10-inch on-board Rugged tablet | Industrial RUGGED tablet (ultra-low price) -On selection of charging bases and vehicle brackets, network port RJ45 and serial port RS232 | Ruggtablets

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Abstract:10-inch on-board Rugged tablet | Industrial RUGGED tablet (ultra-low price) -On selection of charging bases and vehicle brackets, network port RJ45 and serial port RS232 | Ruggtablets

Police car car mobile control system is a set of AI mobile law enforcement systems that integrate face, license plates, MAC address intelligent collection, public security risk early warning, disposal on -site visualization, and command scheduling. This system can analyze quickly and compare the comparison of people around the body and cars, alert the alarm in time, and intelligent evidence collection of vehicles on the roadside illegal vehicles. In this whole set of systems, the car interactive tablet computer mainly plays an interaction. The data information collected by the roof equipment of the police car is sent to the tablet. In a tablet.

The current vehicle base can be said to be very large, and the vehicle is a device that requires high scientific support. For example, the specific information parameters of the vehicle body, the media needs of operators, etc. These functions must have a powerful information processing center for processing. This requires a smart system -based vehicle device for Terminal use, but the conventional IT products on the market are quite fragile.
So, what conditions do you need to meet a qualified 10 INCH car Rugged tablet?

1, wide temperature requirements

Due It has been used in one place, so in this case, the wide temperature requirements of the car computer are considered the focus. In the vehicle, it is possible from -30 to -70 degrees, so this on-board computer is also a test. Essence

2. Power requirements

Vehicle computers are generally used directly from the vehicle battery power. Due to the different vehicle models, the type Similarly, with the moment the vehicle was ignited, the power supply of the vehicle could not reach the power supply may soon be damaged.

3, the display screen requirements

Since the car Rugged computer is generally used outdoors, especially in summer, considering the strong light, it is necessary to consider the strong light. The special characteristics of use under direct radiation, the ordinary LCD display must not satisfy this Special Demand, then when the car computer is designed, you should consider the readability in the sun. Gao Liang screen.

3. IPSeeking

According to the different operating environment, the dust must not be avoided, and the closedness of the PC body is quite important, then the IP level becomes a judgment of a qualified car computer. Standards, generally reach the dustproof level of IP65.

4. Maintenance convenience

Because modern vehicles are relatively different, the people using vehicles are also very complicated, so the maintenance of vehicle computers That is, many people need to consider. Those who are easy to maintain are bracket installations, which can be maintained by themselves. Now many car Rugged tablets can be equipped with vehicle brackets.

5. Earthquake resistance

Needless to say, everyone knows, no matter what car is, there will be more or less vibrations, Determine the vehicle computer with a large amplitude or a small amplitude based on the object of use.

6. The heat dissipation function

The computer's computer, because of the factors such as wind and sand, there will be no fan. Under the addition of heat dissipation, it is required to be sealed and without additional heat dissipation holes.

7. Electromagnetic interference

Civil vehicle does not matter in this regard, but police vehicles and medical vehicles are special It is impossible to have only one electronic device in the vehicle, so in this case, the car tablet must have certain electromagnetic protection requirements, otherwise it will have a great impact on other equipment.

8. The stability of the whole PC

The life cycle of the life cycle of the Rugged car tablet is very long, just like the ordinary PC copy PC test Every time a hardware or software is updated, a comprehensive comprehensive test will be faced. It does not face 1-2 updates each year like consumer tablets, so the stability of the entire PC is particularly strong, which can effectively help vehicle logistics companies meet customer needs, improve efficiency, reduce costs, realize the informationization of logistics, and realize the informationization of logistics. Networking and intelligent.

What areas are the industrial Robustos tablet applied?

1, vehicle use

In the military field, there are many use of industrial Robustos tablet computers in the car, mostly, most of them are transported materials, most of them are transporting materials Use, and the car can also be divided into two categories: the first category is still, the secondClass is moving, different -in -vehicle categories, and Configuration different high -quality industrial Robustos tablets. 2, ground application

The ground environment of industrial Robustos tablet notebook can also be divided into two categories, one is an indoor environment, one It is a wild environment. Compared with the different environment, the raw material used by the industrial Robustos tablet computer is also different when designing the concept. Especially when it is the wild environment, the basic requirements of the raw material ZUI are better compressiveness.

3. Use the launch environment

The launch environment is relatively complicated, so the high -quality industrial computing PC classification under this category is also more detailed, land land, land land Base launch, underwater launch, and air launch.

4. Carrier -based use

In the carrier -based environment, there are more categories of industrial RobustOS tablet notebooks. Outside the cabin, outside the cabin can be divided into mask and no mask. In addition, there is a submarine environment, which is often referred to as the underwater environment. Compared with the iconic requirements of the underwater environment Sex Ji strong!

5. PC load use

Industrial Robustos tablet notebook under PC carrier environment can be divided into two types of controlling and uncontrollable, in national defense, in national defense The classification of PCs in the field is very detailed. As long as a little environmental changes are slightly changed, the calculation of PCs should also make phase changes.

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