Why is Rugged tablet so expensive?What are the main costs?| Ruggtables

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Abstract:Why is Rugged tablet so expensive?What are the main costs?| Ruggtables

Why is Rugged tablet so expensive? What are the main costs?

A lot A lot of high. What's going on? Is the Rugged tablet that is so expensive? Where is its cost?

The cost of the Rugged tablet is multiple. In the early stage, a large amount of R u0026 D fee, mold opening fee, and labor costs are required; in the later stage, sufficient market promotion and service fees are needed; in addition, the characteristics of the "three highs and one strict" of the Rugged tablet have increased the cost of each tablet. Essence

1 High material specification standards

High and low temperature

Therefore, the components must be high and low temperature. Because it is necessary to ensure that the entire PC can work normally within the range of -10 ° C to 50 ° C, and store it safely within the range of -20 ° C to 60 ° C. The operating temperature and range of the storage temperature of each material must be larger. Some parts that are prone to heat even require that the device can withstand the high temperature above 90 ° C.

Metal components should be tolerant to salt fog and corrosion. In some outdoor operations and navigation scenes, tablet metal devices, especially naked parts, salt -resistant and corrosion resistance are basic requirements.

The salt fog box for the rugged tablet test

Failure resistance

The shell can resist wear resistance. The Rugged tablet is used in various industrial environments and is easy to wear. In order to ensure the effective life of the product, some wear -resistant materials, especially the shell part.

Scratch resist

The screen can be scratched. ThisThe CONFIGIRATION Gorilla Glass is needed on the touch screen. The hardness reaches more than 7h, and it can be scratched without a protective film.

Explosion -proof

The entire PC is in line with industrial explosion. For example, EM-I16H is a tablet with explosion-proof authentication, which has strict requirements for the electrical and confined performance of the entire PC.

2 High production process requirements

Dustless operation

The combination of tablet TP needs Operation in a million -level dust -free room, the corresponding materials and semi -finished products are in and out of the special window strictly from the program.

Double -color mold process

The shell production of the tablet adopts a two -color mold injection process to achieve soft and hard integrated, ensuring the air tightness and anti -falling performance of the tablet.

Heating treatment

High requirements for the heat dissipation treatment of the heating site. Not only must it use large graphene with good heat dissipation performance, but also fine thermal conductivity from the structure to ensure that the gas tightness is to increase the heat dissipation capacity at the same time.

Graphene heat dissipation treatment

3 Verification test frequency is high

to ensure the reliable product performance with high frequency tests. Each tablet must be tested separately in the finished and semi -finished products. The special ones must be sent to the reliability laboratory for verification. The test content is as many as 30, which is very comprehensive.

4 The quality management system is strict

The quality management of the entire process of research and development, production, and finished product.During the R u0026 D stage, it mainly verified the performance of the tablet in the laboratory and comprehensively tested software and hardware.During the production stage, strict implementation of material testing, first testing, dust -free control, aging testing, before and after packaging testing and other product control links.At the finished product stage, it was sent to the third laboratory for various relevant certifications and obtained certificates.

Rugged tablet related certification

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