Rugged tablets for Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Management

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Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment Management


In recent years, with the intelligent development of production equipment, in the production process of various large and medium-sized enterprises, tablet computer control technology has been widely used to realize the testing, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making of equipment production processes to achieve the purpose of improving product quality and yield, ensuring safety, and increasing prGetac&Reselleroductivity. The customer is an air-conditioning and ventilation equipment factory in Southeast Asia. Due to the harsh production environment, ordinary tablet computers cannot be put into use. How to solve this problem has become the most urgent demand at the moment.


1. The traditional equipment and methods have a long operating time, many instruments need to be observed, manual reading, analyzing and calculating test data have affected the quality and accuracy of the test to a certain extent;


2. It is located in Southeast Asia, with high temperature and damp heat all year round, and metal dust in the factory is common;


3. Need to meet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



In response to the needs of customers, RuggTablets recommends a rugged tablet EM-I16H for it. Embedding it in a device or cabinet can play a good human-computer interaction. This rugged tablet windows 10 is equipped with other instruments to integrate the functions of the traditional input and output devices with the control centre to achieve various control purposes, production processes and scheduling management automation. The ruggedized PC can easily solve the problems of man-machine interface and network communication, and achieve the goals of real-time, low power consumption, reliability, reducing labour intensity and improving the working environment.





  • Easy to operate. Manually input instructions and control information directly through the man-machine interface to direct the equipment to perform various operations;


  • Complete the communication control of the equipment through each interface, implement the process control of the test project by software, complete the test process, and obtain the corresponding test data; 


  • Process the data obtained in the test process according to the standards, obtain the results, and form a report;


  • Diagnose the running status of the system and equipment at any time, remind the fault information, and facilitate timely processing;


  • Support the working temperature from -10 ℃ to 50 ℃, and meet the requirements of continuous work 24 hours a day.

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