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Abstract:As an original manufacturer focus on the rugged handhelds, rugged tablets, rugged laptops, what we offer for the market, here is the Certified customization

Certification is essential for the industry’s Rugged products, which can ensure the characteristics of the products. Standard certification is what every product make

The custom certification comes and goes according to the needs of customers, and there will be colleagues in charge of customization to dock with the custom certification of customers. That our

What are the standard certifications for the products and what are the custom certifications for the products? Follow me to find out.

Rugged tablets Standard authentication 

1. IP dustproof and waterproofing certification

2. Mil-std-810g Certification of American Military standard 3. Eu CE Certification

4. Battery certification: UN38.3, MSDS, air, and sea transport report, IEC62133

5. China 3C certification

6. GMS Certification (passed some models)

If the customer wants to change the name of the certificate to their own, it can be done within 7 to 10 working days if the certificate is valid. If not, within the lifetime of the certificate, it takes one to two months.

Rugged tablets Custom certification

In addition to the standard interface, we have installed custom small boards on some models and reserved the standard USB2.0 interface on the motherboard, which can be used by customers to expand the industry interface

1. Military standard GIB certification

2. CNEX, explosion-proof

3. FCC certification in the United States;

4. PSE Safety certification in Japan

5. Other certifications

Please refer here for the software customize and Interface customization we offer for rugged tablets, rugged laptops, and rugged handhelds,

RuggTablets EM-Q86 – 8 inch screen size, high performance with forklift mount docking

RuggTablets EM-Q16 – 10.1 inch screen size, high performance with forklift mount docking

RuggTablets EM-I20U– 12.2 inch screen size, high performance with forklift mount docking

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