10-inch-8250U/i7-8550U Rugged Tablet PC | Handheld RUGGED Tablet PAD (ultra-low price), Windows 10/7 | Ruggtables

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Abstract:10-inch-8250U/i7-8550U Rugged Tablet PC | Handheld RUGGED Tablet PAD (ultra-low price), Windows 10/7 | Ruggtables

This shock -proof Rugged tablet is equipped Display, the battery life reaches 8 hours. This tablet is Windows 10 Pro, equipped with the eighth -generation Intel Core i5 8250U or i7 8550U processor. RobustOS tablet computer uses replaceable battery design.

In other Configuration, the Robustos tablet can also be equipped with a barcode scanner, and supports GPS, Micro SD card slot, shock-proof Rugged tablet compliance with MIL-STD 810G and IP65 standards , Suitable for users who install or maintain projects.

The development process of the shock -proof Rugged tablet: Since 2010, the keyword search quantity of the tablet computer The growth rate has reached 1328%, and tablet computers have a revolutionary impact on the traditional PC industry, and even the entire 3C industry.

In the development of so many years, the tablet slowly penetrated from a consumer electronics product to various industries, and embedded tablet products were integrated into various types of home appliances and factories. The scope of applications is becoming wider and wider.

At the same time, a segmented industry -like tablet product was born -shock -proof RUGGED tablet.

Earthquake RUGGED tablet refers to waterproof, dustproof, and falling. Ruggedpc is generally based on these three standards. Its level is also reflected by the protection levels such as IP65 IP66 IP67 IP68. The particularity of the Rugged tablet was born due to its environment and applicable people.

For example, the construction industry, ordinary products are particularly easy to damage. Due to the weather or usage scenarios, the accommodation of its scientific products is low, and the shock -proof Rugged tablet table It is used.

So what are the differences between the production process of the shock -proof Ruggedrobustos tablet and ordinary tablet?

1. The design of the circuit board is different.

RUGGED tablet products belong to industry supplies, and their warranty period is usually three years, while consumer commercial tablets are usually only one year, so the Rugged tablet circuit board design situation is more even morePay attention to quality (focusing on!!!! The quality of the circuit board was designed, not produced), such as anti -static design, excessive protection design, and so on.

2. Different materials.

The ingredients of the Rugged tablet have very strict requirements. The consumer generally uses the big model, and the Rugged class uses double -color models; the resistance containers for Rugged tablets are Samsung, Murata Tin These international brands, DDR, EMMC are authentic products such as Samsung and Sani, and consumer categories are used in many domestic factories for second -hand materials; Corning Gorilla is used for TP, and the charging and discharge of lithium cobaltate batteries is also more stable. LCDBRIGH

TNESSZUI has a low of 400 or more.

3. Different process processes.

The RUGGED tablet will perform various testing during the processing and assembly stage. The important thing of ZUI is the gas tight waterproof test, while the consumer tablet is not available. The tp and LCDs of the RUGGED tablet are performed in the 100 -level dust -free workshop.

4. Difficult to assemble.

The assembly cost of the Rugged tablet will be much higher. Reference: 10.1 Inch's assembly fee is about 200rMB. During its assembly, it is more difficult than ordinary tablets.

Where are the shock -proof Rugged tablet?

Shockproofruggedtablet应用领域非常广泛,可以举出一箩筐例子:智能工厂、智能pc器人、智能仓储、远洋船舶、outdoor检测、 Satellite communication, pipeline detection, education, medical care, unmanned PC control, customs inspection, automobile maintenance, logistics, petroleum exploration, military police, surveying and mapping, visual and mapping, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, aerospace, aerospace ... Almost omnipotent, I will pick two typical cases.

For example, Petroleum, in the process of oil exploration and pipeline measurement, often needs to use Robustos tablet control terminals. The first is to collect data and transmit data, and the other is to assist the vehicle to locate navigation and realize the remote management of personnel.

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