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Abstract:8 -inch outdoor Sunshine IP67RUGGED tablet Windows Windows is good (original manufacturer) | Ruggtables

This 8 inch outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor The Z8350 processor used by Sunshine Robustos tablet computers is unchanged from the previous generation Z8300's main frequency but the high frequency of ZUI has been improved. The CPU is located on the tablet, which is similar to the mid -to -high -end hand -to -end PC processor, and the game is bypassing. The advantage is low price and power. According to Intel's official website, this processor still uses 14nm process and 4Core Heart 4 threads, but the ZUI high frequency has been increased from the previous 1.84GHz to 1.92GHz, but the power consumption remains at 2W. In terms of nuclear display, Intel u0026 Nbsp; Z8350 still has 12 EU units, but it is reported that it has fixed some bugs. The new Z8350 in display should show certain advantages, but the high frequency of the two is limited to 500MHz.

1) 8 inch 2) 8 Inchter Robustos tablet computer dustproofing level IP67 analysis

3) 8 Inch outdoor Robustos tablet computers can be customized

4) Outdoor Robustos tablet computer application scenarios and industry

5) The quality of outdoor Robustos tablet computer control

6) How to buy good quality 8 INCH outdoor Robustos tablet computers

7) 8 Inch outdoor Robustos tablet price

1) 8 Inch Outdoor Robustos tablet computer specifications and accessories

1, specification parameters

Product model


Product form

8 inchwindows outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor Robustos tablet computers System

12 123 Windows 10

The processor CPU

Z8350, 4Core, 1.45 ~ 1.92GHz
Run the memory 4G Storage 64g Brightness 450nit

228*145 *16.5 mm


750g touch screen 10 points of the capacitor screen, multi -touch Resolution ips, 1920*1200 full fit screen Battery battery life 3.7V/8500mAh, 8 hours in the video status

The camera

front 2.0MP, rear 5.0MP

Network communication Bluetooth/WIFI /Gps/4g Certification level IP67, 3C, CE, US military standard 810g et al.

2, six sides viewing and accessories

Six -sided view

  • Accessories

2) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) INCH outdoor Robustos tablet computer dustproof waterproof level IP67Analysis

1, IP level

IP is Ingress Protection Rating ( Or the abbreviation of the International Protection Code, which defines the protection ability of a liquid and solid particles in the face of liquid and solid particles. The IP follows two digits. The first is the solid-state protection level, and the range is 0-6, which shows the protection of the protection from large granules to dust. Protecting from vertical water droplets to bottom pressure. The greater the number, the stronger the ability.

2, IP67's protection level

IP67 is the dust prevention level, which can prevent dust invasion; IPX7, which means that the top is 0.15-1 meters from the water surface and 30 minutes in a row. The performance is not affected and does not leak.

IP protection level is based on the current international and national compulsory standard GB4208-2008/IEC60529-2013 "Shell Protection Level (IP Code)". In the standards, there are two test descriptions of dustproof and waterproof. Among them, IP dustproof is divided into 6 levels, and IP waterproof is divided into 8 levels. According to the standard, in the saying of IP67, the previous 6 represents the dustproof level of IP6X, and 7 represents the waterproof level of IPX7

3) 8 INCH outdoor RobustOS tablet computers can be customized

The industry customized outdoor Robustos tablet computer. Currently-the big defects on the tablet computer are single Lack of innovation ability. And independent innovation is not only the independent innovation of the hardware Configuration level, but also should be considered from the customer's application experience level to create a tablet required for customers.

detailed introduction of industry customization customization (Robustos tablet computers)

1. Specifications include 7 inch/ 8 Inch/10 Inch/11.6 Inch/12 Inch;

2. System software contains Windows7, Windows 10, Linux system software;

3. Appropriate order customizationUse 433LORA to control MODULE customization, air -point point customization, customer supply program Module customization, 1D code scanning customization, 2D code scanning customization, UHF control Module customization, NFC, etc.; u0026 Nbsp;

Industry use and customized outdoor RobustOS tablet computer Detailed introduction:

1. Military use of Robustos tablet terminal equipment

This type of tablet computers is relatively high for RobustOS. The key is used in the army, petrochemical equipment, unique scientific research accurate measurement, ship design and other industries;

2. Industrial -grade Robustos handheld tablet equipment

The key application and maintenance Factory automated production workshop, outdoor data collection, police equipment safety inspection PC equipment, power engineering safety inspection PC device and other industries

3. Customerization Customized RobustOS tablet computers on demand

For the special requirements of customers to formulate a complicated customization plan, consider comprehensive consideration, to achieve multiple customers in multiple aspects of the customer's various customers Requirements.

4. Given the system required by customers, build integrated mobile devices for customers to maintain the natural environment For the Robustos tablet of the entire industry, the server maintenance and lifelong technical normative development design is given. For customers' project software planning solutions, proper specific guidance and feasibility report estimates are made.

Many manufacturers can be customized according to the needs of user needs, including CPU model selection, hardware Configuration circuit principle, UI customization and customer APK integration The product R u0026 D and production work related to tablet OEMs related to tablet computers is provided for sample testing. Everyone conducts the hardware software design scheme of the RobustOS tablet plan according to the user's needs, and gives customers the necessary text documents based on each other's commitment and its third -party NDA agreement to ensure that customer production and manufacturing delivery and their cost management are greaterly ensured. Coordination.

  • 4) Outdoor Robustos tablet computer application scene and industry

1. Application scenario

  • Barcode scan/2D code recognition

The Robustos tablet can be embedded with 1D and 2D scanning head module for fast collection of data. Because in express logistics, warehousing management, commodity retail and medical industry, there are the same characteristics, that is, it is necessary to frequently enter the information information to be entered in order to uniform management. Some are scanning 1D barcode, and some are 2D code. In order to improve the efficiency of data collection, it is necessary to use hard decoding technology, that is, decoding operations through Module's own chip. Its advantages are high efficiency, low power consumption, and low heat power consumption (reduced fever).

  • nfcream-write

    Financial payment tablets, attendance punch -in PCs, other NFC readers, etc.

Gao Liang screen

  • Robustos tablet can increase the screen of the screen, increase the reflective membrane to reduce the reflective membrane The sunlight can be achieved under the conditions of the outdoor strong light, which is simply a thoughtful magic weapon for some outdoor application scenarios. Even some outdoor sports enthusiasts have begun to use the highlight series of RobustOS tablets

Low -temperature operation/high temperature operation

  • In life, we occasionally discovered that the iPhone in the north cannot open the PC, and the iPad is frequently stuck in the hot summer. Replaced with some special scenarios, low temperature and high temperature are normal, such as ice stores, outdoor scenes in tropical areas, etc. This requires a high -low and low temperature component. The Robustos tablet requires high and low temperature from the inside to outside to ensure that the working temperature range of the PC is at least -20 ~ 60 ° C, and the storage temperature range is at least -30 ~ 70 ° C.

Beidou Navigation/High -precision positioning

Beidou navigation chip. On July 31, 2020, it was greatly announced that Beidou IIIThe global satellite system is officially opened! The accuracy of Beidou navigation is higher than the current civil GPS. I didn't choose before. Now we can use-navigation.

2. Application industry

On the basis of industry, RobustOS tablets are becoming more and more commercialized, in appearance in appearance, in appearance There are also certain pursuits, changing the traditional bulky appearance, modern RobustOS tablet computers are more beautiful, and the performance has continued to increase, so it gets more merchants' choices. What scenarios are suitable for Robustos tablets now? Robustos tablets use RFID and mobile Internet technologies, which can be widely used in industries such as power, petroleum petrochemical, government supervision, medical management, environmental protection supervision, logistics, smart home and other industries.

5) The quality of the outdoor Robustos tablet is controlled

So, the question is, how do Robustos durable tablets do? Today, let me decrypt it:

1, Robustos structure design

Magnesium aluminum alloy Robustos structure is embedded internally, providing stress support , Protect Mianboard.

2. Double -color mold injection process

The shell adopts a soft and hard -and -hard dual -color mold injection process, so that the soft structure of the easily forceful part has It can buffer, while ensuring the toughness of the straight PC body . This design also improves the gas tightness of the entire PC and has good waterproof and dustproof performance.

3. Corning gorilla glass blessing

The outside of the screen is equipped with the sixth -generation Corning Gorilla glass, the hardness reaches 7h or more, which can be effective. Resistance and oppression. The reason why Corning Gorilla Glass is so strong is because the company's predecessor is specifically to be a U.S. -heated PC bulletproof glass, and its strength requirements can be imagined.

4. Waterproof plug design

Waterproof plug is installed at ports. Because the RobustOS tablet is widely used in the industrial field, it requires the Configuration rich Ports. This requires waterproof design at Ports. The waterproofness of the waterproof plug directly affects the waterproof performance of the entire PC.

In addition to the design, it is also necessary to verify the Rugged performance of the tablet in research and development and production. Among them, ZUIWhat is important is the following two items.

5. Qi -density test

Qi -density testing is divided into two parts. The first is to touch the PC or soak the PC in the water to verify the waterproof performance; the first is to touch the powder in all directions of the PC in the sealing box, and then use the air -blow gun to test the confinement of the PC.

6. Poor test

The decline test simulation of the US military standard MIL-SD-810G standard: lifted the PC device 122cm to let the PC device make the PC device 6 noodles, 8 horns, and 12 edges, a total of 26 times, fell to the wooden floor.

6) How to buy good quality outdoor Robustos tablets

Judging a 8 Inchrobustos tablet tablet The computer is good or not, and it is necessary to comprehensively measure the situation of the manufacturing enterprise and the product itself.

1. Look at the basic situation of the company

For example, the personnel size. A small workshop of dozens of people can't make good quality Rugged tablets, and a team with a low proportion of R u0026 D personnel does not produce high -performance products. The scale of the manufacturer also directly determines the quality of the after -sales and after -sales service. In addition, manufacturers need to pay attention to the years of focusing on the RUGGED industry. If a company has just established a few years, then they must have lack of technology accumulation.

2. See if you have your own factory

Except for the cost of the first -line big brands, other companies have to survive, and they have to have to survive. Consider the cost. Whether it has its own factory is a very important part of controlling costs. If an enterprise needs to be outsourced foundry, then his cost and quality are difficult to effectively control, and they usually take care of them. These additional outsourcing costs and quality control costs will be passed on to consumers. Therefore, we should try to choose a company with our own factory. In this way, if the product has batch problems, we can even ask them to work directly.

3. Look at the price

It is cheap and good, good goods are not cheap. The price of any product is regulated by the market. It will be relatively reasonable to set the price higher than the average market price as the procurement target price. In particular, you must be cautiously so -called "ultra -low price, special price, cost price". If the product is good enough, it will not be this price, otherwise it will violate the economic laws.

4. Look at the qualification

Divided into an enterpriseQualification, product qualification. Such as national high -tech enterprises, e -information companies and other companies. Common product certifications include: IP level certification, US military standard MIL-SYD-810G certification, explosion-proof certification, safety certification, environmental protection certification, etc. If you want to ship overseas, including access certification in various countries and regions, Google GMS certification, etc. Don't ignore these product certifications. For GMS certification alone, in many countries overseas, there is no such certification sales.

5. See the amount of goods

The shipment volume is small, which means that the product has not yet been tested by the market. There may question. Only when the shipment of the product reaches a certain amount, some problems will be exposed, causing the attention of the enterprise. Enterprises with large shipments will invest a large amount of reliability experimental equipment, and ensure that products can adapt to various harsh environments in JI in the process of research and development and production.

7) 8 Inch outdoor Robustos tablet price

8 Inchrobustos tablet There are differences, generally distinguished from the sample PC quotation and batch quotation, and the batch quotes are divided into small batch quotes and a large number of quotations. The quotation company can be agent companies and source manufacturers. The price of the source manufacturer is the source. Sales, if you need to quote, please contact Barbara. This price can withstand many comparisons.

Dear customers:

The industry has rich experience, free consultation and help selection, promise to give you the preferential price and fast and good support.

2. About product: You can customize according to customer needs, we do not make a brand, we can provide a neutral PC, appearance: radium sculpture silk printing logo, color matching, front shell and rear shell customization customization ; MODULE: Passenger for Module Integration and Standard Standards fast; Ports: Industry exclusive Ports; Software customization: customized system, power -on -power PC power -off control PC, key function combination key, etc.

3. Regarding delivery: We all have preparation, inventory sales, standard products on the day, all order uses 5 Working Days to ship

4. About the ruler: RUGGED PC covers 4 INCH, 5 Inch, 6 Inch, 7 Inch, 8 Inch, 10 Inch, 12 Inch, 13.3 Inch, 14 Inch, and 15 Inch.Tablet and notebooks, Platform have Intel, MTK, and Qualcomm, etc. -In the -cap project,-has launched-compassion tablets and notebooks,-chip equipped with -hua system.

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