Rugged tablets for Intelligent Golf Club Management

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Intelligent Golf Club Management


With the development of the economy, new technologies are rapidly driving business change, and digital, networked and intelligent managemFahrzeug PCent is everywhere, including many entertainment service industries. A golf club group has many golf courses around the world.


For a large golf course with a large area, the traditional manual management method is heavy, tedious and time-consuming. How to use information technology to solve this problem has become a big challenge.



1. The golf management center cannot communicate with the players in time;


2. When players are unfamiliar with the field, they cannot get the information in time, such as weather, coordinates, and driving paths;


3. Players cannot query previous consumption records and performance data.



In response to these challenges of the golf course, RuggTablets Info recommended several rugged tablets, such as EM-I86H rugged tablet with barcode scanner, EM-I16H, EM-T86 and EM-T16. Using these tablets with the golf course system plays an active role in the operation and management of the course. Really solve the problems that players encounter in the stadium, improve the user experience and optimize the operational efficiency. As a famous rugged tablet OEM, RuggTablets has a professional R&D team and strong production lines that can ensure the quality of rugged tablets. Contact us to know the latest rugged laptop price!






  • Use the network for data interaction, and timely and accurately reflect the stadium weather, personnel, vehicles and other information to the centre and players;


  • High-precision positioning;


  • Collect score data and upload it to the system in time to facilitate later queries;


  • Remote mobile management for easy supervision;


  • Check the usage of the stadium resources in time, and make it easier to manage and allocate resources through remote observation;


  • Advertising, create business opportunities.

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