

Customized appearance

Radium radium Carving LOGO

  1. 02

    System customization

Interface display (10 units (10 units Or above)

Open PCLOGO (BMP format, 1280*800 sizes below the PC type below, 12 INCHPC type and above provides 1920*1200 size, depending on the PC type resolution and determine it )

Open PC animation (JPG, PNG format, a total of 150 sheets, whether to play circularly, how many frames per second)

The default wallpaper (JPG, PNG format, 1920*1080 size)

Desktop layout (desktop, APP shortcut menu on the desktop)

System Information

Manufacturer's name, equipment name, default language, default time zone, Bluetooth name, SN format

  1. APP requirements

    Pre -installed app

    System custom app (system system system中needs改制app,请列出详细说明)

  2. 03

    Key customization

  3. Windows system:

    The key combination function (such as: Power+Volume- as Ctrl+Alt+Del)

  4. Key functional control (for example, the volume and subtraction of the volume, the home key, and the POWER key, change the home to the return key)

Android system:

Block the Power key and volume key
Remove three virtual keys at the bottom

Change the home to the return key

  1. The key opens the custom APK

  2. 04

Special function customization

  1. Windows system:

  2. Add mesh PXE function

    Plug the PC, pull the DC level PC

  3. BIOS Add the default password

Blocking functions such as WIFI, BT, LTE, NFC, Camera, GPS, MIC and other functions

You need to enter a password before entering the APK

Android system:

  1. Add never dormant options

  2. Open PC in plugging, pull DC level PC

  3. Shielding call, SMS function

  4. Open PC Self -Starting Customer APK

  5. Open the PC's default horizontal screen, turn off the rotating button can be fixed to horizontal screen

  6. You need to enter a password before entering the APK

4 ) The application scenario and industry of solid tablet computer

1. Application scenario

The solid tablet computer has the RUGGED characteristics. , Dust -proof, shockproof (anti -drop), common RUGGED level standards are measured at IPXX. The "XX" dual digits in IPXX represent the dustproof and waterproof grade. 8. The larger the number of numerals behind IP, the higher the protection level. Common protection levels include IP53, IP54, IP65, IP67, IP68, etc. IP68 is also currently ZUI high RUGGED protection level.

  1. nfcream-write

  2. The solid tablet computer add Chengcheng Financial Payment tablet, attendance punch -in PC, other NFC readers, etc.

  3. 123

    A strong tablet computer can be visible by improving measures such as Brightness of the screen and increasing reflex membranes, which can be seen under the conditions of outdoor strong light. It is simply a thoughtful magic weapon for some outdoor application scenarios. Even some outdoor sports enthusiasts have begun to use the high -light series of strong tablet computers

  4. Low temperature operation/high temperature operation

  5. In life, we occasionally discovered that the iPhone in the north cannot open the PC, and the iPad is frequently stuck in the hot summer. Replaced with some special scenarios, low temperature and high temperature are normal, such as ice stores, outdoor scenes in tropical areas, etc. This requires a high -low and low temperature component. Every material from the inside to outside requires high and low temperature to ensure that the working temperature range of the PC is at least -20 ~ 60 ° C, and the storage temperature range is at least -30 ~ 70 ° C.

Beidou Navigation/High -precision position Beidou navigation chip. On July 31, 2020, it was greatly announced that the Global Satellite System of Beidou III was officially opened! The accuracy of Beidou navigation is higher than the current civil GPS. I didn't choose before. Now we can use-navigation.

2. Application industry -ultrasonic detection

Customer condition

  • Ultrasound as a kind of safety, no harm, visual, and simple diagnosis method, it has become an indispensable diagnosis PC device and technical nature of clinical medicine. one. With the rapid development of medical big data, the provisions of ultrasound convenience and intelligence are getting higher and higher. A large number of village -level health care organizations. The Chinese medical device industry urgently needs to solve small and medium -sized ultrasound equipment that can truly use clinical medicine. As a leading technical, physical and mental health, medical PLATFORM, the development and design have low cost, ecological, stability, scalability, and convenient moving ultrasound detection system to become a problem that is urgently needed.

Copy the challenge

    1. Traditional ultrasound equipment is single, large volume, large volume, large, large volume, large volume, large volume, The actual operation is complicated and cannot work remotely

  • 2. The patient's medical treatment is large, and the ultrasonic examination is in many hospital clinics, especially large, medium and smallOutpatient hospital clinics often occur in a serious atmosphere

3. It is difficult for critical patients on the bed to seek medical treatment

  • Using a detailed introduction

According to the customer's regulations, everyone strongly recommends to move the solid solid tablet computer of the supersonic detection system. I88h. According to the terminal device, you can read articles and analyze the patient's ultrasound image, show the rapid and accurate diagnosis and treatment to confirm the diagnosis, improve the accuracy and efficiency of clinical medical diagnosis and treatment, reduce the work intensity of doctors, and reduce the wrong diagnosis and wrong diagnosis. In addition, the application field of expansion ultrasound equipment will give full play to key effects at the level of remote or JI -ending natural environment and dead steel management centers.

  • Use the actual effect

1. The strong solution of the strong tablets Fully automatically measures real -time data, which is more convenient to diagnose

2. The management method patient and image information content, which is convenient for the content of the patient's information for the patient's information

  • 3. Doctors can grasp the patient's visual effect information content at any time, check patients at any time, completely eliminate difficulties such as insufficient medical equipment and consumption of time consumption

    4. According to Data transmission inspection results, images, and reports, nursing staff, professional and technical personnel can actively operate. According to the remote control transmission inspection results, authorized authorities to confirm the diagnosis of authoritative experts, so that patients who are not enough or in the relative and remote areas are under emergency situations and emergency conditions. Patients can also get technical professional diagnosis service items

5. With the function of wireless network, can easily print PCs, assist patients to record check results

  • 5) The quality of the solid tablet computer

Rugged means waterproof, dustproof, and falling. The dustproof level is usually ranging from the IP65-IP68. The anti-falling must meet the US military standard 810G standard. This requires the entire PC to have a good anti-external force structure. The well-done Rugged tablet can even withstand the car's crushing.

So, the question comes, how does such a durable solid tablet computer do? Today, let me decrypt it:

1. Robustos structural design

  • The Robustos structure of magnesium aluminum alloy is embedded inside, providing stress support to protect Mianboard.

  • 2. Double -color mold injection process

The shell adopts a soft and hard -and -hard dual -color mold injection process, so that the soft structure of the easily stamina is It can buffer and ensure the toughness of the straight PC body. This design also improves the gas tightness of the entire PC and has good waterproof and dustproof performance.

  • 3. Corning gorilla glass blessing

  • The outside of the screen is equipped with the sixth -generation Corning Gorilla glass, the hardness reaches 7h or more, which can be effective. Resistance and oppression. The reason why Corning Gorilla Glass is so strong is because the company's predecessor is specifically to be a U.S. -heated PC bulletproof glass, and its strength requirements can be imagined.

4. Waterproof plug design

Waterproof plug is installed at ports. Because the solid tablet is widely used in the industrial field, it requires the Configuration to be rich in Ports. This requires waterproofing design at Ports. The gas tightness of the waterproof plug directly affects the waterproof performance of the entire PC.

In addition to the design, it is also necessary to verify the RUGGED performance of industrial tablets in research and development and production. Among them, ZUI is important for the following two items.

5. Qi -density test

    Qi -deficit testing is divided into two two two two two two. part. The first is to touch the PC or soak the PC in the water to verify the waterproof performance; the first is to touch the powder in all directions of the PC in the sealing box, and then use the air -blow gun to test the confinement of the PC.

6. Poor test

The decline test simulation of the US military standard MIL-SD-810G standard: lifted the PC device 122cm to let the PC device make the PC device 6 noodles, 8 horns, and 12 edges, a total of 26 times, fell to the wooden floor.

6) How to judge the value of portable 8 Inch solid tablets

Judging the price of 8 Inch solid tablet computer Height, every customer meeting, but few customers can judge the value behind the price.

The value is mainly divided into five parts, with time value, technical value, material value, service value and after -sales value, take our industrial products.

Time value mainly refersPlatform's technical accumulation, constantly replace product updates, optimize user experience, the longer the launch time, the more iteratively, the more valuable.

The technical value mainly refers to the company's only processing technology, such as the unique RUGGED design, unique heat dissipation and RobustOS technology.

Material value mainly refers to the use of materials. The materials have new materials and second -hand materials. Otherwise why it is expensive

The service value refers There will be no problems in the process of use, but a problem that cannot be solved is a big problem.

After -sales value includes quality control, reliability experiments and after -sales years, timely maintenance, etc. This is part of the in -depth inspection, which is related to word of mouth and user Experience.

Dear customers:

1. All The products are original direct sales, rich industry experience, free consultation and help selection, promise to give you the preferential price and fast and good support.

2. About product: You can customize according to customer needs, we do not make a brand, we can provide a neutral PC, appearance: radium sculpture silk printing logo, color matching, front shell and rear shell customization customization ; MODULE: Passenger for Module Integration and Standard Standards fast; Ports: Industry exclusive Ports; Software customization: customized system, power -on -power PC power -off control PC, key function combination key, etc.

  • 3. Regarding delivery: We all have preparation, inventory sales, standard products on the day, all order uses 5 Working Days to ship

    4. About the ruler: Rugged PC covers 4 INCH, 5 Inch, 6 Inch, 7 Inch, 8 Inch, 10 Inch, 12 Inch, 13.3 Inch, 14 Inch, and 15 Inch. -In the-Huaization project, it has been launched-chemical tablets and laptops,-chip equipped with-chemical system.

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