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Rugged PC in Medical Industry

Intelligent operation

Medical computer tablets can customize the treatment plan according to the characteristics of patients, can store and query patient medical records, including plan data and treatment history. The rugged tablet PC is equipped with powerful processing technology, automatic calculation of data, making diagnosis more convenient.

Real-time monitoring

Healthcare tablets help the therapist grasp the patient’s physical state accurately and adjust the function so that the rehabilitation equipment can better assist the patient to complete the training. The doctor can grasp the visual information of the patient in time, and perform the examination for the patient anytime, anywhere, thoroughly solving the problems of insufficient medical equipment and time-consuming inspection.

Remote diagnosis

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The best medical tablet PC provided by RuggTablets, one of the top rugged tablet manufacturers in China, can realize work remotely. Through healthcare tablets, doctors, patients and family members can understand the patient’s physical condition and training, and remote diagnosis and guidance. Transmission of inspection results, images and reports over the network. Both nurses and technicians can operate, and then transfer the test results to an expert for remote diagnosis.

Cloud management

By using tablets in healthcare, Training data can be shared between rehabilitation institutions at all levels to achieve integration of assessment, training and testing.


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