Rugged tablets for EM-T75 Helps Furniture Manufacturing Companies Achieve Efficient Production Management

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EM-T75 Helps Furniture Manufacturing Companies Achieve Efficient Production Management


The client is a Hong Kong-owned furniture company whose production base is located in Guangdong and has many high-end brand speciality stores in more than 30 countries around the world. At present, informatization, automation, and intelligence are a general direction for future enterprise development, and it is inevitable for enterprises to implement informatization management.

Rugged Handheld Computers


1. Production process management is inefficient and opaque.


2. Design drawing management is not controllable.


3. Quality problem management, lack of real-time data.



There is a lot of dust in the environment of the furniture factory, and there are many kinds of production equipment and goods. The requirements for the station machine used for process control are dust-proof, drop-proof, stable and reliable, and long battery life. As a company specializing in R&D and the production of rugged products, RuggTablets Info has provided the customer with a rugged tablet PC that supports the front-reading IC card function through many communications with the client. It assists clients in realizing big data analysis, presenting production status and problems in a clear, transparent and real-time manner, and improving the overall management efficiency of the factory. As a reliable rugged tablet OEM, RuggTablets has rugged laptops for sale, contact us if you are interested.





  • Realize accurate operation, flexible entry and timely data viewing, making production management more detailed and accurate.


  • Production staff can work more efficiently and reduce errors.


  • Accurately collect data and clearly present workshop problems, which are truly used by management.


  • Realize transparency and visualization of the production process.


  • Save manpower and material resources.

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