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Abstract:i5-8250 | i7-8550urugged tablet computer manufacturer is good for recommendation (ultra-low price) | Ruggtables

If it is relatively low, it will be prone to stuck after using it for a long time or running large software, which will affect the sense of experience. Therefore, many customers will choose the RUGGED tablet of the i5-8250 or i7-8550U processor. Here I recommend this here. Two high -performance Rugged tablets with 10 INCH and 12 Inch, the standard hardware Configuration is 8+128G, which can be upgraded to 16+2TB of ultra -high Configuration. In addition, it can also support gloves and wet hands.

Catalog of the article

1) Rugged tablet computer specifications

2) RUGGED tablet computer accessories

3) Rugged tablets i5-8250 and i7-8550U processor performance

4) 4) RUGGED tablet application scenario and industry

5) Rugged tablet cost and price

6) How to buy Rugged tablet computers

1) Rugged tablet size


Product form 10 INCHWINDOS RUGGED tablet
10 inchwindowsRugged tablet

Appearance ruler inch 290*196*22mm




Win 10/Win7 flagship version/Linux/ubuntu


i5-8250u4core eight threads, the main frequency is 1.6GHz, zui large 3.40GHz

i7-8550u4Core Eighth thread, the main frequency of 1.8GHz, ZUI large 4.00GHz


128/256/512/1TB/2TBG disassembly


touch screen

10 o'clock capacitor screen, G+ G, Corning Gorilla's hardness above 7h, scratching, cof

1920*1200 ips screen ips screen



7.4V/6300mAh+860mAh, about 7 hours The camera
Ahead 2MP, latter 8MP, with with the latter, with with the with Flash

Network communication

Bluetooth/4G/GPS/WIFI (can be soft, hardware shielding)

Product certification

IP65, CE-NB, MIL-Std-810G, battery (UN38.3, MSDS, Aviation, Travel News

, IEC62133), CCC, FCC, ROHS, GMS

In addition to comprehensive optimization of I10U and I20U, this PC type has also completed further upgrades and improvements on the charging and discharge time. It can be charged from 1%to 100%in only 2 hours.
I10U/I20U Six -sided Ports Figure


Industry expansion: Charging base, car bracket

screen operation: passive pen, active capacitor pen

  • Strengthen battery life: Disassembly battery

  • Improve portability: hand straps, handle, leather case, strap and shoulder strap

3) Rugged tablet i5-8250 and i7-8550U processor performance

In our high performance In the series of RUGGED tablet, the two processors used are i5-8250U and i7-8550U, respectively. This occurs. It is often asked by customers that the processor performance ratio of i7-8550U is better than the i5-8250U processor. How much is RobustOSRUGGED tablet? Today, Barbara will reveal it to you.

1. In terms of performance, i5-8250The gap between the U and i7-8550U in the Cinebench R15 test is still relatively large, 8250U is 583 points, and 8550U is 696 points; in the Fritz Chess Benchmark test, the 8250U score is 9752 points, and the 8550U is 11872 points. The gap is still relatively large. The Passmark score of i7-8550U: 8055, i5-8250U is 7560. The performance of i7-8550U is about 6.5%.

2. In terms of core parameters, the main frequency of 8250U is 1.6GHz, ZUI Darui frequency is 3.4GHz; It is 4 physical cores and 8 threads; TDP is 15W, and the set display is UHD 620; however, the cache is different, 8250U is 6MB and 8550U is 8MB;

They all use 14nm+ Process process design, all adopt 4Core eight-thread design, all support DDR4-2400/LPDDR3-2133 memory, all standard HD 620 nuclear display. 8550U is better. The frequency cache is higher.

The i7-8550U equipped with the Rugged tablet is similar to i5-4430, i5-4460. The eighth-generation low-voltage version is still the Kaby Lake-U architecture. The Core i5 and i7 directly upgrade from dual-core four-thread to 4Core eight threads, and the basic frequency decreases but the boost frequency (Rui Frequency) is higher, which means that the full load performance improvement will reach About 40%(experience algorithm), and the paper TDP can maintain the level of seven generations 15W, which has not changed.

In the case of the process of unchanged process (or 14nm+process), the core number was increased, but the increase in the increase of the TDP remained unchanged. The technology and lower basic frequency make the CPU more intelligently allocate the operating frequency of each core in the case of non -load and low load, thereby having lower energy consumption.

4) Rugged tablet application scenario and industry

The so -called Rugged tablet computer refers to waterproof waterproof waterproof waterproof , Dust -proof, drop -proof, earthquake resistance, drop, waterproof IP65 or higher, can be used normally in various harsh environments.

1. Application scenario

Barcode scan/2D code recognition

Rugged tablets can be embedded with 1D and 2D scanning head MODule, for fast collection of data. Because in express logistics, warehousing management, commodity retail and medical industry, there are the same characteristics, that is, it is necessary to frequently enter the information information to be entered in order to uniform management. Some are scanning 1D barcode, and some are 2D code. In order to improve the efficiency of data collection, it is necessary to use hard decoding technology, that is, decoding operations through Module's own chip. Its advantages are high efficiency, low power consumption, and low heat power consumption (reduced fever).


Rugged tablet and add NFC function, which can be shaken and turned into Financial payment tablets, attendance punch -in PCs, other NFC readers, etc.

  • Gao Liang screen

Rugged tablet can increase the screen of the screen, increase the reflective membrane to reduce the reflex membrane Owning measures, the visibility of the outdoor strong light is simply a thoughtful magic weapon for some outdoor application scenarios. Even some outdoor sports enthusiasts have begun to use the Rugged tablet of the highlight series

    Low -temperature operation/high temperature operation

  • In life, we occasionally discovered that the iPhone in the north cannot open the PC, and the iPad is frequently stuck in the hot summer. Replaced with some special scenarios, low temperature and high temperature are normal, such as ice stores, outdoor scenes in tropical areas, etc. This requires a high -low and low temperature component. The RUGGED tablet requires high and low temperature every material from the inside to outside to ensure that the working temperature range of the PC is at least -20 ~ 60 ° C, and the storage temperature range is at least -30 ~ 70 ° C.

2. Application industry

  • There are many dust particles in the air

There are more dust particles in the air. This is a major challenge for many electronic products. Most tablet computers are not closed. In the process, it will directly enter the product. The big impact of the ZUI is that the inside of the product will cause uneven heat dissipation due to a large amount of dust. Product JI is likely to burn out due to the failure of heat dissipation!

  • and the application of Rugged tablets will not appear like this. Rugged tablets have high protectiveness, and the dustproof effect is far more flat than ordinary flattelling effectsThe board is much tall, and it can be said that it is completely suitable for high dust environment!

The vibration is large

When the factory is produced, it is often accompanied by some vibrations , But for ordinary tablets, these vibrations will not only make Ports more loose, but also may cause disk damage due to vibration. The production line has been affected!

  • Connecting device many

Many industrial industries are running production, often when they are operating, they often are often operating in production, often they are often operating, often they are running production, often when they are operating It is necessary to connect a lot of devices for tablet computers, so as to achieve the function of directly controlling a variety of devices through the tablet, but the increase of connection devices also represents more electromagnetic impacts. There is a large or small failure due to electromagnetic effects, so if there are more devices that need to be connected, then you still need to use the Rugged tablet!

    5) Rugged tablet cost and price

  • Many Rugged tablets Computer, Configuration does not look high, but the price is much higher than the consumer tablet. What's going on? Is it so expensive to sell the strong tablet? Where is its cost?

The cost of a strong tablet is multi -faceted. In the early stage, a large amount of R u0026 D fee, mold opening fee, and labor costs are required; in the later stage, sufficient market promotion and service fees are needed; in addition, the characteristics of the "three highs and one strict" of the Rugged tablet have increased the cost of each tablet. Essence

    1. High material specifications

  • resistance to high and low temperature

Therefore, the components must be high and low temperature. Because it is necessary to ensure that the entire PC can work normally within the range of -20 ° C to 60 ° C, and store it safely within the range of -30 ° C to 70 ° C. The operating temperature and range of the storage temperature of each material must be larger. Some parts that are prone to heat even require that the device can withstand the high temperature above 90 ° C.

  • salt -resistant fog

Salt and fog, corrosion resistance. In some outdoor operations and navigation scenes, the metal devices of the tablet, especially the naked part, salt and mist resistance, corrosion resistancebasic requirements.

    wear -resistant

  • The shell can be wear -resistant. Rugged tablets are used in various industrial environments and are easy to wear. In order to ensure the effective life of the product, some wear -resistant materials, especially the shell part.


  • The screen can be scratched Essence This requires Configuration on the touch screen. Corning Gorilla Glass has a hardness of more than 7h. It can also be scratched without a protective film.

Explosion -proof

  • The whole PC conforms to industrial explosion, which Concerning performance has strict requirements.

  • 2. High production process requirements

Dustless operation

The fit of the tablet TP requires the operation of a million -level dust -free room. The corresponding materials and semi -finished products are strictly in and out of the special window in strict accordance with the procedures.

  • Double -color mold process

Production adopts a two -color mold injection process to achieve hard and hard -hard integration, ensuring the air tightness and anti -falling performance of the tablet.

  • Heating treatment

High requirements for the heat dissipation treatment of the heating site. Not only must it use large graphene with good heat dissipation performance, but also fine thermal conductivity from the structure to ensure that the gas tightness is used to increase the heat dissipation capacity at a large extent, mainly for graphene heat dissipation treatment.

3. Verification test frequency is high

  • to ensure the reliability of product performance with high frequency tests. Each tablet must be tested separately in the finished and semi -finished products. The special ones must be sent to the reliability laboratory for verification. The test content is as many as 30, which is very comprehensive.

4. Strict quality management system

Generological quality management of research and development, production, and finished products. During the R u0026 D stage, it mainly verified the performance of the tablet in the laboratory and comprehensively tested software and hardware.During the production stage, strict implementation of material testing, first testing, dust -free control, aging testing, before and after packaging testing and other product control links. At the finished product stage, it was sent to a third -party laboratory for various relevant certifications and obtained certificates.

6) How to choose the rugged tablet

with it The performance of commercial PCs is getting better and better. Many industrial sites have begun to use lower costs to commercial PCs, and the market for commercial PCs has also changed huge changes. People are beginning to be more inclined to be more user -friendly Rugged touch tablet. Therefore, at the industrial site, the Rugged tablet with a touch function will be a future trend.

Of course, it is not to say that the quality of the high -price Rugged tablet must be good, which actually contains two major factors:

Brand company: The price of brand companies is high. This is known. Generally, the quality, service, and after -sales are guaranteed. The disadvantage is that the general brand value of the big brand and the cost of operating, so the price will be slightly higher. But for the mass group, it may only require good quality and durable products, and too high prices lead to discouraged consumers.

Price virtual high: Nowadays, prices and high products are also abound. Many merchants only increase prices and do not increase quality. The loss may be smaller than above. The editor is more serious.

So when we purchased the Rugged tablet, in addition to quality, price and price, we must also consider cost -effectiveness. Don't blindly pursue cheapness, it does not mean that it must be good. It is correct that choosing suitable for themselves. I believe everyone can buy cheap industrial tablets.

  • Since the emergence of Rugged tablet, it is loved by consumers because of the strict manufacturing process, excessive quality, and unique customization solutions of industrial display, so Can have a display that suits you.

  • 70%of China's RUGGED computer products comes from production and production manufacturers of all sizes in Shenzhen. Due to the different levels of R u0026 D and production of each factory, the production process and testing methods are different. There is a big gap between the price of the Rugged tablet. In terms of product quality, many customers who are not familiar with Rugged tablet will cause doubts. What brand of Rugged tablet is good?

  • The quality of a product, especially the Rugged tablet, should be measured from several aspects. One is the popularity, the other is the market share, the three outputProduct adaptation, the fourth is cost -effective.

Rugged tablet if you follow the well -known brand, it is certain that it is not like a commercial tablet computer. There are many well -known listed companies brands. Foreign Rugged tablet brand has fewer markets in the Chinese market. At present, it is a little market for Rugged tablets. The domestic Rugged tablet does not pay much attention to the brand. If the brand is good, you can see the market share of the domestic RUGGED tablet.

Leaving aside the so -called brands of Rugged tablet, we won't say much here. The Rugged tablet that Chinese people are concerned about is nothing more than adapting to the industrial environment and the cost -effectiveness of products.

Because many Rugged tablets are now relatively more personalized, such as ioports customization, CPU replacement, memory increase. Some non -big brand companies are doing. In the customization of personalized ODM industrial tablets,-brand companies have played an extremely advantage.

The Rugged tablet currently concerned by customers is mainly to meet the requirements of product performance and customer use environment. The industrial tablet computers that only meet the needs of customers, no matter what brand is a good product. Of course, under the fierce market competition, many customers choose industrial tablets with cost -effectiveness.

Dear customers:

The industry has rich experience, free consultation and help selection, promise to give you the preferential price and fast and good support.

2. About product: You can customize according to customer needs, we do not make a brand, we can provide a neutral PC, appearance: radium sculpture silk printing logo, color matching, front shell and rear shell customization customization ; MODULE: Passenger for Module Integration and Standard Standards fast; Ports: Industry exclusive Ports; Software customization: customized system, power -on -power PC power -off control PC, key function combination key, etc.

3. Regarding delivery: We all have preparation, inventory sales, standard products on the day, all order uses 5 Working Days to ship

4. About the ruler: Rugged PC涵盖4 inch、5 inch、6 inch、7 inch、8 inch、10 inch、12 inch、13.3 inch、14 inch&15 inch,形态涵盖PDAs、tablet&笔记本,Platform有intel、MTK and Qualcomm, etc.,-in the -cian projects, have been launched-chemical tablets and laptops,-chip equipped with -hua system.

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