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Abstract:Ten reasons for selecting WindowsRuggedrugged tablets | Ruggtables

Many companies choose to use Ruggedrobustos tablets instead of PC or laptop. Obviously, its durable appearance and rapid processing system make it the best choice for many companies.

However, many people are worried that they will not be able to use the Windows system of love on a solid tablet. Do you know that most strong tablets are compatible with Windows?

If you plan to combine Windows and Ruggedrobustos tablets, then you make a good decision. Here are ten reasons you should like Windows 10 on a strong and durable tablet.

Why should you use Ruggedrobustos tablet computer on the calculation of PC Intersection

It seems to be a simpler choice using a laptop computer or PC with you, but

Ruggedrobustos tablets can completely change your company.

First, they have incredible mobility and flexibility -if you travel from a workplace to another workplace or from the construction site to the construction site,

Ruggedrobustos tablet is a perfect choice. It not only holds and uses comfortable use, but also has 5G and 4G components to ensure that you can connect to the Internet no matter where you are.


Ruggedrobustos tablet also has amazing durability. For Ruggedrobustos tablet , water, dust, JI -side temperature and impact are not problems. This makes them a perfect supplement for industrial work space and retail and hotel companies.

It is certain that

Ruggedrobustos tablet can help you lead the competitors. Whether you need them to measure or pay.

By running Windows 10 on

Ruggedrobustos tablet , you can understand the new ZUI system and visit everything you may need. No need to bother. Let's take a lookOWS 10 has become the company's ZUI love. 1. You can access the desktop version

For Ruggedrobustos tablet Select the Windows desktop version. Obviously, the great benefit of ZUI is that most users will be able to use it in the middle level. This can avoid any training and allow you to access all documents and shortcuts.

Many companies like to use Windows 10 on its Rugged tablet because it allows you to access all enterprise software and business applications.

For example, you can use Microsoft Office -allowing you to access all electronic tables, presentations and Word documents. Alternatively, the warehouse management system or other business applications are complete on the desktop version. Usually, on the mobile version, software or applications may reduce or lack certain functions.

With this option,

Ruggedrobustos tablet helps solve the problem of compatibility and create continuity.

. Essence As a user, you can now choose to switch to the "tablet computer mode" when needed. For example, when you take out the tablet from the dock.

In short, the "tablet computer mode" is basically a different design for your desktop. It is equipped with large icons, optional applications, and full -screen start menu. Although you may not use the tablet mode in person, many companies like this convenient small switch. Tablet computer mode allows you to quickly visit ZUI's favorite and -use applications to use -provide help when you go out and in a hurry. Similarly, provide you with extra flexibility.

Don't worry, the tablet computer mode can still be used when wearing gloves -for example, it is very suitable for you to operate forklifts.

This is an additional function that helps improve accessibility and saves time. Deployed

3. The setting process is fast

Set wWhen the INDOWS 10 device, the setting process is always efficient and simple. You rarely encounter problems because the software is widely used and understood. For your company, this means that your Windows 10 strong tablet computer will be ready in a short time -prevent employees from stopping PC.

External and internal IT teams can set Windows 10 devices. All your employees will prepare your personal login information to eliminate any unnecessary pressure.

This is one of the main reasons the company likes to use Windows 10 on its Ruggedrobustos tablet computers

. The PC time is short, no training is required, and the pressure is small.

4. IT support

As many companies will tell you, Windows Windows, Windows 10 devices have a series of support services around them.

The user Configuration file, network sharing permissions and security settings will be available at any time without additional settings. In addition, if you do encounter any problems, IT support is easy and accessible. In fact, due to the widespread use of Windows 10, internal IT teams will be able to solve any problems.

5. Diversified market

Searching Windows 10 solid device is not difficult-in fact, they, they, they It can be said that it has a wide range of Ruggedrobustos tablet computers

Search Windows 10 Ruggedrobustos tablet is a smooth process, so many companies choose to use and use The software. There are no inconspicuous stores to view or repair expensive components.

Although many people may find a reason to criticize Windows 10 -its use is so wide and easy to access, which shows everything. This is an effective software, and most people are used to it. It should also be pleased, how wide the use of Windows 10 for enterprises. It is respected and oathed by many companies, mainly because they have many benefits.

6. Extended Dock

Windows 10 Ruggedrobustos tablet is usually compatible with general extension docks. In contrast, other models are not compatible with these types of USB hubs, so you must pay great attention.

Many Android tablets have HDMI ports, not USB ports. Although this may be useful to some people, for companies, the use and necessity of USB are much higher.

In terms of docks, it seems to be much more convenient to be equipped with Windows 10

Ruggedrobustos tablet

. For example, retail companies can easily put strong and durable tablets on the counter to check the inventory.

7. Many applications can be available

Windows 10 provides a series of applicable applications. You may not think of Windows and its applications -but they are underestimated.

It is true that the Windows store may not be an excellent application store in ZUI -but for enterprises, it has everything and more you may need.

In terms of applications, Windows has a direct advantage over other software. They are called "leftover applications" and have been at the frontier of ZUI for decades. Even the existence of these applications makes them more advantageous than Android and iOS. The company definitely likes old applications of Windows 10.

8. You can make multiple tasks

We all know the importance of multi -tasking processing -Windows 10 may be possible It is the ZUI good software that performs this task.

Since Windows was built from scratch, they directly paid attention to running multiple applications at the same time. Although other software can do this, none of them can really do this like Windows.

As most companies need to handle multiple tasks at the same time, Windows has become an obvious choice.

9. Multi -window

In terms of multi -tasking processing, Windows has many functions that other devices do not have --Split ScreenEssence

When you can use multiple applications at the same time, multi -tasking processing is much easier. Since multiple windows can be opened at the same time, companies can conduct research, work, communication, and finding analysis on one screen.

In terms of division, Windows is basically unparalleled.

On iOS, you cannot open multiple applications at the same time. Android tablets rarely brag about this feature, but when they do this, its working method is still different from Windows.

This is where Windows 10 has obvious advantages.

10. Collaboration is possible

Windows 10 10 One of the amazing ways to collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers. The ability to share documents and share other information with people is a great supplement. This may be one of the main reasons why people like Windows 10.

For example, the Office document is more easy to access and better on Windows 10. Although other operating systems have a reasonable version of Office, Windows is (well known) ZUI is suitable for Office operating systems. If all your colleagues also have Windows devices, you can rest assured that everything will be compatible with them. Similarly, because most companies also use Windows devices, you can ensure that everything will be proceeded smoothly. It can be said fairly that Windows 10 takes into account the company -make collaboration and compatibility into ZUI simple.

You are

Ruggedrobustos tablet computers

Which type of software using is a very subjective choice. However, for companies, Windows 10 may be a supplement to your company ZUI simple and beneficial.

The amazing advantage of Ruggedrobustos tablet is combined with all the advantages of Windows 10, which is a major measure -can completely change your company.

So many companies have decided to switch to Windows 10 for a reason.

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