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Abstract:i5-8250urugged tablet | i7-8550urugged flat tablet (ultra-low price) | Ruggtables

i5-8250urugged tablet | i7-8550urugged table Rugged tablet has a Robustos -type appearance structure design. I/OPORTS and PC body appearance are designed by special RobustOS protection to achieve waterproof and dust -resistant effects. Rugged tablets are often used in the conditions of wind sand, mold, spray, rain and snow, anti -electromagnetic interference, corrosion and scratching, dust, impact, vibration, and ji temperature.

It covers industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, military, national defense, aviation, factory automation, on -site maintenance, transportation, police, fire oil and natural gas exploration and drilling mining industry.

WindowsRugged tablet market is generally low -end processors, such as Lingyong The series of Z8350 processors, Z8550 processors, etc. of the series, the high performance is a processor like 6Y30 and 7Y30,

and our series of Windows Rugged tablet computers adapted to the processing of high-performance i5-8250U and i7-8550U Instrument, this series has two feet two -foot INCH of 10 INCH and 12 Inch.

The specification The frequency is 1.6GHz, the dynamic acceleration frequency 3.4GHz

, 14nm process manufacturing, 6M three -level cache, 15W (TDP) thermal power consumption design. Compared with the previous generation, the specifications of Core i5-7200 are dual-core four threads, with a benchmark frequency of 2.5GHz, dynamic acceleration frequency 3.1GHz, 14nm process manufacturing, 3M three-level cache, 15W (TDP) thermal power consumption design. The performance of the i5 8250U is definitely good. Thanks to the 4CORE eight threads, high -frequency dynamic acceleration, multi -program operation is smoother. At the same time, the performance of the game will also be better, but after all, it is limited by the MX150 independent performance. If the tablet is a large game, there is still a long way to go.

Rugged tablet Core i7-8550U is affiliated to the Kabylake Refresh family , continuing 14 nanometer craftsmanship, TDP hot work15 watts of design. Its default operating frequency is 1.8GHz, Toro -frequency to 4.0GHz, 8MB three -level cache.

In the past, Intel's mobile low -power processor Toro did not dare to exceed 3.0GHz, although the performance will be more ideal, it also deviates from heat and power consumption. The tablet computers at the beginning of ZUI are built for long battery life.Core i7 8550U Toro-frequency to 4.0GHz, performance may be able to hold the seventh-generation standard pressure processor 1, 10 inchi5-8250U | i7-8550urugged tablet computer product specification

2, 12 Inchi5-8250U | i7-8550urugged tablet product specifications

The above is the introduction of i5-8250U | i7-8550urugged tablet.

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