Rugged tablets for Industry Digitization Management

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Industry Digitization Management


Industrial digitalization is a new stage in the development of modern industrial informatization.  It mainly uses the Internet of Things technology and equipment monitoring technology to strengthen information management and services, thereby reducing manual intervention and improving the controllability of the production process. The realization of the Internet of Things technology and equipment monitoring technology It is inseparable from the computer, but the working range of the computer is limited and the mobility is poor. Black  Swan Technology (Website:, a French industrial computer engineering company, specializes in the customization, development, integration and debugging of efficient, intelligent and safe industrial hardware solutions. In order to comply with the development trend of industrial digitalization, Black  Swan Technology is looking for a device that can efficiently manage the production process with a  simple Semi Ruggedoperation.



  1. Manual recording is inefficient, unable to cope with complex business requirements such as small batches, multiple varieties, and manufacturing process management.

  2. A machine can only operate in a fixed position, which is too costly and wastes resources.

  3. The harsh industrial environment requires higher robustness and durability of the ruggedized computer.





In order to meet the needs of Black Swan Technology, RuggTablets Info recommended a 10 inch rugged tablet  EM-I16K and a 12-inch rugged tablet EM-I22K. They can be perfectly integrated with a mobile computer cart with a 15-inch or 19-inch touch LCD screen. With a base, keyboard and mouse, it can meet all work needs. Mobile digital management makes tedious production easy. To get the customized ruggedized PC and make your manufacturing easier.





  • Integrate MES and ERP management and control platforms and communicate with their servers. Collect production information in real-time to improve management.

  • Working with mobile computer carts, it is more mobile and reduces cost input.

  • The mobile computer cart is equipped with storage space, making it more convenient to move materials.

  • The protection level of Rugged Tablet can reach IP65, and a full charge can ensure 12 hours of uninterrupted


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