Rugged tablets for Anti-smuggling Administration of Chinese Customs

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Anti-smuggling Administration of Chinese Customs


As China's opening up to the outside world expands and the volume of import and export trades grows rapidly, various customs services have grown exponentially. Various types of smuggling cases have also increased rapidly, and customs anti-smuggling is the competent department to detect smuggling. As a professional customs anti-smuggling system solution provider, how to improve the efficiency of case investigation, improve the ability to respond to major emergencies, control the on-site business, and prevent and control major risks has become an important issue.


1. The current communication command methods have limited use, low confidentiality and small coverage;

2. The scMedical Panel PCsene and the command centre cannot communicate with each other, and video images cannot be transmitted and saved;

3. Unable to locate and difficult to manage.


In response to this customer's development problem, RuggTablets Info recommends the EM-I16H rugged tablet. Achieve multiple functions such as unified platform, unified communication and unified command. The efficiency and management level of the customs anti-smuggling department have been improved. The rugged tablet windows 10 has played a positive role in stepping up efforts to crack down on smuggling crimes. RuggTablets is a professional rugged tablet OEM, contact us if you are in need of rugged tablet computers.


  • Use GPS, 4G technology, audio and video processing technology to monitor and manage enforcement personnel;

  • Transfer the images of the scene and surroundings to the centre to help the centre understand the real situation, make scientific dispatch, and accurately direct;

  • Query, manage and maintain basic data, including HR, material and equipment resources, vehicles and ships, laws and cases, documents, etc.

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