Rugged tablets for Intelligent Management of Rehabilitation Equipment

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Intelligent Management of Rehabilitation Equipment


According to statistics, currently, the total disabled population in China is close to 85 million, and only about 7 million disabled people receive rehabilitation to varying degrees each year. Rehabilitation is mainly to restore and improve the function of the human body, eliminate or reduce the patient’s dysfunction. With the improvement of related supporting medical institutions, the promotion of home medical care, and the gradual implementation of medical policies, the public’s awareness of rehabilitation treatment is gradually increasing, and medical rehabilitation equipment is gradually rising. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of medical rehabilitation equipment, in order to maintain a competitive advantage with other companies products, while focusing on hardware quality, how to intelligently upgrade the equipment has always been its focus.


1. The traditional rehabilitation therapy mode has a long cycle, labour-intensive (one-to-one, many-to-one), low efficiency, and incapable of intensive training;


2. Traditional rehabilitation equipment is lacking in intelligence, and has little recovery effect on patients;


3. Relying on rehabilitation therapists for passive treatment, patient participation is very low;


4. The therapists must do not only assessments but also rehabilitative programs to help patients train and adjust rehabilitation programs based on patients’ rehabilitation effects. These tasks place high demands on rehabilitators.



In response to the customer’s needs for intelligent upgrades, RuggTablets Info recommended two rugged tablets, EM-T88 and EM-T11. The PC rugged is integrated into medical rehabilitation equipment, with functions such as real-time acquisition, intelligent prompting, input guidance, data analysis, etc., which is easy to operate and reliable in performance. The rugged medical tablet breaks the traditional model of rehabilitation treatment, and patients can improve the rehabilitation experience and obtain better training results. The operability and data analysis and query capabilities of medical rehabilitation equipment products have been enhanced to achieve quantitative rehabilitation assessment, training visualization, and intelligent management. RuggTablets provides the best ruggedized laptop, contact us for more information if you are interested.






  • Intelligent device operation, all computer control output, can customize the treatment plan according to the characteristics of patients, can store and query patient medical records, including plan data and treatment history;


  • Instead of traditional manual training, the repeatability and standardization of training are significantly better than manual training;


  • Help the therapist grasp the patient’s physical state accurately and adjust the function so that the rehabilitation equipment can better assist the patient to complete the training;


  • Doctors, patients and family members can understand the patient’s physical condition and training, and achieve remote diagnosis and guidance;


  • Cloud management, so that training dataSoten can be shared between rehabilitation institutions at all levels to achieve integration of assessment, training and testing.

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