Rugged tablet improves the safety of hazardous chemicals transportation

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Abstract:Improves the safety of hazardous chemicals transportation with Rugged product, rugged tablets and rugged handhelds, rugged laptops for Manufacturing industry

Rugged tablet improves the safety of  hazardous chemicals transportation-Rugged tablet


Milkyway is a company specializing in chemical supply chain services. Before using

Rugged tablets has always used mobile smartphones as the driver’s functional terminals for the transportation of hazardous chemicals. Due to the problem of system application incompatibility between different mobile phones, and the entertainment of smart phones often leads to safety accidents, Milkyway urgently needs a unified, safe, and portable device to replace a smartphone.


Rugged tablet computer is uniformly adapted through the Android 10 operating system, and the high protection performance test of MIL-STD-810G and IP67 can replace smartphones, helping to improve the uniformity and safety of the transportation of hazardous chemicals.


After equipping nearly 800 transport vehicles with EM-Q86 reinforced tablets, Milkyway’s IT staff no longer have to worry about the compatibility and adaptation of different mobile phones, and managers don’t need to worry about the safety of the equipment in harsh environments. EM-Q86 cooperates with Milkyway’s self-developed management application software, which can effectively assist in order receiving, intercom communication, and other operations, helping to realize the whole process paperless.


Milkyway is a rare full-chain service company for hazardous chemicals in the industry. Its main services and products involve freight forwarding, warehousing, transportation, and trading of hazardous chemicals. It has nearly a thousand transport vehicles of various types, which can provide customers with chemical transportation services nationwide, and also has mature digital transportation management solutions in the application of modern information technology.

Rugged tablet improves the safety of  hazardous chemicals transportation-Rugged tablet

Before cooperating with RuggTablets, Milkyway has always used ordinary smartphones as the driver’s functional terminal for reasonable resource scheduling and full-process transparent management of vehicle transportation. Due to the wide variety of mobile phone models on the market and the fast update iteration speed, IT personnel must constantly update the transportation management system to be compatible with the mobile smartphone used by the driver, which caused a lot of waste of manpower and material resources. On the other hand, the entertainment of smartphones often distracts drivers during driving, which can easily lead to traffic accidents. And the protection performance of smartphones is poor, so users need to be cautious when using them. A little carelessness may cause damage and data loss.

The above problems have caused many inconveniences and troubles to customers. Customers urgently need unified, safe, and portable equipment to replace them. Therefore, the durable reinforced tablet has become the first choice of customers.


Rugged tablet EM-Q86 replaces the mobile smartphone and brings many benefits to the transportation work of Milkyway. It adopts the long-term effective Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Android 10 operating system, allowing customers to install the self-developed transportation management software. The stable compatibility reduces the cost of subsequent adaptation and maintenance. With a larger screen and a more solid shell than mobile phones, it is more adaptable to harsh environments and reduces the possibility of accidents.

Rugged tablet improves the safety of  hazardous chemicals transportation-Rugged tablet

EM-Q86 is compatible with the management application software independently developed by Milkyway, which is convenient for managers to carry out unified business management. Using the vehicle mount to fix the EM-Q86 on the front seat of the car, which is convenient for the driver to receive orders online and perform transportation tasks. Work with Unicom sim card provides stable 4G network connection and online communication functions and there is a car charger to supplement power for long-term standby

Rugged tablet improves the safety of  hazardous chemicals transportation-Rugged tablet

The driver can obtain the order tasks assigned by the management platform at any time through EM-Q86 and pick up the goods at the designated location. The rear camera of EM-Q86 can record the goods and abnormal conditions and send them back to the management platform for certification. During transportation, the GPS positioning function will track the travel trajectory of the vehicle in real-time and report it to the system. In case of emergency, the driver can communicate with the manager in real-time through the intercom function to ensure the smooth completion of the order. After the order is completed, the driver can take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the management platform and change the status of the order to be completed. If the signing party finds a problem when signing, the driver can also report the abnormality to facilitate the management staff to coordinate and deal with it. In addition, EM-Q86 can also collect expenses incurred during transportation and generate expense bills for reimbursement. Managers can use the data collected by it to evaluate the performance of drivers, such as the number of orders and mileage.

The feature of EM-Q86

EM-Q86 is equipped with an 8-inch display (high-definition/high-brightness optional), Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor, and Android 10 operating system, supporting rich scenarios and ecological applications, and delivering efficient productivity. The rear-mounted 1300W pixel camera and multiple communication modes such as 4G/Wi-Fi/BT provide the clear and high-quality image capture required on the job site and the interconnection experience anytime, anywhere. The protection level of the fuselage is as high as IP67, and it has passed the MIL-STD-810G certification. It can resist vibration, moisture, dust, and temperature changes in a special environment, ensuring efficient and stable execution of work.

Rugged tablet improves the safety of  hazardous chemicals transportation-Rugged tablet


After comparing the rugged tablet PCs of different manufacturers, Milkyway finally chose the EM-Q86 rugged tablet as an alternative to smartphones. EM-Q86 achieves a good balance between system stability, life cycle, reliability, and portability. It can be applied to all aspects of the overall transportation of hazardous chemicals, helping to realize transportation process informatization, full visualization and Work intelligently.

Paperless Process Management

Drivers can perform operations such as receiving orders, adjusting order status, and signing orders on the EM-Q86, and can upload and store the recorded information directly on the management platform. All trajectories and data can be viewed and retrieved in real-time, helping to achieve a paperless office throughout the process

Fine management

EM-Q86 is compatible with the management application software independently developed by Milkyway, which can allocate resources for transportation vehicles reasonably. And help companies to finely manage every link of drivers, schedules, expenses, performance, safety, and exceptions, and Improve the efficiency of the entire logistics and transportation.

Rugged tablet improves the safety of  hazardous chemicals transportation-Rugged tablet

Visualize the transportation process

Real-time information interaction allows managers to view information such as order delivery status, real-time vehicle dynamics, driving route information, and cargo receipt status at any time, which helps managers solve problems from multiple angles and levels.

Rugged tablet improves the safety of  hazardous chemicals transportation-Rugged tablet

Customer Background

Since its establishment in 1998, Milkyway Chemical Supply Chain Service Co., LTD has been continuously dedicated to the safer and more efficient operation for the chemical supply chain. With strong strength, professional team, scientific system and sound network, we provide customers with global one-stop chemical supply chain solutions, including international logistics one-stop solutions,  domestic logistics one-stop solutions, special logistics one-stop solutions, chemical trading platform, chemical supply chain management and social security services. We care about the health of employees, pay attention to the social responsibility and sustainable development of the enterprise. Keep improving, chasing for perfection and commit to becoming a super chemical Amazon.

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